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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Salvador Ramwryn
Race: Dragon // Age: 321 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Commander - Humility
Crux Fidelis, Commander- humility
6'4" | 64'x14'
200 lbs | 33,000 lbs
Face Claim
Connor Kent/Kon El - DC
Appearance Extras
Sanguinius - Bellicosa

When activated, Sanguinius shifts from a simple silver cross necklace into a set of armor that forms on Salvador's body that can shift to adapt to whichever form Salvador is in. This armor is extremely durable, able to soak blows from even siege weapons with only minor dents. It also adds to his physical strength, tripling it (only doubles when partially worn) as well as increasing the force of his blows with its weight along with the strength increase. However, it also slows Salvador down quite a bit when worn in full and eats a signicant amount of natural energy (as he is unable to use sillage like humans) to summon as a full set, so he tends to summon it in parts in order to stymie most of the energy drain and weight in exchange for more maneuverability and speed.

The armor can manifest in in two modes, which give it special abilities and tendencies depending on the mode. Spero is the default form of the armor.

Spero - This mode is signified with the armor turning white. It passively allows an inspiring and uplifting effect to friends and allies within a 30 ft radius (60 ft in dragon form; OOC permission needed), enabling him and others to be able to resist mental and emotional assaults better. Using heat-based attacks and fire is notably much easier for him to use in his armor as it enables him to produce more heat.

Timor - This mode is signified with the armor turning black. It exudes an aura of terror and shame to demons, sins, and creatures with evil in their hearts within a 30 ft radius (60 ft in dragon form; OOC permission needed). The more evil they are, the more the aura affects them... but the fear aspect doesn't affect fear-using sins and demons for obvious reason. Using cold-based attacks and ice is notably much easier for him to use in his armor as it enables him to absorb more heat.

Alduin - Battle Axe

This is an extremely durable enchanted battle axe engraved with multiple runes that can change size proportionally to the size of its wielder. The main rune enchantment is to enable the axe to deal more damage to demons and to be able to channel heat or cold from the user without getting damaged itself. A cut from this axe shuts down any enhanced regenerative abilities and slows down present ones, especially from demons.

By activating a particular rune, he is able to change the axe's form to that of a greataxe or two handaxes and return it to its original form. Its default form is its battle axe form and it will revert to that if the user is knocked out cold or killed. It also has an enchantment on it that allows it to be summoned to the user at any time.
Natural Abilities

Thermal Manipulation - As a result of his mixed blood giving him access to two different types, it manifested as Salvador's ability to create, shape, and manipulate heat. He is able to do a wide variety of things like body heat regulation, body heat manipulation of himself and others (requires OOC permission), heat absorption and/or transferal, matter phase changes like freezing and melting (requires OOC permission on targets) on other things, heat mirage creation, and fire and ice generation akin to his parents. He uses in tandem with his combat skills most of the time, but he has been known to use this power for other purposes.

As a side-effect of his ability to manipulate temperature, Salvador has become immune to the effects of heat and cold. He can never be burned or frozen or even feel more than a pleasant warmth or a refreshing chill. He can also use heat as a source of nourishment for himself to replenish his natural energy. This ability is also much stronger in his dragon form, but he is still very proficient in its use in his human form.

Infrared Perception - A pre-requisite sense that came with his powers, Salvador is able to detect heat and discern amounts of it in the environment. He can even identify heat signatures and general body structure from it. The range on this is equal to ten times his current body size in radius.

Dragon Physiology - Salvador's body is far faster, stronger, and more durable than the norm, and even amongst his own brethren in his age group as the son of the Lord of Cinder and exiled Lady of Ice. He's comparable to even his father (though currently still weaker because of the age and experience gap) in his dragon form, and comparable to dragons his age in his human form. He also can fly courtesy of wings and has excellent senses of sight, hearing, and smell, but only in dragon form.

Shapeshifting - Salvador is capable of changing between his dragon and human forms at will. He is capable of partial shifting, able to shift parts of his body into their dragon equivalent or produce them if they do not have an equivalent. Examples of this include summoning scales for protection or his draconic eyes to be able to perceive better.

