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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Gael Reiss
Race: Human // Age: 22 // Gender: Female // Orientation: ? // Occupation: Ephemera Handler
Weltschmerz, Handler
Face Claim
Ann Takamaki
Appearance Extras
- Her eyes are fake glass and there's a slight gloss to them.

State of the Art Weltschmerz MagiTech, designed by Giselle Bell. Comprised of gauntlets and greaves which cover her arms and legs respectively, they are are both connected to a central core, in the form of a metallic vertebrae. which runs up along her spine beneath her clothes. And this connection is what allows Gael to fully utilize the full extent of Gigaers, at the cost of extreme risk to her body.

While naturally harmful to the body, the benefits are typically viewed as outweighing the risks. The gauntlets have prototype dynamos stored within them that, when provided with Sillage, generate electricity. And when activated by the influx of electricity, the gauntlets can release high-quality metal cable-like wires, which can serve as a conduit for the electricity.

Because the Gigaers are connected to her nervous system, and by absorbing ambient Sillage from the surrounding area, Gael's manipulation and utilization of the Gigaers can almost appear supernatural at times. She can control the exact voltage of electricity that's dispersed through the wires, ranging from light shocks to leaving severe burns. And due to the nature of the wires and Gigaers integration with her nervous system, she can manipulate the magnetic field of the wires to control them precisely, and to some extent even other metallic objects. Though, if she was ever faced against someone else who could manipulate metal through pure magic, her manipulation of it would be grossly inferior.

The greaves of Gigaers are undoubtedly the most important as they are her biggest crutch as well as her biggest strength. The greaves are constantly emitting light vibrations that are typically unnoticed. These vibrations are generally strong enough to travel through a moderate sized room, acting like a sonar, with the feedback being relayed back to her. This gives her a form of 'sight', albeit limited. She can make out figures and shapes, but anything outside the range of her vibrations will go undetected by her. In addition to this, she's still unable to read or interact with things that require direct ocular interaction.

She can also weaponize her sonar by increasing the vibrations created by the Gigaers. At the cost of creating a strain on her legs, she can release seismic waves through the ground which can momentarily paralyze and slow people through numbness via a piezoelectric effect. She can also use this inversely, creating vibrations around her body to protect her from momentary damage. However, prolonged use of it to protect herself will inevitably lead to her damaging herself as her body isn't naturally resilient enough to withstand the intensity of the vibrations. By kicking at the air, she can use her the powerful vibrations of the greaves to create damage shockwaves. In the same vein, she can momentarily 'run' across air by constantly creating shockwaves beneath her - though this only adds to the strain she places on her legs.

The greaves have built-in pseudo-turbines which, like her gauntlets, can utilize ambient Sillage to absorb and compress air through vents in the side of the greaves. The compressed air is held in the 'core' of the greaves which is stored in the bottom of her boots. And the more air she absorbs and compresses, the more dangerous and destructive the inevitable expulsion will be. When released, the compressed air can have enough force to shatter walls, and she can release it in bursts to aid in her movement. However, the stronger the air pressure she releases, the more damaging it is to her body. And multiple max-capacity releases of air pressure run the risk of completely destroying her greaves which would leave her completely blind.

Because the Gigaers are directly tied to her nervous system and her body isn't super-humanly resilient, a majority of its functions have major drawbacks and side effects on her. This causes her to sometimes have muscle spasms, intense migraines and regular aches and pains.

The vertebrae is assumed to be permanently attached to her spine, and the removal of it (forceful or otherwise) would potentially kill her. In addition to this, it can store ambient Sillage up to 24 hours and to power her Gigaers and allow her to fight in No-Sillage Zones. However, she can take off her gauntlets and greaves without worry; though she'll typically keep the boot portion of the greaves on as they're what allows her to see.


Like most Weltschmerz Soldiers and Ephemera Handlers, Gael always has at least two ETC capsules on her at a time. To use two at once would naturally result in her death.

Non-Lethal Takedown Equipment

From smoke canisters that can render everyone within a room unconscious in seconds to tranquilizers designed to subdue Ephemera.
Enhanced Condition

Despite having no supernatural ties, it could be argued that due to her father being such a powerful Sillage user Gael's physical capabilities surpass that of an average human. This gives her a moderate increase in strength, while her agility, speed and reflexes are heightened. Unfortunately, however, her body doesn't have any noticeable increase in durability.

Hand-to-Hand Skill

Trained by soldiers, Gael has learned to fight. While she's not a master of any particular sort, her hand-to-hand proficiency in conjunction with her Gigaers can make her quite capable of holding her own against multiple opponents.


