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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Viveka Nyx
Race: Anunnaki // Age: 663 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Recruiter
Black Sun Cabal, Recruiter
150 lbs
Face Claim
Arete - Fire Emblem
Appearance Extras
Viveka has a black circle with a dot in the center at the base of her neck - reminiscent of a one-ringed bulls eye.

There isn't many areas of Viveka's body not covered in at least some minor scarring. Fortunately her husband had her face spared for his own male gaze. As such, the worst of it is at the top her back across the shoulders, as well as around her hips. Viveka's no-no bits are functional, but disfigured.
Euphrates - Embodied in Viveka's headdress, Euphrates is the tool utilized by her late husband to negate her powers during torture. In truth, much of her inability to defend herself was weighed on by the devastation of her body. For non-sillage users, Euphrates considerably weakens their abilities - if the ability is weak already, it may render it void completely. For those that make use of sillage, Euphrates taps into their darkness, and the individual is driven to a madness similar to what occurs during Aphelion. Euphrates only acts on one person at a time, but can maintain its effect for up to a mile away once targeted.
Foresight - Viveka has visions with some regularity, though they tend to be small and not particularly sensational. They can come regularly or be brought on by coming into physical contact with an object or person, and be visions of either the past, future, or something going on simultaneously in the present. Every full moon, however, her visions become voracious. When the night comes on those days, the visions are powerful and emotional, although their topics are just as diverse as the population of Sium. They can be about anyone or anything, come alone or in hoards, and have a meaning that is obvious or convoluted. She does not control them, and always tries to ensure that she is in a safe place on those moons since they can cause her to become incredibly disoriented.

Great Light - Capable of bending light, this ability is versatile. She is capable of creating solid forms such as projectiles or shields, as well as bending it around a form to camouflage it. Similarly, she can enhance its effects. Since light contains various amounts of heat, she can not only make the waves/particles brighter, but warmer as well - to the point of scalding.

Telekinesis - Although this ability gives Viveka a sense of space that doesn't require the use of her eyes, a general rule of thumb is that if it is within her field of vision, Viveka is capable of moving and manipulating it without any physical interaction. By sending out pulses of energy that are undetectable to most people, Viveka creates a mental map of the space she is in, as well as all of the objects that comprise it. This means that she can ultimately "see" without seeing at all. There is some connection to the physical world here, however, since the heavier the object is the more difficulty she has moving it.

Spirit Walker - Between life and death exists a plane where left behind spirits live alongside - and yet mostly hidden from - the living. This is a spiritual plane, and Viveka is capable of moving in and out of it at varying degrees. At her most committed level, she is only visible to a select few (typically those who have a similar ability as she does, such as the ability to talk to ghosts), and cannot interact with the man-made, physical world. As such, she can phase through walls and objects without harm, and has an increased ability to heal injuries and recover from illness. Animals and animal-like creatures tend to be at least moderately aware of her presence and movement. At a lower level, Viveka retains her physical form, but is able to see and communicate with spirits, who look as a part of the living as anyone else does during these times. Because they can be overwhelming, Viveka is capable of removing herself completely from their field, being unable to see them and being unable to be seen by them. While she can't communicate with animals outside of the spirit world, it seems as though the dead speak a universal language.

Immortality - Viveka attributes her youthful body to her angel blood, but she is hardly impervious to injury and disease exactly. While undergoing her years of torture, she died many times. More times than she could possibly count. Each time, however, her body seemed to regenerate on its own until her spirit unconsciously found its way back to it. Viveka maintains that death just isn't ready to contend with her yet, and so keeps spitting her back out to finish what she started. Complete death will only come with the complete destruction of her body.

Degas - Degas is a wedge-tailed eagle that Viveka raised from a fledgling. He is less a pet and more a companion, since he goes wherever he pleases, but the two have an undeniable bond such that he always returns. Degas knows many advanced commands, such as carrying letters and searching for people who are familiar to him, hunting on Viveka's behalf, or inflicting injury.
personality/fun facts
The easiest way to describe Viveka is morbidly excitable. Since surviving her imprisonment, she has a love for life and a mission that propels her through any deliberations she may be subjected to. Everything is to that goal's end. At first glance, Viveka has a perpetual smirk as though she is always laughing about some inside joke. She enjoys a challenge and can harbor a deserved loss well, but can be decidedly ruthless instantaneously if she finds that someone is interfering with what she considers to be her life's calling. She has no patience for insolence or disrespect; in one moment you could be having a conversation and in the next have a brick whipped into your skull.

