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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: "Barghest" // Age: 660 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Homosexual // Occupation: Freelancer - Wolfpack Leader
Black Sun Cabal, Pack Leader / Cultist
160 lbs
Face Claim
Oda Nobunaga - Type-Moon
Appearance Extras
Rikke has a long, thin-furred dog's tail that she keeps tucked in her cloak at most times.

Rikke's teeth appear to be human due to her disguising them using Sillage. If she breaks this, it reveals that Rikke has a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Rikke has grotesque scars all down her back, from her shoulders to midway down the backs of her thighs.

High Sillage Levels = Rikke cannot be currently using any other ability & must be funneling her sillage efforts to get this effect.

CULAINN is a summonable Khanda blade. The dull point makes it unable to be used for a lot of stabbing, but due to the blade's construction and serrated edges it is ideal for slashing and chopping. With high concentrations of Sillage put into it, Culainn can send a wave of searing-hot water out from it on a strong swing.

CUSITH - A summonable four-edged Urumi that is not particularly special. At high Sillage levels, Cusith's blades emit steam, creating a 'web' of scalding steam.

Serrated claws and multiple rows of sharp teeth that are curved inward to prevent the victim of the bite from pulling away without great bodily harm. These teeth are maintained when she shapeshifts.

HULDR - Summonable bow and arrows. With high sillage, Rikke can use Huldr to shoot heated arrows at her target of choice--these arrowheads hold the same temperature as her scalding steam.

{ANIMAL TONGUES} - Rikke can hold conversations with animals of all types, from the mighty eagle to a really pissed off frog.

{ BARGHEST } - Rikke can take one of two forms at will, without pain--though once she shifts, she cannot change back until the next sunrise. The first is a quadrupedal dog with fur that is so dark it absorbs light that touches its coat; this beast's eyes burn a pale yellow. It is about the size of a tiger, as opposed to an actual dog. The second shape is bipedal, equally dark in coat but with coal-black eyes, enabling more stealthy approaches. In the second form, Rikke's strength is raised appropriately and she is capable of wielding her weapons still, though teeth and claws are more convenient.

{ RAIN BURST } - Rikke is capable of summoning a howling rainstorm in her immediate area, drenching the surrounding ground and those around her.

{ WATERSPOUT } - Rikke can control 'streams' of water, calling them across a space and striking her opponent with them, using it to push them back and about and such. Rikke can also 'sharpen' the water to an edge, and use it as an aqueous blade in the air.

{ SUPERHOT } - Rikke can condensate air into scalding steam; Rikke does not use this overmuch, as she views it as her most cruel ability, due to her history.

{ BOIL } - Rikke summons forth a geyser of boiling water from the earth. The water itself is of similar temperature to that found within a hot spring and Rikke can control several gallons of it at once. The most lethal use of this, however, is in the immediate eruption, which sends scalding water up from beneath a person rather quickly.

{ HUNGRY BONES } - Rikke, due to her altered state, is functionally immortal; she does not age and cannot be slain. However, she still suffers damage and cannot regenerate incredibly rapidly--she can regenerate, but prefers to do so in her own space, and will often disengage from a fight if too badly wounded, so that she can recover on her own. Poison also is very harmful towards Rikke--she will not die from it, but it will leave her agonized until it runs its course within her.

{ PREDATOR'S AURA } - Rikke can emanate an intense aura around her that, if all goes well, will inspire a rabid fear in those in the radius of it. (OOC permission required.) Those feeling the effects of the Aura will feel as if the hands of death itself have touched them, and it is this sensation that motivates the fear.

{ DEATHWALKER } - Rikke is capable of opening a personal portal to Alptraum. She doesn't like to do so, but will if she needs to, in order to escape and lick her wounds.

{ COMBAT ABILITY } - Rikke's pack operates on a simple rule: to become the leader, you must defeat the leader. As a leader for centuries, Rikke has been tested over and over again for her control, and has not lost once. She is excellent with close-combat weapons and a crossbow, and is capable of fighting well with just her bare hands as well.

{ TRACKING } - Rikke is an incredibly good tracker, a skill necessary due to her position--she must chase down her enemies, after all.

{ SENSATION } - Rikke is immune to the effects of heat, but is especially weak to the effects of cold (due to her manner of 'death' before, and her time in Alptraum, as well as her innate control of water). Rikke has a numbed sense of pain, as well, due to the things she has endured.

personality/fun facts

* Alert - Assertive - Cautious - Dominant - Cooperative - Disciplined - Humble (in acknowledging the things she has done) - Loyal - Organized - Realistic - Self-sufficient - Studious.


