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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ylissa Velleius
Race: Human // Age: 583 // Gender: Female // Orientation: No Information // Occupation: Marauder
Freelance, Bandit Warlord
Face Claim
Scathache - F/GO
Appearance Extras
No Information
Amulet of Octavius

The amulet of her brother. It allows Ylissa to invoke the spirit of her brother to assist her in battle. Taking the form of a 6'9" knight wielding the Glaive of Concord, Octavius can be controlled by Ylissa but she tends to allow him to act independently. He can levitate and, to an extent, fly. He shares Ylissa's Sillage pool which allows him to utilize magical energy to extend the range of his attacks. Ylissa can also provide him more Sillage to increase his height to 9'11", though she rarely does this as the Sillage costs are quite high.

Aegis of Concord

The shield of her brother. On the battlefield, her brother was known as a bastion of protection to his allies, and this aegis is imbued with his courage. It takes the form of an immaculate and ornate kite shield that can be summoned when Ylissa wills it. Several enchantments have left it capable of producing larger barriers to protect not only Ylissa, but those around her.

Glaive of Discord

The weapon of her father, which she received when she became Gawain. It takes the form of an ornate and almost decorative red Crystallium war-axe. With a handle reminiscent of a lance, the large, curved and golden axe-head has been permanently stained with blood and several knicks and chips have worn away at the blade, leaving it quite rugged and almost uncomfortable to look at. Nevertheless, it is still quite durable and its cutting ability is potent. Much like the Aegis of Concord, it can be summoned on demand. By accumulating ambient Sillage, the axe is capable of releasing devastating slashes of light.
Skilled Combatant
Underwent severe training as a knight from a young age and has always had a proficiency for combat. Spent several years as a knight battling demons and Rift-Beasts and spent centuries confined to Alptraum fighting a demon without end. Suffice to say, she is quite an expert when it comes to combat - able to fight with any of her weapons by themselves, together or even with her bare hands. And despite using a large war-axe, she still comes across as extremely acrobatic in terms of fighting style.

Sillage Affinity
Ylissa has an affinity for Sillage, though it doesn't really manifest into anything 'impressive'. She doesn't have a unique ability that she can manifest utilizing her Sillage. Ylissa can only use her Sillage through catalysts, such as her weapons or providing it to Octavius. The most notable thing is a small portion of her Sillage seems to be subconsciously active, leaving her with a slight barrier around her that can protect her from several attacks before breaking. And due to her inexperience with actually manipulating her Sillage herself without a catalyst, it's not something she can willingly manipulate.

Superhuman Condition
Due to her training and perhaps her stay in Alptraum as well, she has become physically stronger than she was prior to her death. While once upon a time she required both of her hands to wield her axe, she can now swing it around freely with one-hand as if it weighs nothing. Her natural durability, not counting her Sillage Barrier, has also increased as well as her endurance and general agility.

Ylissa can open rifts between Alptraum and Sium. While she has no real reason to return there, she'll sometimes do it to escape pursuers or even just to deal with a traitor. She doesn't know if she utilizes Sillage to open the rifts or if it's just natural because of how long she was within Alptraum, and she can't help but consider the possibility that she's become connected to it.
personality/fun facts
- Ylissa has utterly forsaken her knightly vows to protect the innocent and those in need. Perhaps it was due to her own death and subsequent turmoil she endured in Alptraum, but the woman has abandoned the self-sacrificing mentality that most knights harbor. She will not risk her life to save others; as far as she's concerned, it's survival of the fittest. You're either strong enough to survive, band with those who increase your chances of survival or become fodder for those better than you.

- Ylissa believes in strength above all else. Be it physical or mental strength, she holds great value in 'power' both in the conventional sense and more obscure and diverse ways. She holds equal respect for an individual that can split a mountain as well as a person that can sway an entire group with their words alone. So long as the power can translate to some form of influence, she'll hold a moderate respect for whoever it belongs to.

- And despite these facets of her that may make one misconceive her to be prone to violence, she is surprisingly calm. Even if she has abandoned the core tenets of knighthood, she still clings to her training and everything she has experienced has left her quite levelheaded. Even in the most dire of situations she can usually< maintain her composure, though she can be incited to bouts of rage which can cause her to act recklessly.

- Unable to shake everything that molded her into the respected knight she was, Ylissa still does require one thing in specific from those that follow her - loyalty. She will not suffer a traitor to live, at least if they've betrayed her. And while she doesn't expect her bandits to all be friends, she does promote camaraderie among them. And if she finds out there's been foul play among the bandits, such as selling one another out or settling grudges using underhanded methods, she'll step in to handle matters herself.

