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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Aella Esfir
Race: Human // Age: 31 // Gender: female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Demon Knight
Apocrypha, Demon Knight
132 lbs
Face Claim
Zero Two
Appearance Extras
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She carries a revolver that belonged to the man she loved. She keeps it reserved fro high ranking members of Crux Fidelis though, since she can just make her own guns.

The winged horse she created when she was a child still remains to this day. Diamond is named for her appearance. She is a solid, white mass, with tiny gemstones all across her body for extra sparkle. Her wings are fully functional, and the jewels actually give the horse some form of armor.
-Aella can create anything her mind can imagine. She is limited to what can actually function within the current limits of Sium. For example she couldn't create a rocket launcher or a spaceship. But everything else is completely within reason. It can range from clothes to "living" things and weapons.

As she grew up her magic became corrupted by the view she had on the world, and as such her creations are dangerous to everyone except herself. They let off a magical chemical that can burn and eat away at the flesh. In the blood stream it becomes poisonous and will attack the nerves. In severe cases of infection it can completely shut down an person's nervous system and ultimately kill them (ooc permission).

-Since she is a demon knight, she has the great physical power of a demon. She is frighteningly strong and fast and her reaction times are quite fast. The most noticeably enhancement she has is her eye sight. She can see farther than most humans, and she can almost "zoom in" if she focuses enough.

-Not only did she gain physical powers, but she also gain a new ability she simply calls Undo. Aella can literally undo anything that has happened since gaining her power. She can "heal" by simply making them never happen in the first place. Say she got a cut on her leg. She would tell her leg the event never happened, and it would be healed. In reality, she was still cut, but there will be no physical evidence of it. She has used this to "undo" her again, letting her remain in the body of a twenty year old. She can also use it to heal other people.

She can use this to cheat death herself. If she can feel herself dying, then she can undo it, even if it's just a fraction of a second. This can't be used to revive others though, a limit she has never understood but has learned to accept.

On a small scale she can "teleport" by telling her entire body, and the space around her that she never moved from a spot she previously stood. This can only be done with a short time limit, one minute to be exact. If she pushes it she can add a few seconds onto that though.

Large scale events can also be changed by her. With deep focus she can completely erase something that happened, involving several people. She can bring a destroyed town back to it's glory. She can undo a battle if it didn't go well. (ooc/staff permission/not to be used on events) She can even cause a natural disaster to stop and reverse by making the change that made it happen to never occur. This take s huge toll on her though.

By nature a demon contract has a price. Aella's attacks her nervous system directly. When she overexerts her body she loses the ability to move for several days. And The more she uses her power to undo history, she loses her memories. It is usually small things from when she was a child or bits and pieces of different skills she has learned. She may even forget a word every now and then. When she goes all in she loses major memories off every variety. She's only had to erase events twice, and as such she can't remember anything from the time she was from ages twelve to fourteen. She also lost the memories of half a year she had been in Apocrypha when she was nineteen.
personality/fun facts
Aella is skeptical of people. They may act nice, but they all want something in the end. It's not wrong of them, Aella just knows when she's being used. And she knows when other people are being used, and she hates it. It's one of the main things she holds against Crux Fidelis, and its a large part of why she hardly ever asks for help. If people just... show up that's a different story entirely, though. It give her that... bubbly feeling that's totally gross, but kinda in a good way.

She's quite stuck on the idea that she's some kind of personal royalty. She takes time every day to pamper herself and she only make the best clothes for herself. She may be in her thirties now, but she's stuck in her stuck up and shallow phase.

Despite her gaudy appearance she's kind of hesitant about talking to people. She's confident. She's just... socially dumb and it kind of comes off as her being bitchy. Which also isn't entirely wrong either. She's not afraid to tell it like it is if asked or if she reaches a breaking point.

It may seem sentimental, but for good reason Aella write notes down in a journal often. She isn't sure what she might forget the next time she has to use her power. She doesn't even know if she'll remember writing the entries, but it's worth a shot. She definitely knows her own unique, perfect penmanship
Aella was a princess. Okay. Well, honestly, she wasn't. She certainly thought she was though. Her parents weren't well off, but she could always have anything she wanted. She just had to think it up, and it would just be there. She was able to create basic shapes by the time she was talking. She could make them different colors and sizes, and that was about it.

