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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Nanette Sanguine
Race: Human // Age: 21 years old // Gender: She/Her // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Hallowed
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
109 lbs.
Face Claim
Karin Koizumi from Eyeshield 21
Appearance Extras
Slender yet shapely, Nanette encompasses the beauty of the noble Sanguine family. Really. Because the Sanguine genes are mighty strong, so not a peep of her father is visible in her fair visage. The Sanguines are known for three features: snowy white hair, of which hers is long and layered, wine red eyes, and freckles. Nanette, thanks to the power of mom genes, has all three traits. Her skin and pale and luminous, her body honed from years of dance and combat training. You’ll usually find Nanette in battle heels and skirts. Both ears are pierced twice. You can’t fight crime if you aren’t cute! She has a long straight nose and large doe eyes. Her face is heart-shaped, and she carries herself with grace. Despite such a lofty birthright, Nanette is known for gentle smiles.
Nanette's Bellicosa suits her fighting style. As a warrior mage with tricky, dance-like movements, a rapier is the primary form of her cross. It is, of course, a beautiful weapon. Once more, with feeling! You can't fight crime if you ain't cute!

Dubbed "Fleurette", its primary ability supplements Nanette's support skills. With its floral appearance, it's all the more fitting. Fleurette attaches itself to Nanette's dominant hand and glows as she enters the fray. Though it cannot heal her, it can numb the pain. As the battle goes on, a bud forms and a white flower blooms. Nanette can drink the dew and nectar, essentially giving her a boost in energy and further dulling pain. It will not, however, heal her. Continued drinking of the dew can result in a berserker frenzy. The flower can be plucked.
While her brother excels in combat magic along with their mother (who was a prodigy herself), Nanette has trained diligently in her talent of healing. She can numb pain and expedite the healing process, as well as trigger endorphins and adrenaline with her spells. Despite her young age, Nanette has also trained extensively in technical healing abilities. She can make you a cast, stitch you up like a sock, and other such things.

Insofar as non-combative talents, Nanette is an adept violinist and vocalist. Gifted in most ladylike arts...except the arts. Pretty awful at painting and drawing.
personality/fun facts
Born into the exalted Sanguine family, Nanette has quite a bit to live up to. Rather than grow up to be the typical rebellious battle girl who shirked skirts and dresses, Nanette became the epitome of feminine grace. She knows her manners right down to which fork to use for her salad and which spoon for her soup, treats everyone with respect, and has a reserved elegance. She can be a little shy, but ladylike customs dictate that she socialize and charm, so she does so with all the charisma expected of her. Nanette is bright and studious, with a deep love of learning and bettering herself. Unlike most girls her age, who seem to have come down with a case of “I hate my parents” syndrome, Nanette loves and cherishes her family and places them on a pedestal. Family and honor are among her core beliefs.

Modest in her own talents, but fiercely proud of her blood. Nanette, as any noble might, is quick to take offense when she feels her pride as a Sanguine is insulted. A sleight against the name might as well be spitting on her mother in front of her. As such, Nanette can became rather stubborn. Her loyalty to friends and those who deserve it knows no bounds. Due to her upbringing, Nanette can be patronizing at times without meaning to. When she's sure about something, she's the type to nonchalantly say, "You don't have to do anything. Just let me handle this." The reputation of her family is important to her, causing Nanette to take up more than she can chew in order to carve her name into the impressive legacy. Her expectations are set unnaturally high for both herself and others. Needs to learn how to relax a bit.
Years ago, the family made itself known through the exploits of the warrior Reinebelle “Belle” Sanguine. Though Belle was not the first Sanguine, she was the first warrior to arise from the noble stock. It was Belle who began to tradition of keeping the family name, and her husband married in and became a Sanguine. She became a member of the Crux Fidelis, and began a legacy that would send down roots through layers of the family, sinking in deep and flourishing. Flash forward centuries later, and you have her descendant: Alesdair Dino Sanguine. A paramount, a genius, and Nanette’s beloved, grumpy older cousin.

Nanette is the baby of the family and, thusly, spoiled and coddled. Yet she grew up sweet and gracious. As with all Sanguines, the family legacy is piled high on her shoulders. She strives to make them proud. With her naïve dreams of ridding the world of darkness and chaos, Nanette, like so many others, has joined the Crux Fidelis and become a fine Hallowed. Still…there’s quite a few people who compare her to her brilliant cousin. Sometimes it can be, well…a little much.
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