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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Human // Age: 19 // Gender: Female // Orientation: "It's a mystery!" // Occupation: Serving under Crux Fidelis - Slug Rearer/Goddess
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
159 Lbs
Face Claim
Kanon Ozu
Appearance Extras
Angie has a rather interesting scar pattern; from the back of her neck to her tailbone, she has a peculiar tree-like scar, five points having the most focus so to speak, characterized by dark, sporadically formed centers. Directly prodding these (Especially the spot on the back of her neck) can provoke a variety of unpredictable reactions.
Dream-Catcher -
Angie's Bellicosa; This scythe's functions are rather interesting, that it less has anything fancy going on, and has a more practical use; strengthening itself. Dream-Catcher functions in levels, going from 0 to 5, in which it gets stronger and stronger til it hits it's limit of 5.

How does she make it increase in level? Rather simple; by striking her enemies with it. Now now, she doesn't go into any OP way-too-godmod-4-me mode by just slashy slashin' for a minute; Her blade actually takes the energy force of another being so to speak through her slashing, and needs a certain amount [Calculated by slashes] to boost to the next level. 5 is the highest she can get to. The more levels she increases it, the more devastating the blade's blows are and the more sub-abilities it gains.

It's effects are calculated below:

Level 0 -
Appears as a rather normal looking scythe; no special effects.
Strikes Required: 0

Level 1 -
Blade of scythe glows a bit, looks a little rigid, does minor contact damage via burning.
Strikes Required: 5

Level 2 -
Blade of scythe looks more rigid and glows a bit more brightly blue, also forms scrunched blue ribbons at the blade's base. Burning contact damage increases.
Strikes Required: 10

Level 3 -
Blade of scythe looks far more lightning-like, dark blue streaks fill the blade, ribbons grow longer and more detailed. Swings release concentrated waves of electricity capable of travelling at most, 8 feet before dispersing.
Strikes required: 20

Level 4 -
The blade glows a bright white with dark, erratic patterns streaking it, with the ribbons having become charred-looking. Contact damage becomes rather shocking and is able to release focused shots of lightning that can retain shape for 15 feet before dispersing.
Strikes Required: 25

Level 5 -
The scythe looks like utter chaos, the blade having turned into pure, black energy. Strikes can induce severe shocks and burns, and, with enough focus, can even rip matter apart like butter.
Strikes Required: 35

While this is all fine and good, it does have it's weaknesses. If Angie gets hit, she loses 3 strike points. If her weapon gets knocked from her contact, all the strike points are gone and she must start over from the beginning.
Nightmare Hands -
Shadowy, lightning-like hands form from the base of Angie's neck in order to be used for a multitude of purposes. The more unhinged her mind becomes, the more erratic the arms are, for they are a direct portrayal of her mind's state.

She can muster up to 10 arms at once, and each have half her strength per arm. The more arms she spawns, the greater the strain is on her mind, which results in her losing focus and control of these arms.

Dream Weaver -
By zapping someone with electricity, Angie can make others hallucinate about their fears. Angie of course has no control over what rises to the surface or what is seen, all she can do is catalyze the hijacking of senses by releasing a surge of electricity up someone's nerves to alter the neurons in their brain. She must touch the person in order to initiate this, and depending on how great the fear is versus how strong their mental state is, it can range from a slight distraction, to pulling them into a self-destructive episode or a rampage.

User permission is required for this to play out.

Take A Peek -
Angie is able to poke into and read people's minds via the same method she induces hallucinations, touching them and releasing electricity up their nerves to their brain, except this has to remain in a sort of current formation; She must retain contact with the person to be able to read their mind, since the electricity needs to transmit the information to her own brain.

If completely undisturbed and able to fully use this ability, she can dip into a halfway conscious state, and be able to do the deeper digging in another person's mind, as in viewing a person's memories or dreams, or being present in another's mental terrain.

User permission is required to preform this.

Intensive Focus -
Her eyes turn a striking red, which allows her to see things in much more striking detail. This can allow her to read the body language of people more closely to catch onto their emotions, see far away things with a hawk-like vision, or even see the closer details of objects for further information gathering.
personality/fun facts
The weirdness of this girl is boundless. She engages in all sorts odd (yet very very harmless) activities, such as collecting the parts of many different animals (and proudly displaying her collection in her room), watching people and scribbling notes, and calling objects names they aren’t usually named (Like calling a pen an “Ink Pisser”). She is very much an unusual person with unusual hobbies, but she’s actually very harmless. She’s more one to assault people with thoughts than with fists, always wishing to speak her surreal opinions no matter how outlandish they may sound to others.

Overly Optimistic
The bounds of Angie’s positivity are nonexistent. The girl is in almost a constant state of optimism with her comrades. Even towards her enemies, she is excruciatingly sweet. She always talks about how great life can be and how great simply breathing is, and to be curious of all and to dig into everything. She is one to promote all manners of hard work, loving things that are of intricacy and polish. She has a general respect for people, and will treat many with kindness.

Morbidly Curious
Angie has a strange brand of curiosity. She likes poking into the dirty, the mucky, the dangerous, just to get something new. She has zero awareness of personal space, so the second she sees an interesting person, she will be all over them, slamming them with question after question whilst getting their measurements or poking them. This normally puts people off, so she doesnt often get very many willing subjects. This invasive curiosity is borne of her previously antisocial life, appreciation for the living, and just general oddness.

Highs n’ Lows
On her own, Angie is an entirely different person. The mask she wears is rather exhaustive, even if it is true to her feelings. When she is within herself, it’s all manners of chaos, from her mental issues and traumas. It’s caused a multitude of moods, where she is self destructive or simply unwilling to do anything. She bottles these moods, keeping them from the outside world, for she does not wish for others to know her as a depressed fool, or a panicking maniac.

Loose Memories
Angie is, by nature, very forgetful. To remedy this she normally keeps a journal on her person to record important details she could forget. She suffers from short term memory loss, or at least some severe form of it, which is as a result of extensive damage to her brain via electricity.
She didn't know where... She didn't know when... She didn't even know that there was a when or a where, or a thought, or anything.. She was a mere infant when she was placed in their "care", and had a strange device attached to her neck and spine. Anytime she did something they didn't like, zap, a little jolt would hit her. She kept slipping up as she became older, as she was given a larger variety of ways to mess up.

She wasn't like most children however, in which she'd feel she was the worst in the world. The beings didn't make the girl feel scared, she felt intrigued, rather... Even if the increasing voltage was messing up her mental state as she grew older, she was only intrigued by her captors.

Sometimes she yanked on the wires and stone bound to her body, even if she were delivered an electric shock, she toyed with her captors, she wished to know how they ticked, what they did or didn't like, and why they did or didn't like it. Even if her learning was severely limited for the first thirteen years, she learned in a completely different way.

Soon the Crux killed her captors and took her under their wing, and she had served them ever since, while amassing her own personal slug collection, due to how curious the creatures and their reproductive methods are, she grew quite a liking to them, and they to her with how nice she treats them.
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