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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Angel // Age: 1,041 // Gender: Male // Orientation: ? // Occupation: Guardian Angel
Freelance, Guardian Angel
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Appearance Extras
Beneath his clothes, in the center of his chest, is a small ring of fire that seems to burn indefinitely.

His halo isn't always visible, but when he does allow it to be seen it manifests as a burning ring of light above his head.
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Infernal Radiance

Infused with power from the Sun, Helios's Angelic Light has a noticeable heat to it. Due to this, he typically utilizes his fingers to fire accurate rays of light at his target. It can instantly melt through most targets before exploding upon contact with anything that isn't immediately pierced. As it's typically a concentrated attack, the range on it can extend up to a mile before the laser 'explodes'. Helios has precise control over this, to the point the 'explosion' is only able to blown down a door to potentially destroying an entire town (Though this is something he'd be remiss to do, especially if there were civilians and innocents present). In addition to this, he can also use his aura as a means to heal others from any wound that isn't fatal.

Heavenly Flame

Due to his connection with the Sun, Helios can create and manipulate gold and white flames. Holy in attribute, these flames allow Helios to 'burn away' sickness and disease from those afflicted. From the common cold to even diseases that are thought to potentially be uncurable. If he so chooses, at least. Much like your regular flames, however, they can be quite destructive and his usage and manipulation of them, including the control of its temperature, is something he has mastered over several centuries of fighting.

Angel Physiology

As a Seraphim, Helios is quite durable, fast and strong as one would expect of a high-level angel. With six wings that are extremely durable, he can even use them offensively to smack people around aside from flying. And like most angels, he can hide his wings from view. In addition to this, he can 'hear' cries for help all across Sium during tragedies, and when this happens he can typically cross in amount of distance to arrive at the scene within an instant.
personality/fun facts
Positive - Kind | Considerate | Compassionate | Sympathetic | Loyal | Honest | Determined | Optimistic | Reliable | Disciplined

Negative - Obnoxious | Confrontational | Judgemental | Bossy | Overzealous | Impatient | Obstinate | Possessive | Tactless

- Is typically warm to the touch

- Is usually somewhat soft-spoken

- Can come off as sarcastic at times even if that's not the intention

- Due to being asleep for almost an entire century, he's not very knowledgeable about the power struggle going on between the various factions. He is cognizant enough to realize that the Sins are enemies of humanity, though he's still somewhat on the fence in regards to the Black Sun Cabal and Apocrypha.

- Because he's an Angel, he doesn't need to eat or drink anything, but he enjoys trying new food and drinks. He even has a few favorites that he enjoys.

- When he 'sleeps', he typically flies high into the air among the clouds and just basks in the Sun for an hour or two to revitalize himself.
Among the first angels created by Orpheus, there was one who - at the beginning of the world - was enraptured by the Sun. Drawn to its gross incandescence, the angel flew ever on-wards towards the burning star - the warnings of its brethren falling on deaf ears. And as it grew closer and closer, it felt the heat of the Sun begin to engulf it. The radiance was alluring yet deadly, and even as it burned, the angel's hand never once ceased to reach out towards the Sun.

And as its ashes fell back towards Sium, a single burning feather remained. The heat of the Sun had ignited it, yet the single plume wouldn't burn away. By the time it had touched back down in Sium, the feather was one of many that was attached to a wing. And connected to that wing was a body - an angel born from the flames deadly radiance of the Sun and the essence of an angel. All around him, the forest and even the lake nearby burned - the radiant flames visible from miles away.

And when he was discovered by the other angels, he was given the name Helios, The Burning Star. Taken back to the realm of the angels, there were questions in regards to exactly what Helios was. Was he an angel, or was he something else? That question was answered by the very fact he could transverse their realm with no issues so the matter was laid to rest, though there were still some that questioned true nature.

But as time went on, Helios began to prove himself as a true angel. Over the centuries, he has fought in defense of the angelic realm and to preserve the balance of Sium. For centuries his flames have equally destroyed and protected; for Sium, he has cut down his own brethren who fell to depravity and he has bled to protect mankind.

Yet, after a particularly violent confrontation between angels and a horde of demons and the monsters they had conjured, Helios was forced to leave Sium. His injuries were severe to the point he could feel his life slowly ebbing away.

Far past the atmosphere of Sium, Helios encased himself in a cocoon of his own wings. Drifting somewhere between Sium and the Sun, Helios fell into a deep slumber as he basked in the glow of the Sun - drawing energy from it as he began to heal himself, though the process was long and arduous.

Only recently has he awoken again, having been aroused from his slumber by cries of agony and pleas of mercy. As his wings unfurled and his eyes gazed down upon Sium, he felt pain. It was a pain that far exceeded that which had brought him to the threshold of death. He felt it all - the suffering of the people of Sium, the weak and the powerless.

He would protect those who couldn't defend themselves. While he lacked the knowledge of what new entities were wreaking havoc throughout Sium, he would give his heart and soul to protect humanity. There was no hesitation, only a resolute determination.

With a renewed halo of fire burning above his head, Helios descended back towards Sium with a streak of fire that lit the night sky ablaze.
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