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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Zernebog Romanov
Race: Raiju // Age: 443 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Rebel
Apocrypha, Rebel
6'3" / 92' x 36'
195 lbs / 160,000 lbs
Face Claim
Counter Guardian Emiya (Archer) - Type-Moon
Appearance Extras
Tizona and Colada - Twin Swords

The signature twin demonic swords of Vortigern. They were once holy before they were corrupted into their present forms by constant exposure to Alptraum. Though they once inspired courage and hope, they now inspire fear, doubt and awe to those near it or can see it (OOC permission needed), with their sheaths muffling the effect. Strong demons are able to resist this effect to a degree, but holy beings are much more vulnerable. They still retain the ability to be able to channel any kind of energy and amplify it two-fold upon release, though they prefer demonic energies over divine ones nowadays.

In order to maintain its form and strength, the swords need to feed on blood and souls - though souls can only be stolen when a fatal blow is struck (OOC permission needed). Wounds left by these swords -whether from direct contact or from ranged attacks- take ten times as long to heal (OOC permission needed).

Durandal - Greatsword ( Dormant / Active )

The holy greatsword known as the Peerless Sword, kept within the Pendragon line. It is infamous for being absolutely indestructible, as well as always retaining its sharpness since the day it was forged. It also has a holy aura about it that burns demons, sins, and other evil creatures with its very touch (though the wielder is spared of its effects if they qualify for those categories).

In its active form, the aura is intensified as its holy energies are let loose. Anyone not its wielder begins to burn within its very vicinity and evil creatures begin to sicken and have their healing abilities reversed while in its presence (OOC permission needed) - wounds aggravate and begin to rot faster, and continue to do so for a few days after being wounded by this sword. It can even release waves or beams of said holy energy or channel other energies to unleash with the help of Zerne's own powers, which can have the same deteriorating and reversal effects (OOC permission needed for this additional effect).

The bond it has with its wielder is made with blood, and cannot be undone once it is passed on. This bond allows the user to summon it from anywhere and for it to resize to any size that he wishes.

Marduk - Armor

A gift from the previous Vortigern after Zernebog's blessed armor had been destroyed. This armor has been forged in the flames of Alptraum with unknown strong metal alloys and etched with multiple intricate invisible runes for various enchantments. It is invulnerable to heat and extremely resistant to impacts, being able to take siege weapon attacks without denting.

The armor increases the user's strength by double, partially to carry the weight of the armor. It also has an aura of terror and madness around it that radiates at 7.5x the user's size and affects everyone around him when activated, slowly eating away at their sanity and amplifying any present feelings in the same vein (OOC permission needed). When left off, the armor still radiates a sense of unease and anxiety.

The armor resizes according to the user's current form and size. The durability increases with the size, and it can also regenerate if damaged as long as it is fuelled by energy. It also has a certain spell upon it that allows it or pieces of it to be summoned onto him or removed from his body at will, though he can also choose to don the pieces manually, and it is linked to him through a spell represented by a tattoo.

Ishtar - Pendant

A ruby pendant enchanted by his former fiancee to have several protection spells. As long as he wears it, the pendant lessens damage from any evil or demonic source by a slight amount and increases his doubles his regeneration rate. Those of demonic or corrupted natures also find it uncomfortable to even be near the pendant unless they explicitly have protection against it.

It does have a set amount of charge before its protection fails and it needs to recharge. Recharging usually requires a day's worth of sunlight or two days' worth of moonlight, but Zerne can recharge it with his own energy if necessary.
Natural Abilities

Ergokinesis - Also known as energy manipulation, ergokinesis allows Zernebog to create, replicate, manipulate and absorb all forms of energy except sillage. He can even change one form of energy into another. Examples of usage of these forms of energy depend on the type he’s using, but they include direct attacks, constructs, channeling, flight, energizing and reinforcing oneself or others (requires OOC permission when used on others), amplification or negation of other energy attacks, teleportation, and more. The only real limits are his imagination, his own experience and prowess, the amount of energy he has on hand, and whether or not he can sense said energy.

Energy Perception - Another cornerstone of his power is his ability to sense any forms of energy aside from sillage, not just manipulate it. He can sense energy up to 3 miles away by himself. The more familiar he is with an energy type, the easier it is for him to sense and vice versa, with pure, light, psychic, and electric energies being the easiest for him to sense. Curiously though, kinetic energy is hard for him to sense unless it’s manifested as a very large outburst like with explosions or with long durations like with supersonic movement because of how quick its transitions are.

Energy Absorption - Zernebog can absorb any type of energy and channel it for other purposes (see other sections) or keep it for storage. Pure energy or energy channeled through media like gas or plasma are easy for him to absorb to the point where it’s automatic, rendering him impervious to them. He can even absorb different types of energies from others' bodies as long as he can sense them within range (requires OOC permission).

