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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Valentine Kaldomire
Race: Human // Age: 28 // Gender: Female // Orientation: No Information // Occupation: Captain
Crux Fidelis, aracelis hallowed
Face Claim
Appearance Extras
No Information
- Her Bellicosa manifests, in its dormant state, as a non-descript metal bangle. When activated, it transforms into a large khopesh with a silver blade. Having a more moon-like design, the blade itself curves more than a regular khopesh, allowing her to ‘hook’ around people and things more easily. The Bellicosa allows her to draw power from celestial bodies – the moon or the sun. Naturally, the effectiveness of it changes based on the time of day. When the sun is out, she’s able to ‘draw’ heat from the sun and increase the temperature of the blade, superheating it to the point it can cut through most metals. And at night, she can ‘draw’ light from the moon, allowing her to move faster than normal and, to a certain extent, manipulate bodies of water (she can’t create water though).
Psionic Abilities

From a young age, she displayed powerful psycho-kinetic abilities. Ranging from telepathy to telekinesis and even a few other abilities. While not the only living psionic, and certainly not the strongest, her talent is undeniable. Having been trained by other, more experienced psionics, she’s developed and honed most of the baseline abilities.

- She can ‘read’ and ‘tinker’ with people’s minds. From just being able to get an idea of what someone is thinking or even feeling, to implanting ‘ideas’ in their heads. (requires OOC permission). In addition to this, she can also converse with people without physically speaking, as she can put her ‘words’ in their head – though she usually gets consent before doing this. It’s mostly useful for talking to allies during missions.

- She has practically mastered the art of telekinesis. She’s more than capable of easily moving or restricting the movements of objects with her mind alone. It’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t have to ‘aim’ or ‘move’ her hands to guide or manipulate an object, which can catch some people off guard. And when she does use her hands to guide ‘target’, the force of her telekinesis becomes more precise and strong. She’s also learned how to use her telekinesis on herself relatively easily, allowing her to fly and levitate.

- The last two abilities she can use, though not easily, are Precognition and Astral Projection. While it’s not easy for her to use Precognition during combat, it’s not impossible. Though the mental strain makes it difficult for her to use it consistently and she can usually only use it once or twice before she can’t anymore. It’s far easier when she’s using her precognition out of combat, honestly. And her Astral Projection allows her to talk to/converse with people from a distance – it also allows her ‘spirit’ to go places undetected. This lets her spy on people or even just scope out an area with little to no risk. The only issue is this leaves her body unprotected, as she’s not aware of anything until she returns to her body.

Crux Training

As a Soldier of Crux Fidelis since childhood, she’s been trained mentally and physically. Skilled in combat, she has years of experience under her belt. This allows her to operate as a competent leader and combatant.
personality/fun facts
- Isn’t really one for words. Unless she’s dishing out orders, she’s not exactly a chatterbox. She has no issue with talking to people, but starting up random conversations for the sake of talking isn’t her thing. And when she’s not interested in a conversation or finds an interaction has run its course, she’ll let someone know in the bluntest way possible.

- She loves and cares for her crew, even if she may sometimes come off as anti-social or harsh. She’ll put people through the ringer, not out of hatred or malice, but rather to make sure they can handle the pressure of whatever they’re getting themselves into. She’s the type who’d much rather someone fail repeatedly and either keep trying until they improve and succeed or give up, rather than get a free pass and wind up in over their head.

- She does her best to maintain the peace and remain fair to people. Even when it comes to Apocrypha Rebels, she’ll try to reason with them before immediately rushing to fight. And when it comes to Rebels who defected from Crux, she’s more likely to forego talking and get straight to the violence. She has no love nor compassion for turncoats – most knew what they were getting into when they signed up.

- She values truth and honesty. She’s not the type to have her feelings hurt easily, and as such she treats others the same. Some of the stuff she says can come off as mean hearted but she’s just trying to be as honest as possible.
- As the daughter of a Weltschmerz’s engineer, she spent much of her childhood alongside her father. Following him most places he went, she was constantly exposed to his work. As such, she developed an appreciation for science at a young age. Most of her childhood was spent with her attempting to learn and admiring her father’s craftsmanship. Due to his work as an engineer, he’d frequently work on airships and the like, so she developed a fondness for them early on in her life.

- She intended to follow in her father’s shoes and become an engineer much like him, but that’s not what fate had in store for her. On the contrary, on an average day when she was only 10 years old, her magic reared its head. Sudden and without warning, she had very little way of controlling it and several people were injured until she was finally incapacitated. It wasn’t until days later that she awoke in a Crux Fidelis-run orphanage.

- Initially, she was afraid as she had been stripped away from her father without warning and she was still struggling to control her abilities. Over time, however, she grew accustomed to the facility and her abilities and, eventually, she was allowed to meet her father under the supervision of the workers.

- Eventually, as she grew older, she became more accustomed to both her magic and her new ‘path’ in life. She didn’t even have to be told she’d become a Hallowed – all she knew was that she’d do her best to make her father proud. While her father had no affinity for Sillage, he still did his part to make Sium a better place with the skillset he had. So, it was only natural she gave it her all to do the same.

- The next few years of her life consisted of her training physically and mentally before, upon reaching the age of acceptance, joining Crux Fidelis. As a Hallowed, she underwent even more training until she could reasonable handle herself in most scenarios even without supervision. She had her fair share of successes and failures, but she learned from all of them and used the experiences as a way to better herself as both a fighter and a person.

- Upon the creation of the Aracelis Fleet, she was one of the first to sign-up. Even after her father passed, she never lost her love for engineering and airships in general. So to join Crux Fidelis’s airship fleet would be a dream come true. And, luckily, she was accepted. With her track record, past and interest in airships she was even given a chance to test and become a captain. It was an arduous task and one she almost failed, but she managed to land a spot as an Aracelis Captain.

- Now she patrols the skies, intent on bringing law and order to Sium while making her late father proud.
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