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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Mikah Paris
Race: Human/Wraith/Wendigo hybrid // Age: 67 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Undefined // Occupation: Director - Pluviall | Wannabe King
Apocrypha, Director - pluvial
Face Claim
Victor Nikiforov (Yuri on Ice)
Appearance Extras
His youth is due to his use of magic over the years. Even though he is quite young in appearance at his core he is very much an old man.
Katana - Nothing special about it but he loves poking people with this pointy object.

Seal of Yin - A medallion designed to keep the curse of Orpheus under wraps by suppressing his abilities to use silliage in any form while it is being worn.

Unicorn Horn - An object he stole long ago taking the powers of the mystical creature with it. He usually uses this as a tool to fuel his abilities instead of using silliage.
Curse of Orpheus - The price that those who use silliage without Bellicosa must pay. The curse that affects Mikah has been seeping into his sanity for well over four decades since severing his ties with the cross and starting a rebellion after the slaughter of the previous king. The curse itself results in hullsinations and other manifestations of the mind. Though most of the time his issues reflect in his memory. He struggles to remember things that are vital for his cause, thus he has grown used to writing everything down. Though the damage is done and he is well aware that when the time comes he will not even know who he is anymore. He is prone to fits of madness that usually result in him becoming quite destructive and even managing to slaughter and eat innocent people from time to time. It is not something he is proud of, but he has grown used to it. He can now at least predict to a certain degree when the black outs are going to strike and he attempts to lock himself away while they are happening.

Wendigo Physiology - Through connections Mikah has been able to have his human physiology altered so that he also possesses the genetics of a Wendigo. From this he has gained certain traits and abilities of the creature. These changes have enhanced his agility, endurance, and durability exponentially.

Immunity to the Cold - No matter how freezing a substance or temperature may be, Mikah is not harmed by the substance. He can do things as basic as walk through the tundra of Seracier without a coat and face no consequences. He is also able to withstand temperature based attacks when relating to freezing, such as someone summoning a blizzard.

Air Walking - Mikah can move across the air as if walking on the ground and treat it like solid matter. This certainly helps during times of battle when dealing with maneuverability.

Regeneration - Mikah is capable of healing from any wounds at a very rapid rate. So he is your classic 'heal boy' cliche.

Wraith Physiology - Through those same connections Mikah has gained the genetic make up of a Wraith and has had his body altered so that he possesses certain traits and abilities of the creature. This genetic alteration leaves him with a physical body similar to that of a ghost at certain times. While certainly amusing it has happened many times when he didn't want it to and left him in situations that were less than ideal.

Intangibility (Sometimes may require OC permission) - The capability of passing through physical matter. This is an ability that while it can be used sparingly has left Mikah with instances where he was stuck in said object he was passing through, or totally separated from half of his body for a span of time. It is an extremely unstable skill.

Invisibility - The power to render himself invisible to the naked eye, but not immune to abilities related to detection or seeing beyond the natural eye. A great trick at parties though.

Levitation - A skill that allows him to move without actually having to walk. Super useful when he feels lazy. He is also able to levitate objects and even other people (with OOC permission) at will.

Phase Cutting (Requires OOC permission) - The ability to cut anything by phasing a weapon through it. A bit over powered, but certainly useful in a fight. It's nice to be able to chop up your enemy into little bits without much effort.

Sparkle Glitter Unicorn Magic - Mikah is exceptional with the use of various types of magic, mostly specializing in elemental magic relating to the air or fire. He fuels his powers with the help of the unicorn horn he carries with him. Though he also is skilled with shifter based magic that allows him to change form his human form to that of other animals, such as wolves or birds for a short span of time.

Skilled Combatant - Mikah has almost an entire lifetime of fighting under his belt. He is a very capable strategist as well as talented sword wielder.

personality/fun facts
- Reliable
- Clever
- Creative
- Intelligent
- Reserved
- Supportive
- Strong willed
- Energetic
- Open-minded
- Wholesome
- Loving
- Protective
- Determined

- Forgetful
- Spazzy
- Zainy
- Destructive
- Blunt
- Brutal
- Disorganized
- Wild
- Conservative
- Obnoxious
- Invasive
- Needy

Fun Facts:
- Has no idea what personal space is.
- Forgot he had a niece for 12 years.
- Still forgets he has a niece most of the time.
- Has suddenly become obsessed with dressing up the niece he forgets.
- Likes coats with fluffy hoods because he feels like a lion.
- Likes poking people with sharp objects.
- Eats raw meat only.
- Enjoys long walks on the beach.
- Hates rain.
- Loves sewing and lace
- Has decided to become a king and then a fashion designer after that. (Still working on the first one.)
For the last forty years of his life Mikah Paris has carried with him two things. The first being a massive hero complex in which he has known that he is the one meant to save Sium from the crushing grip of Crux Fidelis someday and the second is a deep desire to fulfil his purpose in this world and become king of this world just like the man before him. Of course, he is only one of many members of the monarchy that watched his family be slaughtered by the Cross once the monarchy was ripped apart with life by life. He was there when the previous king fell and among the first to rise up with a rebellion in mind. Bringing down the Cross has been his dream since that moment, but to understand why looking back at his life would help.

His highness Mikah Delfino Louis Congreta Alfonzi Kristov li Paris was born as one of many descendants of the previous king. The eldest among his children he was once thought to be the front runner for the title of heir. Sadly this could never be confirmed since the ruler was slaughtered along with many of Mikah’s siblings when he was twenty-seven.

In his early years he was a spunky and energetic boy being groomed for greatness. As a teen he was a fierce fighter who proudly stood among the ranks of the cross serving the monarchy and protecting sium. This role lasted well up until around the age of twenty-six and ended when he held the position of a Commander sitting in the seat of Temperance. He made the choice to retire after meeting a lovely woman and marrying her. His choice to do this solidified his role as a potential heir to the throne. He was a skilled combatant and a highly praised Commander as well as an experienced leader. Everything seemed to be going his way during that year before the betrayal.

Obvious things happened. The monarchy fell and Mikah set forward on his path for revenge. Bringing down the Cross became his reason for living besides his obsession with becoming king. That has been his life for the forty plus years as one of the originators of this rebellion he has held the seat of a Director for far too long. Now he intends to pass his role and wisdom to the only acceptable heir, provided he ever remembers that he has an heir picked out. His niece which is currently perfect for grooming after being locked away for so many years is his only hope for the future since he isn’t certain of how much longer he is going to be among the living anymore. Life isn’t guaranteed in a time of war after all.
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