Viveka is incredibly judgmental and relies heavily on first impressions, meaning you don't have much of a say in how she thinks of you - which can be paramount to whether or not she deems you worthy of her time. Those she recruits to her cause have already garnered her favor and are treated with a bit more patience and respect, but are still expected to remain at a higher standard than anyone else - she views the people she recruits to the Black Sun Cabal as an extension of her own image. Viveka isn't one for tricks and delusions, but she isn't exactly straight forward either - you'll know she dislikes you when she tries and maims you, and probably not a moment before since beyond her slightly upturned smile and the glint of life in her eyes, her facial expressions are pretty static.

One of little words, it's important to pay special attention to the words she does use. Viveka says exactly what she means and means exactly what she says. She doesn't believe there's room in life for any ambiguity since time is always a finite concept and there is still so much to accomplish. Her closest friends are merely her closest allies in her cause. However, Viveka's love for a challenge is easy to tap into, and she can be commonly seen in various establishments partaking in bets and wagers.

Perhaps because of her many births (and couple miscarriages) or her affinity for thinking about the future, Viveka has a soft spot for children, and has actually adopted children in the past and raised them into the BSC. She loves to play games with them and teach them things, and shows a loving, caring side of herself that is seldom seen any other time. Although this has never been tested, it's likely that Viveka would protect a child (maybe even a young teen) at the complete expense of her own body. As they grow, though, Viveka's expectations heighten quickly, and they have all been completely independent of her by about 16 years of age.

As indicated already, Viveka is incredibly loyal to anyone she deems a superior, and is apt to carry out their wishes or come to their defense without question or complaint. She is a keeper of many people's secrets for various reasons, and is a safe person to place that type of trust in. When she says she's going to do something she does it, even if later on it turns out it could be at her own detriment.
Viveka's kin were a scattered clan of half-angel siblings, the production of some wandering being that paused just long enough to have some fun with mortals and their fates. Half siblings, they lived many different lives - blessed or cursed in a seemingly arbitrary fashion by their father.

Viveka's was a life of privilege, born to a queen who never married. Her mother, Azraela, was an average leader - generally well-liked and supported by her citizens. Viveka was well-educated and well-cared for. Her mother loved her in the way mother's do, and life was average for royalty. At least for some time.

Even as a child Viveka was different, and had inherited powers that were otherworldly. It was as if she lived in a slightly different plane of existence, somewhere between life and death. She spoke often of spirits and the dead who supposedly spoke back to her, and around 6 years old she was found with a dead bird in her arms - a bird she killed just to see if she could still communicate with it.

Of course, she could, and she still laughs about how pissed they were.

Around 10 years old her mother relented the information about her father and siblings, despite having never met her kin. Supposedly, there were five of them, each marked by a symbol at the base of their neck. Azraela never disclosed their purpose, only that she was to avoid them at all costs should she ever happen upon them.

When Viveka was 15 politics in the kingdom were disrupted by both inside and outside threats. A drought brought famine and disease to the kingdom, making it vulnerable to attacks. The looming presence of an army had been hovering for some time, but despite the amount of time between the threat making itself known and the battle taking place, the state of the kingdom and its army were weak. They were no match for the threat, and in those few days of battle Azraela's rule and life ended.

Against her will, Viveka was married to the new king in days, meant to give the citizens some semblance of familiarity and smooth the transition. They were wed for several decades, and in those years Viveka was subjected to various aspects of abuse that subsided only slightly after she had her first son.

It was a couple years afterwards when she met her lover, Rikke. Their affair was kept quiet for some time in light of her husband's complete disinterest in what she was doing outside of politics and his own bedchamber. When it was ultimately discovered, Viveka bore witness to her lover's torture and presumed death before she was subjected to variations of it herself - all of her abilities rendered useless because of some nifty trinket her husband had found.

When it came to the torture, they got more creative over time.

She had two more children. She knows nothing of what happened to them.

Viveka was aware that her release was contingent on the king's death, but was thrown out of the kingdom rather unceremoniously - literally into the snow like her lover had been years before. She spent some time in the spirit plane healing her still-battered body, unsure of what to do next. Viveka had changed, and felt a dark zeal for life that she just couldn't place - until the vision. The vision of a dark figure's power encroaching over the world. A power she could participate and reap rewards from. A power she decided to help facilitate.

It was in that moment that Viveka pledged herself with unwavering loyalty to the Black Sun Cabal.

Her kingdom is long gone, but Viveka's loyalty and the mystery of her half-siblings remained - and so she set out to find them and recruit them to her cause.
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