Developed Abilities

Master Combatant - Being trained by various people over the centuries (his parents, Crux Fidelis, and others) enabled him to hone his combat skills to the point where he has become very skilled at combat, mainly his axe and his body. He's able to fight very well in either body -akin to a force of nature, even- even able to utilize his axe by holding it with one of his appendages or even his mouth.

Expert Tracker - He's learned how to hunt and track down things ranging from humans to demons to even the more common supernatural entites for his job. He's fairly good at it, being able to use his infared senses along with his knowledge of tracking different kinds of creature to hunt them down for his job or for his food.

Intelligence - Despite his relative youth, he's still lived longer than humans and has been taught by a variety of teachers so he knows quite a bit about Sium. His photographic memory allows him to learn and retain new information with ease as well.
personality/fun facts
› compassionate › confident › courageous › energetic › friendly › honest > humble › kind › loyal

› aggressive › boisterous › greedy › irritable › noisy > possessive › rude › stubborn › violent

> While generally a nice guy, he can hold a grudge just as well as his parents once pushed far enough.
> He likes pretending to be a grunt or a civilian in order to see how creatures behave when they don't know that their superior is watching.
> One day he would love to bring down the dragon who had usurped his and his mothers' positions in the Blue Legion along with their followers.
> He's always willing to give people a chance... as long as they're not Xer'sei or with the usurpers. Even Sins may be given a chance depending on things, though he's understandably very leery with them.
> Total mama's boy, but he thinks his dad is awesome and badass too.
> Thinks axes are some of the coolest weapons humans thought of.
> Inherited his mother's photographic memory and love of shiny things.
Salvador was born as the second son of the current Lord of Cinder Drautos Ramwryn and the first son of then-heir to the Lordship of Frost Rhayna Lothbrook during the last stretch of the Xer'sei-Dragon Legion war. His early childhood was spent with the shadow of war and discrimination looming over it, what with the war going on and his mixed breed status a point of contention within the Blue Legion nobility considering that he was second-in-line for the lordship for both legions. His parents tried to be there as much as they could and personally care for him, but it was hard considering the war efforts and that they were both leaders on the battlefield.

His situation was further complicated when it was revealed that he could manifest both ice and fire but his powers didn't quite work the way either of his parents did given how uncommon hybrids like him were. His learning on that front slowed as a result at first. Still, there were records of those like him in the past and his living grandfather pulled some strings to get him Brown Legion tutors to attempt to puzzle out his abilities and teach him how to utilize it.

This arrangement continued even after the war ended and the infighting almost immediately began... but said arrangement had to abruptly end after a year more. Because after a year, Salvador's grandparents were assassinated and he and his mother were forced to flee for their lives and hide in the mountains. They managed to settle in a human village, where both of them had to deal with a lot of sudden abrupt lifestyle changes.

They managed to eventually acclimatize to their new life of defending the village even as the world itself underwent massive changes with the appearance of Sillage and the humans stepping up from 'weak prey' to 'respectable fleshbags', but not before some rather significant blows to Salvador's draconic pride as he was introduced to a world beyond the war and beyond dragons and Xer'sei. Of course, it helped that his father, half-brother and some of his former tutors still managed to visit them in their hiding place when they found him.

But as the decades passed and he grew up to become a young adult, he became restless as he stayed cooped up in the village with his mother for the most part aside from the brief periods they helped organizations like Crux with their struggles. Eventually, after a few talks with his parents he struck out on his own to travel the world and see the sights, taking his father's clan name as he sought a greater purpose than merely staying and defending one place.

As he did so, he ended up helping various organizations and places and learned from them, most prominently Crux Fidelis and later Apocrypha, meeting all sorts of creatures along the way. Eventually, Crux managed to convince him to take their side and join with them as a hallowed with the promise of learning more with their archives and being able to help more.

He climbed up the ranks as he stayed and learned with Crux Fidelis to the point where just around six months before the present time, he had been appointed as one of the new commanders of the organization. Humility, in fact, which still brings a chuckle every time he's reminded of it. He hasn't regretted his stay so far despite all the things he's seen and done (except for a few things) and all the friends and enemies he's made, but with all the recent things and the chaos happening lately he knew that even that opinion might change in this time of uncertainty. But still, the Crux Fidelis were a part of his family as well for the moment as they were under his wing, and he will do the best to weather out the storm.
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