Over the years, he learned that his body has completely adapted to surviving on energy alone, whether it’s produced by his body or absorbed. He can still process, food, water, and air normally but they are completely optional.

Transmutation - Transforming one form of energy to another has always been part of Zernebog’s set of powers. However, it has recently expanded to being able to transmute matter into energy and vice versa (requires OOC permission if done on characters). This is limited to being able to shift into an energy form and back (helped along by his species) along with creating small to medium sized objects. With enough focus and extensive details on a particular body part, he can recreate others’ lost body parts as well (requires OOC permission). Subconsciously, his body automatically starts transmuting energy into nutrients it needs when there is not enough in supply.

Enhanced Regeneration - By manipulating the energy his body absorbs and is composed of, he is able to accelerate healing of his wounds. It’s mostly subconscious but he can force it even faster as well by focusing on the wounds. Through a combination of that and transmutation, he can even regain lost body parts with effort, time, and a lot more energy.

Immortality - A side-effect of having increased regeneration as well as being from a long-lived species, Zernebog has become functionally immortal. He cannot age or even die from old age and he is exceptionally hard to kill through most means.

Raiju Physiology - Zernebog is an unusually-strong raiju, not only having been born stronger, faster and more agile than the norm for a race that is known for considerable strength and absurd speed agility but also developing it even further to the point where his movement is much faster than lightning. He’s even able to fly using his body’s own energies, being almost as much as home in the air as birds are. As his particular breed of raiju are more feline, he also has excellent senses and spatial awareness along with night vision and impeccable balance even without his tail. These traits are all also present in his human form but they are much more evident in his raiju form.

However, his speed is only present in his human and partial-shifted forms that remain the same size. Turning into his natural massive form robs him of his speed due to his lumbering form in exchange for his strength, but he does still retain his reflexes and agility.

Shapeshifting - Zernebog is capable of changing between his raiju and human forms at will. He is capable of partial shifting, able to shift parts of his body into their feline equivalent or produce them if they do not have an equivalent. Examples of this include growing a tail for better balance or shifting his ears for much better hearing.

Developed Abilities

Master Combatant - Being trained by various people over the centuries enabled him to hone his combat skills to the point where he has become very skilled at combat with all manner of weapons and even his body, but swords are his specialty.

Master Tracker - He's learned how to hunt and track down things ranging from humans to demons to all sorts of supernatural entities under the tutelage of Vortigern and his later allies, using a combination of knowledge and his innate senses to find his quarry.

Intelligence - His experiences and ability to learn and adapt at a very quick rate along with access to good teachers/places of knowledge and his own photographic memory have given Zernebog a good amount of knowledge on Sium and its inhabitants.
personality/fun facts
› Affectionate › Assertive › Cautious › Closet Romantic › Creative › Determined › Intelligent › Kind › Loyal › Observant › Organized › Protective › Reliable › Responsible › Shrewd

› Arrogant › Blunt › Competitive › Critical › Ignorant › Irritable › Loyal › Manipulative › Mischievious › Nosy › Obsessive › Opportunistic › Secretive › Violent › Vicious

> A total neat freak. Tends to force friends into cleaning their places if it's messy.
> Ambidextrous but likes people to think that he's right-handed.
> Absolutely despises mayonnaise and thinks it tastes akin to the scent of night soil.
> Indulges in eating, drinking, and breathing more out of fun than efficiency.
> Likes nuzzling people he's very close to, especially their head or their abdomen. The latter's a raiju thing that's genetic.
> Prefers complex over simple solutions. The more complex, the better - so he often has to be reined in.
> A surprisingly very good singer and artist to the point where he uses art pieces and performances to supplement income when needed. Doesn't like admitting to it though.
- Zernebog Dmitriyevich Romanov was born in secret to Dmitri Mikhailovich Romanov, noble within Ishgar, and Mariya Pendragon, the last Lancelot of the Ishgardian kings during the reign of the Mad King.

- First years of his childhood are spent away from the prying eyes of court at their estate on the very fringes of the Ishgar kingdom with his parents' best attempts at giving him a normal childhood despite the times. However, the death of the Mad King and the need to dispose of Caliburn forces Mariya into self-imposed exile and for her family to follow her.

- Upon one of Dmitri's secret visits to his family a few years later, he learns of what the Vextra had done to the entire kingdom. Mariya comes out of her exile to confront them about it, but it comes to blows and she earns herself the title Kingslayer when she kills Percival on the battlefield.

