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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Celestine Vextra
Race: Human // Age: 326 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Hallowed | Queen
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
5ft 7in
Face Claim
Mitsuru Kirijou (persona)
Appearance Extras
Across her neck is a thin scar reflecting the damage done to her during the attempted murder of her during Ishgar's fall.

Alias: Celestine Vextra is quite a well known name, so she will often go by the alias of Robin in order to keep her identity as a fallen member of a mighty monarchy a secret.
Gwenhwyfar (Sword) - A mighty blade forged by the powerful Merlin and passed down between the few generations of Vextra royalty. It is perhaps Celestine's most prized possession. The blade is enchanted so that it may never break no matter the damage done to it. It is still in the same condition it was on the day it was fordged, sharp enough to cut through most objects including armor.

Holy Grail - A golden cup with the power to capture demons and monsters inside of it. It is able to suck away the curse upon those infected by demons. It was a gift to the kings of Ishgar from long ago.

Camelot (Belicosa) - A simple small dagger in design, Camelot is quite powerful as it absorbs the energy of other attacks and then sends it back on the enemy ten fold. When unleashed the blade turns to a vibrant green hue and glows brightly as it absorbs the attack thrown at it only to turn red and fire it back a few moments later. She doesn't normally use her Belicosa due to the fact that she finds silliage to be unnecessary.
Immortality - Blessed by the heavens, Celestine has been given eternal life. She has not aged physically since she turned twenty years old and will never grow old so long as she remains alive. While she is still susceptible to illnesses such as fevers and colds like any other human things that will typically kill a mortal just temporarily put her out of commission. Though it may seem at times that she has died, she is very much alive even in the case of being decapitated or stabbed through the chest. Her only weakness is her heart which has been removed from her body for quite some time and hidden away somewhere that only she knows of.

Regeneration - The power that grants her the capability to recover from nearly any form of wound, except for damage done to her heart. Having been blessed with immortality and having inherited a gift for magic from her lineage, Celestine can recover from physical damage far beyond anything a normal human could withstand. Has even proved to survive a complete form of decapitation to her body. While she still experiences pain like anyone else, she can be fully healed in a matter of moments, or days depending upon the extent of the damage.

Barrier Magic - Celestine is quite talented with casting protection spells. She has the power to cast barriers large enough to defend entire cities, but the skill is quite taxing on her body. She would often use this ability to defend her kingdom while her knights fought enemies and even produced enough power to keep Arch-demons at bay for a period of time.

Heaven's Blessing - Celestine can grant immortality to those who vow their loyalty to her. She does this by providing her chosen one with a part of her own soul tying each of the knights to her very being and creating a bond that can hardly be rivaled by any others (Requires OOC permission).

The Holy Ghost - A power that allows Celestine to take control of the souls of her knights even after their death. Though they are granted immortality they are not all truly immortal. Should one of them fall in battle, provided the vessel that their lives once existed in remains in tact they can be revived after the soul has returned to their queen. Until this is performed the spirits simply "haunt" their queen and remain by her side until released for a peaceful existence in the next world or as a revived member of her court (Requires OOC permission).

Mercy - Her power to heal the wounded and revive the dead. Celestine has spent many years honeing and perfecting her magic, when these skills are combined with her own gifts they prove to be quite powerful, but like all magic these abilities come with a price. In order to revive a life Celestine must give up a piece of her own soul and thus ties the person to her like that of one of her knights and it often results in the person suffering a great deal from the damage they took and any form of harm that came to their body in the period following their death (Requires OOC permission).

Combat Experience - Celestine has had many years fighting at the side of her knights against the desires of them. She is quite skilled in strategy when on the battlefield as well as talented as a warrior.

Swordsmanship – A skill that comes in handy while fighting for certain, Celestine is quite talented with a bladed weapon. Though her preference is certainly a sword, she is also capable of using daggers and a variety of other weapons with great accuracy and precision.

Royal Order - This is the ability that Celestine enjoys having the least. It is the ability to bend her knights to her will by force. Since their immortality is tied directly to her soul she has the ability to make those who vowed themselves to her bend to her will with a single command. Though it acts as a sort of “mind control” that can be extremely dangerous if abused since it can cause her knight to lose all sense of free will when abused, sometimes for days and others could go as long as years (requires OOC permission to use).

