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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ahsan Anjali
Race: Human // Age: 44 // Gender: female // Orientation: heterosexual // Occupation: Valor of Xipilkha
Crux Fidelis, valor - xipilkha
204 lbs
Face Claim
Kali - Puzzles and Dragons
Appearance Extras
Despite her age, Ahsan appears to be in her early twenties. This is due to a mixture of a healthy life style and aspects of her magic.

Most of the time she keeps her extra arms hidden, crossed behind her back or tucked into her clothes. They tend to make normal people uncomfortable, but more often than not this gets uncomfortable and she'll reveal them anyway. Of course, her clothes mostly consist of her traditional outfit, which can be likened to a bikini at best. She does wear a white, loose enough uniform coat over this though, for the most part, while she's around people.
Aravinda - This is Ahsan's Bellicosa... which she has never actually used or touch for that matter. It has no released state since she refuses to fully accept it and use it. She keeps it with her, willing to use it if she were to be desperate, but she will not use an item of a false god under normal circumstances. Until then it remains in its original state of a simple, silver cross.

For usable weapons she carries a bow and arrow along with two golden swords from her home city. She also has eight metalic claws she can slip on. She keeps them on a bracelet on two of her six wrists.
Priestess of the Sun - Ahsan was born with the ability to manipulate and create fire, and she has perfected it throughout her life. She can create massive flames with relative ease. She is also immune to normal fire, and her own flames. Those flames created by others can hurt her, but not as much as they would a normal person.

Eye of Ila - Trained in the arts of her faith, Ahsan has practiced in different spiritual magics.

+With meditation she can see glimpses of the future if she focuses hard on one person. She has no way of knowing when the event she sees will happen, or what it may actually mean. These predictions aren't always perfect, and they can be changed, but most of the time she is right

+With a special kind of astral projection, she can see in a perfect 360 degrees for a short time. It takes a lot of effort for her mind to keep up with what is going on, so if she does this for too long she will become dizzy and tired.

+Ahsan is capable of "blessing" people. This means she can increase their luck in an endeavor, effect their emotions to be happier, or perhaps even curse them with bad luck. These effects only last for a short while and are mostly minimal. She can do this from great distances if she focuses hard through meditation. She can also heal moderate wounds through touch.

+She is still connected to her temple back home somewhat. She can hear the most desperate of pleas or those who have given her a large sacrifice.

-When Ahsan served her people back in her city, she always took sacrifice of some kind. Sometimes this was in the form of money, blood, or other treasures. Most of the time this was done with life energy. She can absorb energy willingly given to her to extend her own life, keep her youth, and keep her health. Because of this she has never known illness or grown much beyond her twenties. This is the only way she can receive prayers from her home now. As it stands, unless she was cut down, she could easily live for two hundred more years before she began aging normally.

-All six of her arms have strength beyond that of a normal human.

-Since she's had to work with six arms her entire life her reflexes are very fast and she has excellent coordination.
personality/fun facts
Ahsan is obviously a woman driven by her faith. She is a high priestess after all. She is kind and likes to help people. She is almost always happy and laid back. A pent-up, angry life is something her people don't believe in. Perhaps she's even a bit too laid back. She can get swept up in the moment easily and get drawn into some pretty dumb things, like a dance off or juggling to show off her arms.

While she is bound by her faith, she is open to new experiences so long as she doesn't lose her values. She enjoys learning new things, her place a a Valor allowing her to travel and learn lots of new things.

Some of the things she's found she enjoys from the outside world are new creatures and plants, different foods, and of course alcohol. She may or may not be a borderline alcoholic, but she keeps control of herself... enough.

She is very wary of demons. In everything she ever learned they were evil creatures, and she deeply believes in the things she was taught. She finds it difficult to be around the casually, even if they are supposedly her allies in some cases.
Hundreds of years ago a group of humans dared to make the journey across the Sonorax Desert. Of course, they had no choice, fleeing from demons that destroyed their former home. It was hopeless. Humans couldn't escape such powerful creatures, and so of course the demons caught up to them. However, they weren't able to kill the humans.

Another demon, a powerful one intervened and saved them. Following this he created a crater in the sand for those humans he rescued. The sand hardened into strong cliff sides, and underground there was a large city hollowed out. He cast a spell of protection over it and left the humans to their own devices. They were convinced they had been saved by the one true god.

They worshiped the demon they named Ila, calling their gifted city by the same name, and the Sun and heat he gifted them with. Outsiders never came into their city, and no one ever left. For if they left they would lose the absolute protection of their great god.

A few hundred years later sillage was gifted to Sium. Ila was a city separated from the world, and thus its people had no idea what had happened. They assumed it was another great gift from their deity that granted them further powers of worship. Priests and priestesses gifted with powers began to arise and rule over the city. They were like demigods to the people of Ila, hand chosen to be communicators with the god.

Jump ahead nearly two hundred years and to the birth of the most influential priestess in the history of Ila. Ahsan was born unlike any other in the city before. Her hair was golden. Not to mention she also had two extra pairs of functioning arms.

At first she was to be killed. However as she was laid in the center of the crater, beneath the sun, her arms were suddenly engulfed in flames, yet they did not burn her. Her death was stopped immediately and she was sent to live among the priestesses. She learned the story of their god, the history of their city, manners and customs, fighting techniques and most importantly how to rule with the rest of those like her.

When she turned sixteen, Ahsan was a full fledged priestess and she was able to conduct ceremonies and take prayers from the people of her city. Almost immediately she was among the most popular in the city, gaining fame and nearly being worshiped herself. Her uniqueness stood out. Ceremonies done by her were almost always successful as well. By the time she was twenty-two she was given the title of High Priestess of the Sun, the highest honor in all of Ila.

It was fifteen years later that the first outsiders in centuries sought to enter Ila. Most were outraged by the act. But when Ahsan meditated on the problem, she was 'told' that this was a new era of greatness. She allowed the men in white to enter the city.

They introduced themselves as members of Crux Fidelis, one being a leader sorts, an aged man that went by the title of Kindness. He told her and the other priests about the state of the world outside. They were outraged by the mention of some false god many worshiped and stopped listening. Ahsan paid mind to every word he said though. She was deeply concerned by what he said. She knew that Ila would protect her city for eternity, but what was that worth if the world around them was wiped away? Surely the corruption would have some impact on their lives.

Three days later she came back with the decision that she would go herself. She knew it was heresy and that she would not be allowed back into Ila if she left and faltered in her beliefs. She was confident in her faith though, and so she went with the Commander.

Shortly after becoming a Hallowed she found that being among so many people that thought differently than her, even laughed at Ila in some cases she was hesitant to stay. She went to the Commander to let him know this wasn't going to work out when he suggested becoming a Valor. So she did just that.

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