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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Valerian Khan
Race: Human // Age: 18 // Gender: Male // Orientation: who even knows tbh // Occupation: Valor-In-Training
Crux Fidelis, valor-in-training
Face Claim
Todoroki Shoto
Appearance Extras
- Wears a black version of the standard Crux Fidelis uniform, signifying his status as a Valor-In-Training.

- The left side of his face is burned and the skin generally looks 'raw'.

- On his right arm, starting at his wrist and going up to his forearm are a total of 8 five-lined tally marks. 5 are on his outer forearm and 3 are on the inside. The ones on the outside represent how many rebels he's killed on his own and the ones on the inside represent the number of demons or cultists.

- On his left arm, on the outside of his forearm, are 2 five-line tally marks that represent how many successful solo missions he's completed.
God Crusher, Gungnir

Valerian's Bellicosa gives him immense control over the air. From creating condensed blasts of air pressure to slicing winds -- Valerian has learned how to control the air around him via his Bellicosa to the point he can even use it to fly. On his own, he can use it to create directed and localized tornadoes, but its effects are increased and enhanced when used alongside Julian's. In addition to this, he can throw Gungnir like a javelin after supercharging it with Sillage, which can result in devastating and explosive results. Afterwards, he can re-summon Gungnir without issue.

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Secondary Weapons

Strapped to his back and hanging from his side are twin swords. Made of reinforced metal and enchanted to be more durable and sharper than average weapons. They're typically used when Valerian is in a situation that isn't favorable for his Bellicosa or if he just doesn't feel like using it. They can also be connected at the bottom to form a type of double-sided blade.
Ashen One

A 'fragment' of his father's power that he inherited. Valerian is capable of creating, manipulating and generating highly destructive ash. While it is closely reminiscent to your usual typical pyrokinesis, this is different due to its variety of uses. The first is its very nature, appearing more as a mixture of thick, black smoke mixed with burning embers. While Valerian can't utilize streams of fire to burn things down like most people that utilize fire magic, he can still fire balls of ashen-smoke that explode on contact. This still gives him the ability to light the surrounding area ablaze, but only if the target or nearby objects are flammable. He can also utilize the smoke by itself to create smokescreens or clear out buildings by using the smoke to interfere with peoples' ability to breathe. He can also transmutate his own body and clothes into ash, giving him the ability to move, navigate and fight in a variety of different ways. Another thing to note is that Valerian can, by constantly releasing ashen-smoke from his body, 'fly' across short distances and this is merely enhanced when he transmutes himself into the element entirely.


A magic Valerian developed naturally, Transmutation allows him to alter and change the forms and structures of objects and, to some extent, himself. As it's an ability he's only had for the past four years, he's still something of a novice when it comes to using it. The biggest gate and limit to this ability is his own knowledge; as he's spent a large portion of his life training and studying physically, he's recently been forced to pursue more traditional forms of knowledge to properly utilize Transmutation. As it stands now, he can use this ability to manipulate and alter terrain, creating constructs such as walls and other simple things. If he makes physical contact with someone, he can even temporarily 'destabilize' a part of their body (it only lasts for a second) but it can result it intense pain as it gives the sensation of the effect area being torn apart.

Supernatural Physiology

A trait passed down to Valerian by his father. By virtue of the Angel Azra, the patron of the Khans, Valerian's physical abilities far exceed that of a humans, having reached a state that can only be defined as supernatural. His strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability are all heightened to the point he could be considered a 'natural' weapon. Able to fight for extended periods of time without tiring, and with enough strength to leave craters in the ground and the ability to move quickly and seamlessly, even without his Bellicosa or magic he can still present a clear threat.

Combat Expertise

Growing up in Crux Fidelis, as the son of Julius Khan, Valerian has known nothing but the life of a Crusader. From the age of five his father was having him trained by Hallowed, including the then Commander Elysia Mirharai. However, at the age of ten, Julius himself took over. Being put through the ringer for so many years has left Valerian quite adept in terms of combat ability; from hand-to-hand combat to being able to use almost any conventional weapon. While his expertise lies in his usage of swords, he can generally use just about anything if push comes to shove. He also has heightened threat perception and combat awareness, frequent training sessions with multiple people at once having left him more than capable of handling multiple threats at once. Due to the fact he's still young, it's very possible and likely that he'll eventually surpass Julius in ability.
personality/fun facts
Valerian is a staunch and steadfast believer and servant of Eleftherios, his upbringing and lineage as the son of Julius Khan making itself apparent in the way he acts and operates. In general, he can come off as charismatic and fun-loving, fitting someone his age, but at the same time there's just something that's... Not all there. To say his more relaxed and casual nature 'isn't genuine' would be a harsh overstatement, it's clear it's not his natural state. Just having fun and relaxing is something he usually has to focus on to achieve; he'd rather spend his time trying to be productive and get things done. The heretics, evildoers and scum of Sium rarely sleep, so neither should he as far as he's concerned. He is completely and utterly dedicated to Crux Fidelis, his faith in both the church, organization and Eleftherios unshakable.