- Despite the victory, her truths fall on deaf ears as the magic erasing the past ran deep within the kingdom. The Vextra labels her as traitor, demonizing her and creating a fictional list of her crimes and even made up a title for her instead of her official title. This forces her to retreat from Ishgar and begin to gather up allies.

- As Mariya gathers up strength while occasionally sending a squad or two to harrass the Vextra as distraction, she and her husband begin to train her young son and teach him the true ways of her people and of the lost Ishgar, even roping in other warriors and tutors later on. His powers first manifest at this point and once it's made clear that they are different from typical raiju, he stays on longer than planned for him to learn how to control it.

- When the Vextra begin their search for a new set of knights of the round for the new queen, Zernebog is told to get their attention and infiltrate their ranks. With the help of his father, he integrates himself into the Romanov noble house in one of the cadet branches -even though he is the rightful heir- by passing on his sword and his seal to him. He then makes a name for himself as an up-and-coming young knight with the unwitting help of his house after they warm to him.

- He is scouted out by the queen's men and instated as one of the new knights of the round after he had been deemed trustworthy, getting the name Gawain, Sword of the Morning. He is given a secret trinket before the ceremony so that the vows do not work on him despite saying them, but also give the appearance of him being loyal.

- Zernebog establishes himself fully as one of the knights of the round, making friends and comrades-in-arms as he went on. He isn't allowed to forget his mission despite slowly beginning to ease into this queen's rule and is constantly reminded of their end goals by his parents whenever he manages to visit them away from prying eyes. It's at this time that Mariya begins to escalate the attacks as she amasses a good powerbase, using it to both make sure Ishgar's borders didn't go and to make sure her son is still seen as loyal by the Vextra dogs.

- Makes friends with and falls in love with his fellow knight Richelle Jace/Bedivere in and out of the practice rings and battlefields. Despite knowing what his mission was, he still gathers up the courage to court her formally and even propose to her. She accepts and they become engaged.

- The fighting throughout the years intensify to a degree no one expects when sillage appears in Sium due to a passing foreign god or so they say. This increases tensions as Ishgar is assaulted by more and more creatures and his own mother finds more recruits with these new potentials. The knights begin to die more and more, especially when the Arch-Demon Grimalkin appears on the scene.

- Carmine finally snaps after the Daedalus incident and the spirits point Carmine to Zernebog, which gives him a golden opportunity he couldn't pass up. Seeing this as a possible test for more than one party involved, he cooperates when spirits apparently led Carmine to him and he guided him to Caliburn's resting place in Domhnall. It's only their friendship and their forged camaradie that lets him speak out at all, warning him of what might happen if he took Caliburn from Domhnall as much as he could without spelling it out. Carmine chose to take it anyway.

- They return to Ishgar under siege by Grimalkin. Zernebog follows Carmine's lead into helping beat the forces back, but he's eventually separated and led to a different part of the city during the fighting. His mother sneaks him away during a reprive a day or so later to help patch up his armor and then congratulate him on his schemes, even show himing that she recorded the betrayal and death of Carmine. Then he gets ordered to finish executing his rather haphazard plan.

- He spends the next few days helping defend the kingdom and searching for Richelle, only to find her charred arm and chunk of armor, but he forces himself not to fall into despair. His chance comes when the unexpected development of Grima-Carmine swoops in. He angles himself so that he's smacked into the palace by one of the beast's hits while removing as much of the force of the blow as he can. He then goes through the throne room and proceeds to kill the evacuating queen and her guards after forcing out the information of the Ishgardian archives from her.

- He then attempts to get to the archives, but the palace is nuked to oblivion with corrupted sillage before he can. He manages to survive the blast with the walls, his armor, and the strongest barrier he can make taking a significant amount of damage. Unfortunately he's almost downed by the blast with his armor being completely destroyed and his mother has to take him to Alptraum to recover both physically and mentally.

- Once he recovers, his mother offers him a position within the remainder of her forces as her right-hand now that they were free from Ishgar. He accepts it for a while inevitably he becomes restless as their ideologies have clashed more and more over time. In the end he challenges her for the leadership with a duel and he wins, but not before having to kill her in the process. Before she died in his arms he appointed him her successor as both Lancelot and Vortigern, as she and his father had always wanted. He absorbed the remainder of her essence and power into himself, and after taking her weapons and having armor forged in the likeness of hers he took on the mantle of Vortigern, the Sword of Twilight and began to wreak havoc across Sium and its governments in the memory of her legacy.

- As the Crux Fidelis established itself as the ruling body of the world, Zernebog found new purpose in overthrowing it and sending the world into its natural state of anarchy. To that end, he eventually joined Apocrypha as one of their grunts in order to pursue his own goals with allies, pretending to be a 'demon' sympathetic to their cause. Who knows what would happen with being exposed to all these people of different kinds and this world's events...?
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