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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ishtar Waldstein
Race: Artificial Human // Age: 11 (phys. 20) // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heteromaybe. // Occupation: Enforcer of Seracier
Weltschmerz, enforcer - seracier
Face Claim
A2 from NeiR: Automata
Appearance Extras
ETC Genetic Mutation

As with all Enforcers, Ishtar's body has undergone severe mutations due to the ETC Core in her body as well as Fuhrer Waldstein's DNA. This has resulted in her being physically superior to your average human and some supernatural entities. She has also developed several abilities that seem to be natural to her and aren't influenced by any supernatural forces or Sillage. In addition to this, she has a notable healing factor that allows her to heal from most cuts or scrapes rather quickly, but any severe injuries such as broken bones may take longer to recover from.

Vector Manipulation

After Hell on High Waters, Ishtar has mastered her ability to manipulate vectors. Having spent quite some time in conclusion, Ishtar has learned the limits and capabilities of her vector manipulation down to a theoretical level. The extent of her powers are quite massive to the point he range is equal to that of Apri City itself. As with most Enforcers, she has Anti-Magic capabilities in the form of being able to use her vectors to redirect and nullify Magic-based attacks and she can create Magic-dampening fields.

Terminal Velocity

Ishtar is capable of manipulating moving at intense speeds due to not only her genetic mutations, due to her ETC core, which has given her unnatural speed, as well as her own vector manipulation leaving her capable of moving faster than light, having grown faster since Hell on High Waters.. This does not only apply to her physical speed, but also her mental. Her perception of reality is also effected by her terminal velocity to the point she can perceive and process things at at an unnaturally fast rate, making time seem to slow down for her. This allows her to easily react to things that most would consider 'instant' movements, with the exception of actual instantaneous displacement such as teleportation. In addition to this, she can also move/vibrate her body with enough speed to phase through objects and attacks completely.

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant
As one would expect of someone with her skill set and personality, Ishtar typically relies on direct physical combat to take people down. Having no real interest in using weapons, Ishtar has spent weeks rummaging through text books and manuals, learning every documented fighting style in Sium. And with the assistance of Weltschmerz soldiers and other people she's befriended, she's learned even non-formal ways of approaching fights and just adapting on the fly.
personality/fun facts
- Ishtar is very much like teenager despite her age. She's full of attitude, ego and snark. She's one to provide constant back talk, make scathing remarks and fight for the last word.

- Ishtar hates being told what to do, despite her status as an Enforcer. She doesn't like how just because someone is older than her they think they know better. It's extremely infuriating and she hates it when people treat her like a child which, ultimately, just serves to make her lash out even more.

- Unsurprisingly, she thinks she's hot shit. Growing up in Weltschmerz, she's been raised and had it ingrained in her head that she's the best. She was created to be the best and she doesn't doubt this in the slightest, though this can leave her coming off as overconfident and it's arguably her biggest flaw,. along with her generally insufferable attitude.

- Considering the fact she's been surrounded by scientists and other intellectuals, it's unsurprising that she's actually intelligent despite the way she acts. Which only serves to make her even more overconfident because while she does indeed have 'book smarts', she can at times just lack common sense due to a lack of life experiences.

- Raised in Gaothaire, she absolutely deplores Seracier and its cold climate. She thinks its godawful and thinks the people who enjoy the cold are actually mentally unwell and freaks. This pretty much leads to her being really bitchy and moody when she's in Seracier, where she's stationed, because everything is cold and awful.

- She views her fellow Enforcers as pseudo-siblings, and she tends to be quite protective of them, as she's the eldest. They're all her younger siblings and she feels like she has a duty to look out for them.

- Ishtar doesn't necessarily think of herself as a hero, but she definitely hates all the bad shit that happens in Sium. She doesn't hate Sillage like some in Weltschmerz, but she can't help but agree that some people have gotten out of hand with it and it needs to be controlled.

- Ishtar can be quite serious when the situation calls for it. With only a single order from her father, she can go from her typical self to a no-nonsense and merciless individual. Before she wore the title of Arion, she was known as the Reichsführer -- a person who acted as an envoy of the elusive leader of Weltschmerz and carried out many 'atrocities' in the name of Weltschmerz. For her to operate under the mindset of Reichsführer is a dangerous thing, as she'll be willing to set aside any and all personal attachments to complete whatever task she's been given.
Born in 1034 in the depths of the Weltschmerz HQ in Gaothaire, Ishtar has always had an idea of her purpose. She exists not only as a weapon for Weltschmerz to fight back against the supernatural threats that have for centuries loomed over humanity, but also as a statement of humanity's ingenuity and a reassurance that they do not need to rely on an unknown God to protect themselves.

Ishtar's early years were not anything special, in all honesty. The first few years of her life were dedicated solely to knowledge. Not only was she educated about Sium and a majority of the entities that resided within it, but also about herself. It wasn't until one year had passed did her powers actually manifest, making her somewhat of a late bloomer in comparison to some of the following Enforcers. But once her abilities were made manifest, her actual training began.

By the age of five, she was considered to be combat ready. A majority of her training was centered around her learning to control her speed as it presented her with more personal danger than her vector manipulation, leading to it being neglected in comparison. A majority of her early missions were simple infiltration and the elimination of hostile supernatural entities.

Taught to be subtle, she was able to operate with almost complete discretion - allowing her to keep her existence a secret. To an extent. Ishtar was still relatively unknown, but she began to operate under the rank and title of Reichsführer. And under this guise she was a brutal and relentless individual, enforcing Weltschmerz's ideals and goals without a second thought.

Demon 'homes' were razed and burnt to the ground, the inhabitants finding new homes in specialized and secret compounds scattered throughout Sium. And this began to extend past demons to various supernatural species as Weltschmerz's research into the destruction of Sillage and 'purification' began to increase.

Very soon, they had culled an entire sub-species of demon, with Ishtar spearheading the entire operation, which would become known as the start of 'Sium's Reinigung'. And as Ishtar stood beside the Fuhrer as the last of the demons were reduced by the ash, she felt something akin to pride at the fact she was slowly helping realize her father's vision for the future.

The next two years were spent without much buzz, consisting of the rare mission and further training which was primarily focused on her vector control. It wasn't until after the events of Aligheri and Weltschmerz went public with their regional compounds and the existence of Enforcers did Ishtar's life actually change.

And it changed in the form of her being assigned to Seracier - the one region she hates the most. And now she's focusing on doing her job while also hating every second of it.

After Hell on High Waters, Ishtar began to take things a tad bit more seriously. Her inability to defeat a whale and her seamless defeat at the hands of Pride was a blow to her ego she couldn't let go. After her recovery, she dedicated herself to mastering control of her vectors - her mental speed making it easy, especially when she applied herself to it - and growing even faster.

Now, she anticipates the day she crosses paths with the leader of the Sins, certain she'd stand a better chance.
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