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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Nature Demon // Age: 983 // Gender: she/her // Orientation: bisexual // Occupation: Scavenger of Babylon
Poena Damni, Scavenger of Babylon
6'3 | 6'0 in bear shape (on all fours)
170 lbs
Face Claim
Rachel Foley.
Appearance Extras
⇾ Has very nice-looking green eyes.

⇾ Has some scars on her hands and arms from when her flesh was carved away.

⇾ Does not carry her weapon with her; it is summoned out of the air when she wishes to use it.
⇾ Lycaon's 'Holy Bow', Lycoris, is a massive yew bow that has such an immense draw on it that Lycaon is said to be the only one who can nock an arrow on it. There are three different things Lycaon can do with her Holy Arrows. The first is Reditus, in which the arrow will be fired and will double back, returning to Lycaon. The second is Tacitus, which imbues Lycaon's arrow with the same corrosive spirit essence that is thick in the mouths of her spirit creatures; any wound inflicted by Tacitus causes extraordinary pain. Regius, the third, does not appear to have any immediate effect--but it actually begins to leave a scent trail for Lycaon's spirit hounds to follow.

⇾ As befits the 'God of the Hunt', Lycaon has several traps accessible to her as well. Bear traps, garrote traps, deadfall traps, and snares, can all be set up incredibly quickly.

⇾ Lycaon's only close-range weapons are a set of skinning knives of different styles and edges: she tends to avoid close combat.

⇾ Lycaon can summon a pack of ethereal hounds to fight at her call. The dogs are capable of their own strategies but will attempt to follow her commands: if Lycaon tells them to attack a man behind a wall, the dogs will throw themselves at the wall until it crumbles. The dogs, undying, will continue to resurrect until Lycaon calls them off. Their bite is incredibly caustic to anything mortal, and causes excruciating pain if they break skin. If the pack is given a scent, they will track it until it is dead or Lycaon calls it off; the tracked person will be followed to the ends of the earth if need be.

⇾ Lycaon possesses impeccable night vision and is able to see the heat signatures of creatures, if she focuses upon it; all the more fitting to aid her in the hunt. She is capable of tracking a person from a single spatter of their blood, and will know their species from their scent. (Requires OOC permission when involving PC!)

⇾ Lycaon has a strong communal bond with natural things. She is capable of speaking with animal life of all varieties; there is no language barrier for Lycaon. More importantly, however, she can sway an animal to serve on her whim, meaning someone's familiar animal may rip out their owner's throat if Lycaon directs it to do so. Lycaon is capable of summoning individual spirit creatures as well. Like her dedicated hunting-pack, Lycaon's spirit animals have a caustic bite that sears and burns the skin.

⇾ Due to her birth, Lycaon has incredible durability even for a demon, ranking as one of the stronger of her kind. This extends to speed and endurance as well; not only can she tank hits, but she can give them, and give them with savage gusto (even though it is not her preferred method of fighting).

⇾ Lycaon is capable of regenerating wounds at a very rapid speed, due to her status as a Demon of the Wild; wounds heal almost instantaneously. If Lycaon sustains a series of intense wounds and is, say, reduced down to an arm, it will take minutes to heal back up to full, but she will heal. She is entirely immortal, and even if one manages to overcome her defenses, Lycaon will just have to spend some time in Alptraum before slinking back to the world above.

⇾ Under duress, Lycaon is capable of shifting her shape into something entirely different. When assuming this alternate shape, Lycaon does not have to speak to call upon the beasts of nature to act upon her whim, and she can summon more than one of any spirit animal that is not her dog-pack. Additionally, in this shape, Lycaon's form changes to that of an overlarge bear with a red mane down the back; a dark coat keeps her blended save for the flashy top. She maintains her usual strength and power.

⇾ Lycaon can summon two 'spirit hunters', who appear as dogheaded men; one has a spear and light armor, and the other has a sword and slightly heavier armor.

⇾ Like all demons, Lycaon is capable of making a contract. Currently, Lycaon has no contracts, however. (Would require communication with a player--character would have to be a Servant of Poena Damni). This contract would likely involve some degree of shapeshifting.

⇾ Perhaps most threateningly, Lycaon's ranged weapon skill is incredibly destructive and intense, due to her being a "God of the Hunt". It is possible to dodge her blows, but she is capable of imbuing each shot of her holy bow with different arrows. Some of these are harder to dodge than others.


⇾ Lycaon can (with OOC permission if it's done to a player character) corrupt a person so that they become a demon of Greed. Lesser demons that are unaffiliated can also be corrupted (and when it comes to the power of Lycaon, many are lesser). Lycaon must maintain physical contact, and her fingers phase through the victim's skull; she 'scrambles the brain', so to speak, and in this process changes them. This means that Lycaon cannot corrupt many at once. A weak human or demon being corrupted into a servant of Greed may burn themselves up and die instead of be actually changed; in this case, the flesh can be used to corrupt another.