- Due to her skill and strength, and the value she places in it, it's unsurprising that Ylissa can be quite snobbish at times. While never one to out and out demean someone to stroke her own ego, she's not above boasting after defeating someone.

- hates the 'fake knights' and shit because they're stupid fakes and didn't protect Ishgar. fuck 'em tbh.
Born into the royal circle, Ylissa's family had been serving the nobility of Ishgar for two generations. Her father, Octavius the First, had served the sixth king faithfully and had become a mentor both to the prince-turned-seventh-king as well as the younger knights.

Unsurprisingly, when the man had children, they too were fated to a life of servitude to the king. Octavius the Second and Ylissa were born and taught to be warriors from the moment they were born. They had no real lives outside of their knightly training but they never complained.

And it was during the time of the 7th King that a new threat began to emerge from the Earth itself. Blood-red creatures that seemed to be made from an unknown substance - the rifts they crawled from resulting in them being dubbed 'Rift-Beasts'. Not the most creative of designations, but the knights that were tasked with slaying them had no interest in asking for their names.

Especially when the creatures seemed so keen on destroying and devouring anything within their path. But, no matter how many Rift-Beasts were slain and no matter how many knights fell, more always rose to take their place. And while knights were lost in the conflict, the kingdom of Ishgar began to use the remains of the beasts, which crystallized upon death, to forge weapons which were even more effective at slaying the creatures and were considered to be the strongest weapons at the time.

Eventually, Ylissa's father died in battle and she assumed his mantle of 'Gawain' while her brother ascended to the position of 'Percival'. Fighting side by side, her father's axe in-hand, the twins were an almost unstoppable force. For 3 years, they fought in defense of Ishgar until a frost demon appeared, the culprit who had been summoning the Rift-Beasts.

The battle was fierce and while the demon was eventually slain, he did not go down alone. Several knights died in the conflict, the Velleius twins being among the fallen. Perhaps it was fate or just simple misfortune, but Ylissa's soul was dragged to Alptraum with the Frost Demon.

There, for centuries, the two fought tirelessly. Both were subjected to death several times over, constantly besting one another as they fought without end. It was a vicious cycle - even if one was to fall, they would merely rise again to continue their battle within the hellscape.

Having done nothing but fight for centuries, Ylissa had lost all hope of 'escaping' from the cycle of torment she had been cursed with. It wasn't until the death of the Mad King that things changed. The First Sin and the subsequent curse the last king of Ishgar spoke upon the 'usurpers' resulted in her being violently pulled from Alptraum as she killed the Frost Demon one final time.

Being resurrected wasn't something she ever expected to happen, but she didn't question it. She spent years travelling Sium - acclimating to the culture while her body did the same with the environment. Despite being born and dying during a time before Sillage, she did develop a slight affinity for it upon her resurrection.

And as she learned more and more about the world and culture of Sium, she couldn't help but notice that any mention of Ishgar had been wiped from the annals of history. It wasn't long before she realized that it was just that - Ishgar had been wiped from the history books, the kingdom she died for having been replaced by something else entirely.

And when she went to search for it - to try and find her home, all she found was ruins. Ruins of the castle she had been allowed to grow up in. And all she felt was anger - anger at these 'Vextra' and the knights she knew were nothing more than fakes. Ishgar was gone and it was there fault, and the real truth of the kingdom was most certainly wiped away by them.

So she resolved to make them pay. Revenge was really all she could think of. It gave her something to focus on and that was good enough. The only issue was Sium was a large place and they could have been anywhere... Or they could have all been dead.

Which would be unfortunate.

Because then she wouldn't get to kill them.

And as she traveled Sium, searching for any proof of the Immortal Legion still living, she began to acquire her own band of followers. They were bandits, cutthroats and low-lives - murderers, thieves and cheats. She knew it, but they were loyal. And she was alone without a familiar face in sight so she allowed them to flock to her, knowing they were only interested in her looks but most importantly the power and strength she wielded.

But, before she knew it, she had adopted their way of life. It was rogue-ish and brash, a far cry from the person she had been raised to be. But things changed - people changed.

She changed.

While she had been Gawain, the Radiance of Ishgar, she had become something else. She was the alpha of a pack of jackals, the one they looked to for guidance and strength. The pedestal they had placed her on had resulted in them following her for more than her power - a loyalty and respect had formed.

She had become their queen, a ruler of bandits, cutthroats and all sorts of unseemly characters. And frankly? She didn't mind.


She quite liked it.
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