Due to the way her 'vision' works, special training by certain Ephemera and her enhanced mobility, Gael is quite skilled at moving undetected. Her sonar typically gives her location on anyone or anything around her, so she can easily plot a course to avoid being detected.
personality/fun facts
Gael can best be characterized as someone attempting to right the wrongs of her predecessor. The child of a known Anathema, Gael has lived most of her life in fear and shame. Growing up around an abusive and heartless father, Gael can sometimes have a tendency to lash out at others - mostly as a defense mechanism to not show weakness. She tries her best to remain cold, but it's not hard to tell it's just a front to be something she's not.

Most of her outward persona is just a loose imitation of her father. She acts with a coldness and caustic personality that typically causes people to avoid her, and she 'proudly' wear the title of the daughter of an Anathema. For the sole purpose of pushing people way. The emotional trauma she received at the hands of her father caused her to become exceedingly mistrustful towards others.

Her caustic attitude is rarely ever genuine, however. Due to her job in Weltschmerz, doing her best to remain disliked and distanced from the Ephemera she partners with makes it easy if/when she has to terminate them. Though, it's something that inevitably weighs heavily on her as it creates an uncomfortable, legitimate parallel between her and her father.
Ever since she was a child, Gael's view of right and wrong, the value of human life and 'humanity' was skewed. She never knew her mother due to the fact she died not long after Gael's birth - another victim of her father. While Gael's mother was an ordinary woman, her father was a monster in human flesh. As an Anathema, he had brought death, destruction and misery to many people throughout Sium and the mother of his child, and eventually his daughter, would not be an exception.

As Gael grew beside her father, she had a front row seat to his atrocities. However, she could never become fully desensitized to his actions. No matter how much death she was exposed to, her father couldn't cut out the part of her that felt sympathy and actual human emotion.

Which he viewed as quite unfortunate.

While he hadn't cared much for her mother, hence why getting rid of her was casually achieved, he had 'hopes' of his daughter succeeding him. He was attempting to mold her into yet another killer - another Anathema to torment society - but instead all he got was emotional coat-tail rider.

It ultimately reached its peak when, during another display of inhuman carnage, Gael spoke out. She made no attempt to sway him or stop him - at the age of 16 she knew that was out of the question - but it was a quiet mutter under her breath that he heard.

"I don't want to see this."

Her scream soon joined in with the chorus of those who had been in the process of suffering at the hands of her father. The man hadn't hesitated to fulfill his daughter's request - ripping her eyes from skull and leaving her blinded. And as he watched her fall to the ground, hands to face, he felt only disappointment.

He had planned on disposing of her regardless if she didn't display a proficiency for Sillage by the age of 18, but things had turned out more pitiful than he expected. And as he continued his rampage through the village, he made sure she was the only one who would be left alive.

Not because he cared for her but rather because he felt as though she deserved it. Without her eyes she'd be useless and no one would bother with her. And when she was abandoned and left to die by everyone, she'd develop his distaste for humanity. And maybe by then she'd have shown some proficiency for Sillage, and maybe then she'd make him proud by becoming yet another Anathema.

It was either that or she'd die eventually.

What he didn't count on was a group of Weltschmerz soldiers led by a bleeding heart to come across Gael. Without the full knowledge of what occurred, all they saw was a girl that had been blinding alone in a destroyed village with bodies strewn about. Taking her back to Sector 7, their base in the area, she was treated to the best of her ability.

After a week passed with Gael in their care before she decided to come clean. She explained everything that happened and who her father was. Though, by the time she divulged her last name, most could already guess what had happened. While she expected to be sent away, she was allowed to stay with them for the next two years.

Despite being blind, she had learned to navigate the facility with some efficiency over time and she had managed to 'fit-in'. It wasn't long before she was given an offer by Giselle Bell, the then Head of Engineering, to take part in a test which could either let her 'see' again or kill her. And despite the concerns of those of Sector 7, she accepted the offer that was made.

Transported to Gaothaire, it wasn't long before Gael was put under the knife and Giselle's experiment began. When she awoke, the first thing she noticed was that she was alive and not dead. Which was quite surprising to her, though she tried not to show it. The pain in her back was almost numbing, but she quickly got used to it.

But the moment she stood, she felt a temporary confusion. While she was unconscious, Giselle had put the Gigaer Greaves on her, so the second her feet made contact with the floor, the sonar and feedback from it lit up the world in her mind. She could 'see' - although not with much detail. But it was better than living in perpetual darkness.

And with Giselle's experiment a success, it wasn't long before Gael realized she'd have to pay her dues. Four years later, she works in Weltschmerz as an Ephemera Handler and Soldier of Weltschmerz. Through the usage of her Gigaers, she's proven to be an asset to the organization and she intends to keep it that way.
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