⇾ Lycaon can feed sustain herself off of other people's feelings of Greed, as well as amplify any greedy impulses with another, all in the name of attempted corruption.

⇾ Since she was subdued and made to serve Greed, Lycaon has developed the ability to devour any natural materal with little problem--a reflection of the inherent greed required to survive in nature. This includes rocks and other things, with only metal and similar being inedible.
personality/fun facts
⇾ Finds Crux Fidelis to be very amusing, but is actually more wary of Weltz as an overall organization. She has been known to say that Crux is the enemy that everyone knows, but Weltz acts as an unknown. It's likely this stems from Lycaon's close natural bond with nature versus the technological developments that Weltz has pushed over the years.

⇾ Lycaon does not commit acts of sexual sadism; she views such crimes as below her and voices a casual disgust for those who do commit them. This likely has something to do with her father's treatment of her mother(s).

⇾ Views death to mortals as part of nature, but does not see the need to be overly cruel about the lives she takes. Death brought on by Lycaon, unless it is deliberately extended for the sake of proving a point, is a swift and merciful one. This does not make it painless, but she does her best.
That being said, Lycaon commits rather brutal hunts from time to time, in order to keep her spirits entertained. She seems to view the spirits as living things, and can be occasionally be found petting the dogs or other animals she summons.

⇾ Greatly loves the mortal arts of theater and music; can be found in establishments dedicated to the arts fairly often. Those who devote themselves to observations of nature will be rewarded with mysterious donations from a benefactor that they may never meet. Musicians who are overly talented may well be commissioned for a work.

⇾ Loves both the tranquility and brutality of nature; does not for a second appreciate anyone who depicts nature as a beautiful, harmless expanse. She is disgusted by the naivete of some, and shows it readily.

⇾ Subscribes to the school of thought that if someone is being annoying, it is best to ignore them and let them continue on their own. She finds it very funny when individuals get mad about it.

⇾ Quite the romantic soul, but anyone who gets her interest is going to have to put up with gifts of skulls, bones, and other things, including dragon-pelts, as the bones and skins of deceased animals are Lycaon's favorite gift to give.

⇾ Those who respect the great hunt are her favorite people. Yes, this includes serial killers who take their craft seriously. Yes, that does mean that Lycaon sees mortal beings as animals.

⇾ Actually very charismatic and personable! Lycaon is a people person, and does enjoy her social time, even if she can more often be found in the wild expanses of Sium.
Lycaon's father, Ulvarus, was a great and powerful thing; brutal and wickedly smart, he gathered many women around him and formed an isolated demonic kingdom. He had is way with many of them, hoping for a son to follow in his footsteps; the women were taken care of well enough by Ulvarus' standards, and he never felt ill in the way he treated them.

His firstborn was Lycaon, a beautiful blonde demon born of a nature walker, a woman who had power over beasts and plants alike. Ulvarus was irate that his heir was not a son, and it showed in the way he treated Lycaon.

Ulvarus was a tyrant, ruling the region by spear and fire and storm.

One eve, he was visited by a woman-king from another region. This woman-king called herself Zephirys. Ulvarus bristled at her challenge, as Zephirys claimed to be incredibly knowledgeable. The day Ulvarus was to seat Zephirys at his table, he subdued Lycaon and sawed skin off of her body, then prepared her ground-up flesh into a meal for Zephirys. Ulvarus sought to prove that Lycaon's flesh would go without notice.

However, Zephirys did notice, and she even was able to point out the blade that Ulvarus used to do the deed. In return for his treachery, Zephirys turned Ulvarus into a wolf--and told Lycaon that it would be in her benefit to slay her father.

Lycaon envisioned herself at the head of the family, and she did take his life with her hunting-hounds.

The family consisted of her father's wives, and Lycaon did not feel like she belonged there (and part of her blamed them for her misfortune and the skin he'd carved off of her), and so Lycaon took to traveling.

Her natural abilities made her a God to a few small groups of isolated people; Lycaon was said to bring a good hunt wherever she went.

It was this reputation, and her insurmountable strength, that caught the attention of Pride, of Lucifer. Once she realized she was being pursued, Lycaon embedded herself in a lean-to and surrounded herself with traps, spirit hounds, and spirit-hunters; yet Lucifer broke through her walls and subdued Lycaon rather quickly.

Lycaon was offered a position in Lucifer's rather illustrious lineup, and she took it gracefully (as gracefully as one might when outwitted to the point of danger; an immortal being learns fear when told how brutal it would be to die over and over for millennia).

Lycaon has recently gotten back in touch with a few of her family members, including descendants much younger than she.

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