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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Sourdeval Duchamps
Race: Elf (experiment) // Age: 558 // Gender: female // Orientation: homosexual // Occupation: Head of Sillage Studies
Weltschmerz, Head of Sillage Studies
Face Claim
Isabela (Dragon Age)
Appearance Extras
[*] Sourdeval has minute physical differences from other elves as a result of her experimentation/twisting by her old tribe. Her fingers are a bit longer, she's taller than she should be. She's a pretty looking woman, but looking at her out of her uniform for too long may make the average person quietly uncomfortable, because she looks just slightly 'off.'

[*] Her hands are black, with a darkness spreading halfway up her wrists. The edge of this darkness appears similar to the un-even feather spread that is found on bird legs.
Sourdeval carries rather precise surgical tools on her person at all times.

She carries ( FOG BOMBS ) , vials full of a caustic green liquid. When this liquid is broken, it becomes a poisonous fog that immediately permeates the area and causes great irritation to skin, lungs, and eyes. Sourdeval herself is immune to it given the filtration system in her suit, so she has no problems with throwing these bombs during combat.

Sourdeval's ( UNIFORM ) is interwoven with covered fibers that leave her with an immunity to most sillage attacks that involve natural substances -- save water-based ones, which will actually wash off the substance that coats her. The substance that coats her uniform is fireproof, slips electric attacks off of it, and similarly repels other attacks. However, it is not immune to rips, tears, and other things. Holes in her uniform must be patched before they pose a weakness, and it doesn't offer her any extra defense against physical blows.

Sourdeval's actual weapon is something she calls ( GYLFING ) . While carried, Gylfing appears to be an odd-looking hunk of metal with three switches on it. Sourdeval can push these buttons to turn Gylfing into one of three weapons: Spear of Gylfi which will return to her hand once she throws it and it hits a target, Trident of Gylfi, which is a rather wicked looking barbed trident, and Blade of Gylfi, a two-handed sword. All three forms of Gylfing have serrations that point back towards Sourdeval; this means the hits that she scores will cause immense physical damage.

Sourdeval has a variant of her ( FOG BOMBS) that she calls ( VIALS OF SLEEP ) . OOC permission will be gained before these are used, but once these are broken, inhaling the gas that forms in the air will render an individual unconscious.

Sourdeval's only other weapon are three daggers that are coated in the same poison she uses in her fog bombs. These are carried very, very carefully within her uniform.
Due to being an elf, Sourdeval is capable of living an extremely long time.

The experimentation performed upon her in her youth has given Sourdeval an active resistance to poison, and an immunity to several varieties, all of which have been tried extensively on Sourdeval herself.

She has been left with a literal thick skin. This has the downside of Sourdeval's sense of physical sensation being present but lowered. Her sense of touch is permanently dulled, as if she is feeling through a veil. In exchange, it is harder for weapons to penetrate her skin.

Due to the experimentation performed on her, the forcible moulding of her flesh by sillage users, Sourdeval possesses retractable claws. Her eyes are also capable of seeing like those of a bird.

Just. Disgustingly high pain tolerance, even without the thick skin. A century and some of constant suffering will really do that to a person.

She's smart, given her position. Very smart. But she only really applies it to her work, so.
personality/fun facts
[*] Sourdeval has been part of Weltschmerz since the very beginning in 770.

[*]Seeing Sourdeval out of her 'Uniform' is incredibly rare. There are co-workers who have never seen her face. There is a voice modulator that disguises her gender when she speaks. Sourdeval is only recognizable as Sourdeval when in her 'Uniform'. The vast majority of Weltschmerz will not have seen her out of it.

[*] Having spent over a century in the position of the Tithe, left to suffer at the hand of those with magic, Sourdeval feels no sorrow for the suffering of those who she experiments on. Occasionally, she has a moment, if the subject is especially innocent--but those are killed in 'failed tests.'

[*] Sillage users in general catch Sourdeval's ire.

[*] The woman is actually very smooth and debonair, with a cunning sort of flirtatiousness about her. She doesn't really actually get flirtatious because of, well, who she is, but the charisma is there.

[ *] Sourdeval is a rather broken and tired woman. She moves endlessly towards her goal of sillage removal due to her own history, shoving the suffering she creates behind her with a wicked sense of justification.

[*] Deliberately hides the truth of her work from anyone who is not in Weltschmerz. Crux knows vaguely that she is messing with sillage capabilities, but they do not know the horrific extents she has gone to.

[*] Sourdeval has an extremely slow-burning temper, but the downside to this is if someone actually manages to push that button and flip the switch (so to speak), she becomes incredibly hostile and will usually send Ephemera to kill them if she can get away with it. Though, sometimes, she does the killing herself, for the sake of it.

[*] Genuinely believes "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". Convincing Sourdeval that her work is cruel is hard to do: she'll just say that you must be one of the few instead of one of the many. She's a bitch like that.

[*] She's got a weird god complex in that she sees her suffering as the way to achieve greatness (thanks to her upbringing). Sourdeval practices self-flagellation rather readily.

[*] Genuinely ashamed of her altered appearance, hence the uniform.

[*] Refuses to test on children or teenagers.

[*] As long as a person has no magic at all, Sourdeval doesn't care about what race they are. She sees all non-magic capable people as being united under one banner.
Sourdeval's people had a term for the rare offshoot that did not inherit the use of magic. They called them Sha'hn, and put them aside, to die on the hills.

But Sourdeval did not die. Instead, a priest of her people took pity and brought her back in, but for an insidious purpose: the magic-using elves, the Raahar (or so they called themselves), had a special position among their people. The Tithe. It was unspoken, but only those without the call of magic could occupy it.

Sourdeval's youth was filled with being taught her place.

Time and again, magic scoured her skin; a tribesman called the Fleshmender could use his power to bend the meat of her body. Sourdeval was nothing to the tribe; a dead end, a loophole that needed to be closed off and choked out.

By the time she was a century old, Sourdeval had been the whipping girl for an entire village of people; her view of self was diluted and warped, and she began to view herself as something inhuman (inelfin, but you get the point). She wondered if there was more to life than this.

She was freed when an outside traveler saw the way she was being treated; the woman put ideas into Sourdeval's head, and she freed herself the only way she could think of--slaughtering the adults of her tribe and freeing herself by force. She accompanied the woman along.

Sourdeval was one of the first members of Weltschmerz. Soon after the organization came into existence, she began to wear her suit, her uniform, disguising her identity behind it: the new members learned quickly that the entity known as Sourdeval was a stalwart force who did not want to be identified or known.

Her greatest triumph, to this day, was the first person she managed to strip of their sillage ability. Twenty have fallen in this way, in total. Sourdeval promises more will come, as long as she keeps getting subjects.
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