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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Rhiannon Drake
Race: human // Age: 27 // Gender: female // Orientation: demisexual // Occupation: hallowed
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
Face Claim
ishtar - fate series
Appearance Extras
rhiannon only wears the color palette ivory and indigo due to the meaning each hue represents. ivory reminds her to strive to reach a pure state that she'll never actually truly obtain. the indigo represents the devotion she has to charles, the man who saved her and reinvented her life.

she prefers wear a scant amount of clothing to keep from restricting her access and allowing her body to be easily accessed if she ever needs to be soothed or purified.

faint and nearly indiscernible, there are a plethora of scars that mar her body from numerous attempts rid her body of the curse that plagues her. charles has remedied them to the best of his ability, but they are unable to be fully cured since her curse cannot be reversed.
regalia rhiannon's bellicosa, it takes the shape of an ornate golden choker with an opulent ruby placed in its center. the choker feels like a significant weight around her neck but it's a presence rhi is thankful for. it's way too flashy for her own personal taste, but she undoubtedly feels more secure when it's fastened around her neck.

when active, regalia transforms into an enormous bow that feeds off the energy of rhi's curse. the bow matches the same color scheme of her attire, with the addition of lustrous touches of golden. when engaged in battle, it's not uncommon for her to craft arrows consisting of pure darkness to fire at targets. due to its size, she's able to rest on the lower part of the curve of the bow and use it as a mode of transportation since it eternally hovers over the ground.

dahlia damnation it is the name of the curse that has manifested as her sillage initially, rhiannon didn't have much sillage coursing throughout her but she learned to increase her capacity to grant her more control and utility over her curse. there was initially no physical indication of the curse that was placed upon her as a child, save for the intense glow of the crimson hue of her eyes that has only worsened as the years have passed.

admittedly, rhiannon is still unsure of the origins or the specifics of the curse that a witch imbued her with years before. in her own words, she has come to refer to the substance of her curse as 'darkness' or 'blight' because those are the words that seemed to fit most aptly to her. in the simplest form, her curse is an indescribable blackness that courses throughout her body and compromises her quality of life.

dahlia physiology her curse has taken the blood that courses through her and has replaced it with a darkness that threatens to consume her. her body is constantly at war with itself, since she is a pure being and the type of obsidian that obscures her is sinister it leaves her feeling strained to simply exist. there is rarely a moment when she does not feel an excruciating amount of pain. at its worst, rhiannon is left with a crippling ache that renders her immobile.

but through her endurance of the curse, rhi’s body has been altered to accommodate a rigid acceptance of its presence. she will eternally suffer from her own damnation but that has actually made her body more immune as a whole. rhi has become immune to natural illness and diseases, allowing her to have developed a mild degree of regenerative abilities. but rhiannon is not immune to supernatural diseases and happenstances.

umbra manipulation over time, rhiannon has learned that she is able to manipulate the darkness that resides within her and use it for a variety of purposes. she relies on her bellicosa to pull the obsidian of her curse from her and store it to allow her to utilize the darkness. there are a numerous uses for the darkness, such as creating constructs, using it as a barrier, and channeling the energy into other objects (typically the gems she carries on hand). the biggest downside is that pulling the darkness from herself leaves her in a vulnerable state since she has lost a significant amount of energy.
personality/fun facts
⟡ rhiannon is delicate and malleable. the world has been unkind and relentless to her but that has no given her a thicker skin or any way to properly ward off the pain. she couldn't imagine herself hardened and cynical because of the things life has thrown her way. rhi only wants to embrace life for everything that puts a smile on her face; something she can't do if she is anything but fragile.

⟡ despite having serious abandonment issues, rhiannon's partiality to being cared for has never been diminished. feeling alone and defeated, charles completely revived her and instilled the belief in her that she deserved to be cared and adored. in return, rhiannon has discovered that she equally loves to dote and care on those who find themselves in her company.

⟡ because of the kindness that charles has shown her, rhiannon has developed a habit of becoming easily attached. it's possibly the worst thing someone as delicate as herself could do, but it's undeniable for her when she feels like she has forged a connection with someone. the care then develops into devotion, anchoring her permanently to someone's side. to the point when she would sacrifice herself for them thoughtlessly.

⟡ selfless and compliant to a fault, there is not a moment when she thinks of herself. that isn't how she operates. rhiannon would rather see everyone else in the world around her elevate themselves and leave her in the dust. kindness and mercy flow throughout her was readily as blood does. her own desires and needs are often swept to the side, forgotten until rhi desperately needs someone to remind her that self care is also a necessity.

⟡ sbe tries to be visionary but her dreams are often limited by her own hinderances. her hinderances are not something she can actually help, mainly speaking of the curse that plagues her. it restricts her dreams entirely, even though she remains optimistic she doesn't often dream. strained and choked by the weight of her reality, rhi can't find it in herself to look too far off down the horizon.
⟡ rhiannon has been separated from her family since the age of ten. it started when her gold eyes slowly began to darken and eventually turned a haunting shade of crimson. superstitious and pious, their lurking suspicions were confirmed when a witch visited their hotel and asked for rhiannon. all she had to do was touch her forehead and the girl let out a wailing cry. the witch told her parents the name of the curse set upon their daughter, assured them that she was doomed, and then went on her way.

⟡ she met charles after being banished from her family and the only thing she could do was roam. pained and panicked, it took her nearly two years to find some place where she would be wholly accepted. charles wasn't able to relieve her or her curse, but he was the first person ever who showed her kindness and actively worked to try and alleviate her suffering. rhiannon became attached to him immediately, then became enamored with everything that made him charles drake.

⟡ life with charles is everything that rhiannon could have ever asked for out of life. her agony has been a deterrent from their happiness but it's nothing that he has pinned the blame on her for. he's made her life more manageable and she's thankful for the symbiotic relationship they have formed. rhiannon knew he was her soulmate when she was fourteen years old and they married. she's been by his side ever since and knows that she will never find anyone who could possibly replace him.

⟡ she joined crux fidelis a few years after charles. she doesn't aspire to ever become anything more than a hallowed, settling for the role and never wanting to have anymore responsibility put onto her shoulders. it took her some time to work up the tenacity to put herself in a position where she would be in the presence of others and their judgement would be evident. but she wants to make a difference, no matter how much her own impact truly is. she enjoys being a part of the crusaders and lending assistance as a moral compass whenever possible, especially when doing it by charlie's side.
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