Magic User - Celestine is a decedent of the legendary magician Merlin and just like many of the rulers before her, the teaching and knowledge of her ancestor has been passed down. She knows many spells for various uses, but primarily excels in barrier magics and the kind of spells that allow her to mess with the mind.
personality/fun facts
- Graceful
- Kind
- Intelligent
- Gentle
- Caring
- Honest
- Well Mannered
- Considerate

- Loud
- Hyperactive
- Secretiive
- Naive
- Over-protective
- Demanding
- Spazzy
- Anxious
- Forgetful

Fun Facts:
- Celestine loves chocolate, but hates most sweets.
- She has a small puppy named Cordin that she carries with her as all times.
- Enjoys nature a great deal.
- Often wanders away while lost in thought.
- Has no sense of direction and easily gets lost.
- Loves flowers.
- A bee is her favorite creature.
- Has a fear of the water.
- She is a total mother hen when it comes to those younger than her.
- Cel is terrible at remembering names and faces. A lot of the time she will just refer to someone as "that person" because she has no idea who she is talking to but will still socialize excitedly with them.
Celestine was born in the now fallen kingdom of Ishgar. A member of the Vextra monarchy from the moment of her birth her fate was sealed. She would one day become a mighty queen. Upon her birth she was blessed by an angel due to a deal made between her father and the heavenly being. She gained immortality and abilities that gifted her enough to give her the title of a great healer.

Her early years of life were rather peaceful. She grew up like a normal girl and soon proved her value as the heiress to the throne. She was skilled in combat among other distinct talents, but as soon as her father passed when she reached the age of twenty Celestine became the ruler of Ishgar. The previous order which once served her Father now sought out those worthy enough to serve her as well. Thus the new era of the Round began.

With every knight that vowed themselves to her, Celestine gave a piece of herself to them. She granted her loyal knights with immortality and the protection that she could provide them as their queen. In return they served her with all their being and placed the safety of her and Ishgar above all else.

Even as a might queen the immortal was still a woman. She began a secret love affair with one her most loyal knight who held the role of Arthur and from it a precious child was born, against the desires of her Lancelot of course. Cerise was her world. Her daughter and her husband gave her everything a woman could desire as a female, while her knights and kingdom fullfiled her as a queen. The world seemed so bright, except for something even she could not reveal. The truth of the monarchy and the Vextra name.

Her family was a fraud having stolen the throne long ago from the Ishgardian kings before. There was always the threat of betrayal that could come from those who learned of this secret, but she never expected it to come from the one she trusted most.

Morgan le Fay was an enchantress she trusted beyond anyone else, even her own husband sometimes. Still the woman's intentions were unknown to her when the kingdom would suffer the final blow to its rather unstable pedistal. Demons began to attack the kingdom following the gift of silliage to the world, Ultimately the Arch-demon Grimalkin became the biggest threat and challenged the knights she placed her faith in proved to be quite the challenge for him before slaying the beast, only for the challenge of a vampire to come upon them as well. The threats would continue.

The worst came when her beloved fell apart. Carmine fell to the mania within him that he inherited from his lineage as a child of Ishgardian blood. Celestine grew fearful at this realization in which her beloved could very well turn on her because of the history of their kingdom. Still she did her best to give him the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. His love for her had proven to keep him loyal to her for so long, but Morgan took her fear and twisted it like a knife so that she would eventually grow to distrust her lover completely. Eventually the enchantress fed her a lie which pushed Celestine over the edge upon Carmine's return with the blade of the fallen Ishgardian kings, Caliburn.

Celestine fell apart at that realization when she stood trying to keep the kingdom safe. Morgan took the chance to strike down the queen by casting a spell which placed her under the Enchantress' control. Celestine called her daughter back to the castle under Morgan's order, but then acted upon her fears and the manipulation of the woman that wished to steal away her throne. She ordered her husband to be killed.

Eventually the battle took its toll on the kingdom. Cerise and Celestine moved to escape the chaos for their own protection, but the pair were cornered by members of the knighthood that were loyal to Carmine and Celestine was beheaded without a proper chance to fight back. Her daughter was then taken away to safety while the queen was left for dead as an explosion errupted and destroyed everything possible. Rubble that fell down upon her body was the only thing that protected Celestine from the damage done around her.

Come the following morning the woman woke up with no kingdom to rule. Her husband was dead and her daughter was gone. Celestine was forced to pull herself back together (literally) she made the descion to move on and try to rebuild her life.

Eventually after many years of traveling all over Sium the former queen settled down as a member of Crux Fidelis. Since then she has focused only on her duties as a member of the hallowed.
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