* Amoral - Brutal - Destructive - Faithless - Indulgent - Morbid - Nosy - Opportunistic - Petty - Sly - Tense - Vindictive - Vicious.

- Holds an incredible grudge. Wronging her once leads to a lifetime of rivalry.
- Will not pass up any opportunity to kill those who have challenged her.
-The simple way is the best way for Rikke; too many complications lead to people getting hurt.
-Loves her pack dearly and without question. Those outside the pack...less so.
-Still pines for her Queen, viewing that whole episode as one of her greatest failures (if not her greatest).
-Will not act out against Crux unless pushed to do so by something that she cannot defeat or otherwise overcome. Rikke would rather live under their radar than face them directly.
-Likes candied fruit more than any other food.
-Has tried to move on romantically once or twice with limited success. Blames herself for the past too much. Needs work.
-Actually very much enjoys the fact that her alternate shape is seen by some as an omen of imminent death. She thinks it's funny.
-Likes to hear herself talk, and will do so for ages if allowed to do so.
-Enjoys birding, and has been known to travel a grand distance to see a rare specimen.
-Can sing a very sharp tenor. Is quietly proud of it, though is flustered when this is pointed out.

Once upon a time, there was a woman and her Queen; the Queen was fair and beautiful and the epitome of all things Queenly and Wondrous. The woman was not so beautiful, but she was loved. The Queen had a husband, who was a cruel and hard-headed man; the love affair of the Queen and her woman went on unnoticed for many years.

Of course, politics play their games at court, and when the woman was discovered, there were bribes demanded, favors snarled for. Yet the woman did not give, and so the King became aware of her.

Before the court, he had the woman scourged; her back flayed bloody and to the bone. He had her tortured. This, if one can find the correct history books, is well documented. And then, once she was near enough to dying that she whispered for the swing of the sword, he had her scalded, burned, and thrown outside to die by the cruelty of nature.

And that is all the history books say of her.

But Rikke did not die in the snow, like she should have. Instead, she was discovered and saved. There was a Flesh-Mender, a great and powerful woman by name of Clarke, who laid hands upon Rikke and used blood sacrifice to mend her. Rikke was reborn in a shack on a mountainside, wombed in hate and rage. The woman had seen the burns upon Rikke and given her another gift, this one even more extraordinary: she taught Rikke the ways of water-wielding, so she would never be burned again.

Rikke mourned her Queen, however. It could not be said that Rikke did not love. She was truly loyal, and often returned to the outskirts of the kingdom to wail her love-song. Rikke told herself that the Queen would come to her--but she did not realize, for a time, that the King had locked her Queen away, in a depth of the castle where she had to endure tremendous suffering.

Rikke, using her newfound ability to change shapes, took it upon herself to at least try and save the queen--and this is in the history books too: the ghastly thing, dark and bloody-lipped, found hunched over the King with guts in its mouth. Rikke was forced to flee again, after she ensured her lady love would go free. The King's death was seen as a punishment for his crimes. That, Rikke decided, was good enough.

Rikke had not forseen what is obvious to her now, however. The Queen wanted nothing to do with her. She had changed; become something savage and evil--an omen of the dark. Rikke did not know what to say to this, so she said nothing, and instead turned to the wilds. Long since, her Queen died. Long since, Rikke lives.

About five hundred years ago, Rikke stumbled upon a group of werewolves that were wandering the countryside, aimless. Rikke took them under her wing with use of her natural charisma, and has been leading her Wolfpack for several centuries at this point. Whenever times get too tough in one region, Rikke will cycle the pack elsewhere and set them in territory there.

About three hundred and fifty years ago, Rikke's pack caught the attention of a particularly enraged dragon. The dragon descended upon them, and Rikke charged it bravely--the dragon wound up slain due to Rikke's tenacity, but the dragon also dragged Rikke to Alptraum with it.

Resurrection came fifty years later; a member of the pack called upon the old leader in a time of strife, and Rikke was yanked from Alptraum and the clutches of her enemy. Rikke was somewhat changed by the ordeal, but does not speak of what transpired within the realm of the dead.

Shaken, but determined to continue her leadership role, Rikke killed the new leader of her pack and resumed her centuries-old place with little opposition.

Time passed, as it does.

The rise of Crux Fidelis has further jaded Rikke; she sees them not as Liberators or Just Leaders, but yet another human-led attempt to take total control. She does not understand how humans can believe that Crux is in the right--but then again, she does not understand the human way of thought much at all.

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