To his allies, he can come off as a bit overbearing at times. He's learned to reign in his dogmatic and obsessive religious tendencies from his younger years, begrudgingly accepting that not everyone has to worship Eleftherios, but when bad things happen to someone, he's typically the first to quip "That wouldn't have happened if they were servants of God.". Valerian feels very little remorse when misfortune befalls those who don't serve Eleftherios. As far as he's concerned, they were pretty much asking for it. Though he's typically able to keep these less that sympathetic thoughts to himself.

And as the son of Julius Khan, and having been raised by only his father, he grew up in Crux Fidelis and on battlefields. From a young age he's born witness to countless atrocities, both at the hands of his father and others. This has caused him to become somewhat desensitized to violence and other unsightly things. He could see someone be hacked to pieces or blown up into gory chunks and not bat an eye as, to him, it's just 'a part of life in Sium'. And while he is typically cold towards people who don't actively serve and worship Eleftherios, he is not without some form of compassion.

As a Hallowed, he knows it's his duty to protect Sium and its citizens, and he does so actively. You can usually find him travelling across Sium, searching out cultist and rebel activity as well as combating any Sins or general criminal scum he comes across. Valerian isn't afraid to get his hand's dirty, and you wouldn't be wrong to say he enjoys violence on some level.

Aside from this, he typically tries to embody the virtues of the seven commanders... To some extent. The only one he struggles with even trying to adhere to is Chastity because... "That's so boring.", in his own words.

- When Valerian was 14, he failed an assignment given to him by his father. While Julius was quite forgiving and didn't mind, merely wanting Valerian to learn from his failure, the same couldn't be said for the boy. In a sudden outburst of flagellation, punishing himself for his own failure, Valerian burned the left side of his face to the state it's in now. He does not handle failure well, and it's one of the few things that can make him snap and display clear forms of mania.

- When it comes to his brother, Julian, Valerian feels nothing but a mixture of care, love, respect and competitiveness. Having grown up alongside him, Valerian views his brother as both his best friend and rival. He's someone he knows he can always count on, but at the same time he feels a need to outdo him. And even when Julian gets the better of him, there's no animosity or contempt -- only a genuine approval and respect for him which merely serves to fuel Valerian's drive to better himself. And when not caught up in some trial or mission, he enjoys hanging out with his brother and doing things that regular siblings do -- though Valerian typically tries to help Julian score with anyone that catches his eye like any good wingman would.

- While Valerian has always respected and looked up to his father, he also idolized Soren Kincaid due to him being personally trained by Elysia Mirharai and being one of the youngest Commanders in Crux Fidelis. In a way, Valerian views the 'perfect' Hallowed as a mix between his father's dedication and Soren's decisiveness. He's heard rumors of Soren becoming a Sin but he doesn't believe them.
A son of Julius Khan, Valerian was named after someone close to his father. Growing up alongside his father and his brother, the only thing Valerian has known is the life of a crusader. From the moment he was capable of walking and general understanding, he's been molded into a soldier and taught to serve Eleftherios with every fiber of his being. While his father was out crusading, he'd frequently be left in Caersewiella alongside his brother under the tutelage of various Hallowed, such as Aeson Cerantes and Elysia Mirharai. For five years he trained under them, and to say it was gruesome would have been an understatement. But upon reaching the age of ten, he returned to travelling alongside his father, Julius having deemed both of them 'ready' to fight alongside him. It was a clear bending of the rules, but one his status as a Valor allowed, and the fact they were his sons.

From the age of ten, Valerian has fought in the name of Crux Fidelis and for Eleftherios. Exposed to the horrors of the world from a young age, Valerian quickly adapted and learned how to box up any emotions he may have felt and stored them away. No matter what atrocities he witnessed, either by his father's hand as he razed entire villages to flush out rebels and cultists alike or by those they hunted, Valerian never looked away. He never attempted to shy away from the reality in which he lived in, accepting it as part of his duty. As such, Valerian's mindset and dedication was reinforced at a very young age.

And as he continued to grow, he swiftly matured through the mindset of a child to that of a young adult. His view of the world was somewhat cynical, and very frequently he was sat down by his father to keep him from going off the deep end. The only things that kept him from turning into an emotionless, psychotic murderer were undoubtedly his brother and father.

The most notable event of his youth is when he was 14 and his father gave him an assignment to protect an old acquaintance of his. It was the very first solo mission he was ever given and one he treated with the utmost care. It was his first chance to truly impress his father and prove himself. Ultimately, however, he was incapable of fulfilling his task and his charge died from assassins. While he was able to kill the culprits, he returned to his father in shame and defeat. While Julius was quick to forgive, Valerian wasn't.

After that day, Valerian has lived with a self-inflicted reminder of his failure on his face. Now 18, and after the most recent Aphelion, Valerian and his brother have taken it upon themselves to follow in their father's footsteps and become Valors. Despite knowing that it won't be an easy task to accomplish, Valerian feels no fear or hesitation moving forward. Alongside his brother, he has the utmost faith that they'll overcome any trials and attain the rank of Valors no matter what.
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