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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Josephine Kaczmar
Race: Half-Elf // Age: 25 // Gender: She/Her // Orientation: Homosexual (Closeted). // Occupation: Rebel
Apocrypha, Rebel
120 lbs
Face Claim
mila babicheva || yuri on ice -- vicar amelia || bloodborne (alt form)
Appearance Extras
Scarification from her demon contract along her right hip.
HAMBRA is a simple flintlock pistol. However, the bullets are not actually regular bullets; they are poisoned due to Josephine's plant control, and are actually incredibly hardened wood. They are propelled like actual bullets, but upon piercing a body, inflict a debilitating, painful poison. Some bullets (OOC PERMISSION REQUIRED) actually inject seeds into the victim, and Josephine can grow these out of the inside of a person. It's pretty gross.

A half-dozen throwing knives, hidden on her person. These are also poisoned, and cuts from them are incredibly painful.

ELISIA, a rapier. There's nothing particularly special about the rapier, but Josephine is adept in its use and it is her specialized weapon of choice.
Josephine has some plant control, though she's specialized it in the spontaneous growth of poisonous plants and vines. It can take a longer period of time for the vines and plants to break through hard floors, though Jo can push them through. She cannot (currently) force the plants through metal. The plants are poisonous, though they look rather beautiful; the vines are thorned, and the thorns are coated in the same poison. Poison can (OOC PERMISSION) be fatal given enough exposure. Typically (OOC PERMISSION) the poison results in body paralysis once enough has been punctured into the bloodstream.

As a member of Apocrypha, Josephine has contracted with a demon. This demon, HVALLA, is a grotesque wolf creature that takes delight in wreaking havoc.
-> Josephine can assume the shape of an aspect of Hvalla, becoming a grotesque wolf-creature. In this shape, Josephine can run, move, and attack faster than a regular human, and has strength enough to rend metal as if it is paper. Once Josephine leaves this shape, however, she is incredibly weak, and will often lose consciousness and bleed from the nose.
->Josephine can see perfectly in the dark as a result of Hvalla's contract.
->It isn't necessarily a power, but in times of stress, Josephine can lose herself; her teeth will sharpen and she will give subtle transformative cues without meaning to do so.
->Josephine is slowly losing her ability to eat anything that isn't meat. It's not so bad now, but as Josephine ages she will get worse with this until she cannot stomach anything except meat.
-> Jo's MOONCRY is a shrill howling scream at such frequencies that it shatters glass and causes intense inner ear pain to those in her vicinity.

Due to training she endured as a child, Jo has an expertise with a rapier and a rather high level of intelligence. She has a higher pain tolerance than most do as well, but she is not invincible and the psychological impacts of combat cannot be left unstated.
personality/fun facts
-> Stoic in most situations.
-> Speaks in longer words, tends to avoid using contractions in her speech (thinks it makes her sound like the nobility she ought to be).
->Has an active dislike of combat. Has taken lives, and the lives haunt her; each life Josephine has taken is carried almost-obsessively, and she will never forgive herself for having to kill.
-> Much like her sister, has grown up in the mold she's supposed to fit; unlike her sister, feels very unsure in her own skin even though she hides it under a veneer of confidence.
->Staunchly religious; strong believer in Orpheus as the creator of all things, rejects Elef as a false god, but of course doesn't voice this.
-> Maintains a cordial sense of friendliness with many people, though she can be read rather easily as 'chilly' and 'cold'.
-> Has desensitized herself (or so she claims) the very real possibility that more of her family will die.
-> Has taken the expectation to continue the family to heart; is in active denial of her own sexuality even though it is getting harder to throttle and repress as years go by.
->Is very scared of making any form of mistake. Also has a powerful fear of death.
-> WILL NOT fight unless forced to do so. Josephine hides her position in the rebellion very well, and maintains secrecy to a great degree. Will not use her contract-given powers until she must, as it will (she believes) give her away immediately.
-> Will not actively speak of her position as royalty; it makes Josephine uncomfortable. However, she practices her speech and behaves in a way that 'royalty' should; Josephine sees herself as more of a figurehead, and this conflicts directly with her view of herself as a person.
->Good at hiding her fear. Incredibly good at it. She sees herself as sitting among sharks that are looking for the first whiff of blood, and as such, she stands tall and swallows her fear.
-> Raised being told the tales of her family's place in the Monarchy; high-ranking nobles with blood ties to the throne; not first in line but important enough to be known. Told about the deaths of the family, the blood on the stones.
-> Unlike her sister, Jo is told the truth of the family's position: they are not just nobility, but are royal in the eyes of the old monarchy. Jo is informed that she is the firstborn of the family and such has an expectation on her shoulders.
-> Grows up being well-educated. Is taught how to fight as soon as she's old enough to do so and do it well.
-> Basically exists; does not get in many fights due to her need to hide what she is. Discovered that she has some moderate control over plants due to her father; this is pushed more on her and Jo is made to believe more and more that she is something important.
-> However, Jo also begins to collapse internally around her 20th birthday; the stress of her position begins to get to her. She has a breakdown after a thinly veiled conversation about being a figurehead of sorts; after this breakdown, Jo collects herself and begins to steady the course again.
-> As she ages, these breakdowns have threatened more frequently, but Jo puts pride in her strength (at least, that's how she sees it).
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