By the time she was around eight years old she started being able to make things like bikes or wagons, and her parents got an idea. They basically had a little factory of a child, so they began taking orders from the people in town for money. Aella was fine with that. If she could help out she would gladly do it.

The problem was that her constructs didn't last. The strain became to much after a few much and the more she created the sicker she got. Then they all just disappeared all at once. Neighbors stormed to their home, and her greedy parents refused to speak to a single on. Feeling cheated, as they rightly should have, they broke in. Her father was scared, not only for his own life, but for the quick money that he had made. He fired the first shot, and from there everything erupted into chaos. Aella had never seen so much blood. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to imagine something else.

In her panic she created a bat winged, pure white horse. She ran to it and jumped on. It flew over the crowd to the back door of heir home and took off with the child.

After that Aella kind of just went from town to town on her own. Well, her horse never seemed to disappear. She created fake money to pay for things like food and places to stay. She could make everything herself. She couldn't stay in places for long, since even the money would vanish eventually. She got out of town before that ever happened, not wanting to deal with the ugliness of people.

She was still very aware of that ugliness though. And that poison she saw began to effect her magic. Everything she created became a little more toxic to other people as she got older. It got to the point where even a fake coin could burn a man on contact from the poison inside. And then she was truly out of luck. She had no skills built up, no actual money, and no one to help her.

It was by chance that she got involved in Apocrypha. She had been camping... in a huge house she constructed and several animal traps set up outside in the woods. She sensed one of them go ff, so she went to check it out, desperately hungry. She was more than annoyed to see some guy barely older than herself had gotten his leg caught in the trap. That was not going to be a suitable dinner. Pissed, she released the man and went storming back to her "tent".

For whatever reason that man followed Aella. Did he think she could help him? That was stupid. Actually it turned out he could heal himself quite easily. It was like the wound never happened. Well... Whatever. She let him come in since it was like... about to rain or something. She warned him not to touch anything, but he did so anyway and quickly found out why it wasn't a good idea. He didn't seem all that bothered though. What a freak.

With a combination of a blanket the man had and his healing powers, he made himself right at home on the cute couch she had created in the two room home. And... it felt kind of nice. She hadn't been able to stay with anyone for a few months.

They lived like that for several months to follow, and Aella reacted like any love starved eighteen year old was. She was completely smitten with him. They had a cute little life out in the woods. He would go out to "work" and bring food back for her, and he seemed perfectly content in the middle of nowhere with her.

The reasoning for that kind of cleared up in the next few months. He explained he was in a group called Apocrypha, and she had like... kinda of heard of it before? But he found running into her and her home to be quite useful, and Aella couldn't really complain about that. She enjoyed it for her own reasons. And she was pretty sure he returned her feelings. She planned on telling him, making some big fancy dinner, creating a super cute outfit, and just letting all her feelings out.

She never got that chance because Crux Fidelis came right to her door after hearing rumors her one true love had been seen in the area. He was cut down without hesitation. The house collapsed on the men as Aella watched. If they weren't crushed the poison would get to them. Aella simply stood there. The house had faded to ash only where she stood, so she was in the middle of the wreckage, crying as her life fell apart all over again.

Those hallowed weren't the only ones that found out where the man had been hiding out. Other members of Apocrypha showed up, and somehow they knew just who she was. Apparently the man had spoken of her a lot. About how he felt about her too. She knew it all along...

She found herself just going along with the Apocrypha members. She later learned that her would be boyfriend was an Anathema on top of everything else. And she learned the kind of world he wanted. It lined up with the ideals of Apocrypha. A world with more freedom, where people didn't have to be used to murder others against their will, a safe world that didn't have to rely on traitors. It wasn't a bad ideal.

She wasn't sure if she did it for herself or for him, but she joined Apocrypha herself. And a years later she accepted a powerful demon into herself, becoming a Demon Knight. She didn't care about the price, even if it meant forgetting the very person that brought her where she is today.

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