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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Umbra Vien
Race: Demon // Age: 1 month (demon) / 18 (human) // Gender: Female // Orientation: Asexual // Occupation: Executioner
Black Sun Cabal, executioner - war
123 lbs
Face Claim
Sakura Matou from Type-Moon
Appearance Extras
She has nothing in the way of a wardrobe. If she's not in her Horseman form, her outfit always consists of a simple white gown, a red ribbon in her hair, and no shoes. Occasionally, she will cinch the gown just below her chest with a plain black ribbon.
Shroud of the Black God: Unlike her siblings, Umbra did not receive a weapon when she was transformed. Instead, portions of her body were wrapped in pitch-black armor; she calls it her "war face." The armor grants her the ability to manipulate and immunity from fire and heat.

Ember Blade: The shroud summons a sword hilt from which a blade of pure flame flows. The heat of the flames is concentrated along what would be the cutting edge of a normal blade. It is intense enough to cut through solid steel like butter.

Ashes to Ashes: Umbra slashes with the Ember Blade, sending out a concentrated wave of fire and heat to slice through her opponents. It can effectively slice through metal within 5 feet of her and grows progressively weaker as it fans out until it dissipates around 15 feet.

Flames of Empyrean: Umbra lifts Ember Blade towards the sky and swings downward. As she swings, a pillar of flame descends upon the battlefield. The pillar is approximately 30 feet in diameter and moves across the battlefield in concert with Ember Blade's movements. It dissipates after about 5 minutes. with practice, she will be able to summon up to 5 pillars at a time.

Dragon's Breath: Umbra takes a deep breath before spewing a stream of fire from her mouth. The flames are as intense as those that compose Ember Blade. Its current maximum reach is 10 feet and she can maintain it for only a few seconds. With time and practice she will be able to reach up to 50 feet for several minutes.

Incinerate: With concentration, Umbra is able to ignite a flame on a given target. The target must be within eyesight and no more than 30 feet away. Currently, the flame is small and easily extinguished but burns intensely.

War Beast: A beast composed of lava is summoned to Umbra's side. It strongly resembles a tiger. It is bound to her by a slender chain of fire, which forces it to obey her commands. Should the chain break, it would run rampant - destroying everything in its path until it is destroyed or she banishes it.

Fortress: Umbra creates four walls of flame around her or a selected target within eyesight. These walls are up to 10 feet high and 20 feet long. She is able to move the walls, bringing them in or pushing them out to incinerate opponents in their path.

Firestorm: Umbra summons an unstrung bow into her hand. She aims upwards and draws back, as if pulling back an arrow. As she draws, 100 small flames spring up around her. Upon release, the flames fly forward like loosed arrows to rain down upon her enemies from above.
Horseman Physiology: Like her siblings, Umbra is physically superior to normal human beings. She is fast and can regenerate quickly - most wounds take hours or days to heal, a month at most for near-fatal wounds. But in terms of raw strength and stamina, Umbra outshines her siblings. She is capable of moving literal mountains with concerted effort. As for stamina, she's been known to train non-stop for up to a week straight before finally tiring. Part of this is because she feeds off the energy that comes from combat. She never feels more alive than when in battle

Call to War: Umbra has the ability to induce near-mindless rage and a desire for violence in those around her. Those affected see the world through a reddish haze. The world warps to seem offensive and hostile, triggering the fight-or-flight instinct - and immediately suppressing all desire to flee. Additionally, affected individuals can be subjected to her orders. By looking directly in the eyes of an affected individual, she issues the command “You are called, soldier. Stand and fight.” If they are unable to resist the call, her word becomes law. (Must have OOC permission to use on PCs). She tends to keep her aura bottled up, though sometimes she gets distracted and winds up causing fights among the acolytes.

Combat Master: As the Horseman of War, she is literally a one-woman army. Pick a weapon and she either knows how to handle it or will have mastered its use in short order. Pick a fighting style and you'll see similar results. She instinctively knows how and where to find an opponent's weak point, and exploit it to grisly effect. The same is true when opponents attack her - there is little, if anything, that can breach her defense. For all her mild-mannered behavior, she lives for all things martial and is quickly mastering the art of war.

Battle Mount: It is only appropriate for a horseman to have a horse. Umbra is able to summon her battlemount by simply whistling. A red miasma appears in the vicinity and the horse canters forward to her side, gradually becoming more solid as it nears her and the miasma fades. When Umbra doesn't have her "war face" on, her steed is very similar to her siblings. Nearly its entire body is a uniform copper color with deep black eyes. Around the hooves and encircling its neck are black patches of hair shaped like flames, while two spiral patches rest above its eyes and a small oval in the center of its forehead. It has a very mulish attitude when anyone besides Umbra tries to control it and is the type of creature to run headfirst into a wall, battering it to pieces.

However, it undergoes a transformation when Umbra puts on her "war face." Its body appears to be composed of red-and-black embers and a red aura starts to steam off of it. Its eyes go from black to bright red and the oval in its forehead transforms into a ruby-like gem which glows. The black spiral patches twist out and up to form horns similar to a ram's. This form exists to inspire fury in her allies and pure terror in her foes as its aura seeps out into the battlefield. She affectionately calls him "Mr. Sparkles". Reference Image
personality/fun facts
When she is not hell-bent on slaughtering someone in the name of the Black God, Umbra is generally a mild-mannered and gentle individual. She does not wish to be like the cruel people who hurt her.

However, she does have a temper and she has not yet learned to fully master it. When she sees red, the world around her is decorated to match the vision.

She is terrified of dogs.
If Umbra had a life before meeting Nekros, she does not recall much of it. She has fleeting impressions at best. Cold nights curled up in doorways. Cruel children and crueler adults hurting her - taking anything they could from her. Mostly she remembers feeling weak. And she remembers hating it. She remembers wanting to make them pay, for she did not remember deserving their cruelty.

And then came Nekros. It is the clearest memory she has of her time before. People fled before this man, but she saw only a brilliant blood-red light around him. She was filled with a hunger more keen than anything a lack of food could cause. She couldn't explain it, but she knew he had what she wanted. And she had to have it.

While all others ran, she staggered to her feet and stepped into the man's path. Her arm shook as she pointed a finger at him. But despite her frail appearance, she calmly demanded he give her the gift that had once belonged to him. She had no name for it. She knew only it was meant for her, that she may destroy the cruel weak creatures that harassed her day and night. She had every reason to believe this would be the end. By rights, it should have been.

She'll never quite understand why he didn't just annihilate her on the spot. Perhaps he felt it too. Call it fate or the Black God's will, but he told her to come with him. He presented her before his God, who handed her a gift too precious for words - the Aspect of War that had made Nekros a Horseman.

Strength filled her. Power straightened her spine. Life and wrath filled her eyes. For the first time, she felt whole. And she would do anything to keep it that way. She swore unwavering loyalty to the Black God, who had raised her up and made her something glorious - who had purified and sanctified her. He introduced her to the other Horsemen and named them her siblings. He brought her before his followers and declared her worthy of the mantle Horseman of War.

She would not disappoint him.
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