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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Genevieve Darkwood
Race: Demon halfbreed // Age: Appears to be 20-25 // Gender: She/Her // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Handmaid/Rebel
Apocrypha, Rebel
5' 3"
130 lbs
Face Claim
League of Legends – Katarina
Appearance Extras
Evie has a lot of scars around her right shoulder where her arm was removed from a previous incident while running am errand for Father. Most of her body is covered in scars, those most covered with clothing and armor. Her eyes, should anyone notice have a light purple sclera.
♢Nethergrip – A prosthetic arm given to Evie by father after a botched errand caused her to lose her right arm. The arm was created to be very sensitive to sillage and allows her to channel her magic much easier through it than her flesh hand but also drains sillage more than her other arm. When she channels her magic the prosthesis begins to glow and takes on near trandparent quality.

♢Soulshatter I & II – Soulshatter I is one of two blades gifted to Evie by father. These blades are a similar nature like her prosthesis, the weapons are able to channel sillage and act as an extension especially with firing magic. While these weapons are very sharp and can cause physical harm, they are meant to phase through the body and cut the soul. This can only be done when both blades are active, the ability is active as both blades will glow brightly and take on a transparent texture. At this point the blades will no longer stop at when connecting with a physical object, it will pass through an item an only stop when it comes into contact a soul or something soul like (like ghosts).

When a soul is cut with soulshatter, victims will feel a bunrning sensation within their body and a blue glowing mark will appear on their body where their soul was struck. Souls sliced cleaned through are shattered, killing the body without causing physical form. There is a catch however, these weapons can only shatter souls that arent imbued with sillage, as the weapons are sensitive to it and will mistake the sillage as a soul and will cut the sillage. While this won't kill the target they may feel draining symptoms instead. The weapons will not completely drain the silllage from a target, but enough to make fighting difficult.

The weapons were crafted by the demon known as father. The blades are in sync with Evie's prosthesis, they are summoned by her right arm and can only be summoned by her right arm. The weapons are close in quality to Bellicosa, however they can be destroyed via magic. When destroyed Evie can resummon them and they are like new but that does cost sillage to do so which can be draining on her if they are destroyed multiple times in a battle.

[Evie wills always fights with one blade and will only fight with both blades if target is NPC and/or permission was granted by all players involved.]
♧Hell-Fire Manipulation(Contract) – Through her contract with father, he has allowed Evie to control hell fire, blue every burning flames from the darkest pits of his home. She isn't actually creating the flames. Evie summons them from elsewhere. These flames are no ordinary flame either, as they can't be put out by normal water. They can stay burning for an eternity, but Evie can call them away or they will fade away on their own when she is out of range. They can also fade if Evie finds herself drain and/or suddenly disconnected from her sillage.

Typically Evie can summon them like small balls of flame, then once she releases them they burn wildly, however with her prosthetic she can control the flames much better to keep them from spreading. And because of her arm she can use these flame for everyday usage like a light, though she would never use it in enclosed places or near people (unless her intent is to hurt them), and definitely not as a cooking source!

♧Demonic Weponry(Contract) – This ability allows for Evie to summon her soulshatter blades. While they are breakable, resummoning them restores them to their sharpened unbroken state. In doing so costs lots of sillage. These weapons are imbued with their own energy and are capable of channeling her other abilities through it, like being able to summon a hell fireball.

♧Darkness Manipulation(Natural) – Evie was born with the ability to control shadows and darkness itself, this was inherited from her birth father who is a demon. Shadows can be controlled to take more solid form and is able to take any shape or form. For instance she could make a hand to grab, she can wrap the shadows around people to bind them, and she can sharpen them to cut as well (though they are only about as sharp as a steel blade).

Along side using the shadows for physical attacks, Evie is known to use this ability for shadow travelling. She phases into the shadows and appears somewhere else, while its easier to go to places she's familiar or closer she can travel further out so long as she has a pretty good idea of the location she is heading to.

[Evie can shadow travel up to three times if its places she's already been to/familar with. And once if its a place she's never been to as long as she has an idea of where it is. However because of accuracy she may end of off by a few feet to a few miles.]

♧Demon Physiology(Natural) – As a half demon Evie gains certain physical advantages with her demon blood. Her body has enhanced conditioning, because of her mortal half she can never gain the full conditioning a full demon would receive. Nonetheless she is very strong, very fast, very deadly all the same.

Evie is unable to shift into a demonic form, her human half prevents her from entering this form. Because of this she cant ever reach her full power, nor can she fly.

♧Bladesmanship(Natural) – Since she was able to pick up a blade, Evie had been taught swordfighting. While she can use great and shortswords she prefers longswords for verisitle mobility and range.
personality/fun facts


☆Has a horrible case of resting bitch face
☆Prefers to be called Evie
☆Loves cats, she finds them to be adorable and smart.
☆Though she doesn't need to eat, she likes having coffee with a cinnamon roll.
☆She has a soft spot for children abandoned by their mothers.
☆She dreams of meeting her birth father, always curious of what kind of demon he is.
☆The scar on her eye was from a small demon on her first errand.
Evie was born to a human mother and demon father, surprisingly it was because of some ritual. Her mother met this man that immediately swept her off her feet and when dawn came she alone and with child. Of course this didn't bode well with her very traditional family and they threw her out. Desperate for security the woman made a deal with another demon, she traded her child for wealth. When Evie was born, the demon came and took her without any fighting from the mother's end.

That is where the story of Evie's mother ends, she never knew mother other than what her caretaker told her. She only knew of father, the nameless demon that had raised her since she was a child. She never got to know his name, so she would call him father as that what he was to her when she was small. He taught her how to use her powers and how to fight.

As she got older, father began training her for the role as his servant. His handmaid as he would call it, it had a much nicer tone than servant. They created a contract and in exchange for her service he had given her but a fraction of his power but it would give more of an edge than her half demon heritage would afford her.

She would often do random tasks like bring him his ingridients for his alchemy or even dispatching smaller annoying demons within his territory. These small instances he would call errands but nothing choatic or destructive occured on her errands, it would seem that father was an entirely different kind of demon. Evie wasn't sure but he seemed more interested in learning than destroying, why he had a huge personal library. He taught her how to read and write and she picked up her love of reading from him.

One day father had sent her out on an errand, receiving some sort of delievery in town when Evie had been mistake for some 'rebel' and was attacked. Despite looking human her attackers were very strong and had her fleeing to retreat, this was here that she lost her right arm in the battle. When she returned, father was not happy with what had taken place. He didn't say anything but she knew the look.

There was much silence after he bandaged her up and it remained so until the demon returned with some sort of prosthesis. It would give a better edge against her attackers and anyone else in general. After attaching the new arm and getting her used to it, father had a task for her. Something much more different than what she was used to, he asked her to keep an eye on the warring factions. Specifically he had instructed her to join one and keep tabs on all the groups. Clearly something was going on that piqued the demon'd interest.

As instructed she found a group, the 'rebels' as she was mistaken for one would be easiest to join. She managed to convince someone of the group she sincerly wanted to join, it seem to work and she was able to join. Evie keeps to herself mostly but tries to get to know her new peers when she can.
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