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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Tyche Monroe
Race: Human // Age: 26 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Irrelevant // Occupation: Serial Killer
Freelance, serial killer - anathema
Face Claim
Sombra (OW)
Appearance Extras
Is an Anathema

- Hairstyle is the same but doesn't have the 2 glowing strips.

- Is known publicly as 'Thorn'. There's a few wanted posters that fit a 'supposed' or 'general' description of her appearance, but most people wouldn't notice her right off the bat. She also tends to use different aliases when in social settings.
Tyche's main weapons are in the form of her gloves. With sharpened talons attached to each finger, she's capable of tearing through flesh and bone alike. They're also durable and sharp enough to puncture metal, with a few exceptions here and there.
Razor's Edge
Tyche's Sillage is somewhat strange in the fact it manifested in the form of allowing her to create and manipulate black wires. The wires, created and molded from her Sillage, are almost as durable as a Bellicosa, potentially equal depending on how much Sillage she expends, and can cut through almost anything. She tends to use her gloves as a catalyst to properly control and manipulate the razor-wires. The most unique thing about her wires is their interaction with other Sillage-based attacks. Perhaps due to the fact her wires are created purely out of Sillage, she can 'cut' through and disrupt things that are also made out of Sillage.

Combat Experience
She's survived 8 years as an Anathema, so she knows how to fight. From demons to angels to Hallowed, she's come across a plethora of opponents and lived to tell the tale. She's not some grand or masterful fighter, but she's knowledgeable enough of her own strengths to fight accordingly and quick-witted enough to formulate plans on the fly.
personality/fun facts
- Motivated solely by revenge

- Is emotionally detached for the most part

- Doesn't really feel there's any purpose in life; is quite nihilistic

- She derives joy from her acts of vengeance

- She has no real value in human life and just goes with the flow

- In many ways she can come off as somewhat as a psychopath. Not the generic 'I'm so crazy and wacky' type of psychopath, but rather someone that just lacks the ability to feel true empathy. She doesn't really feel the emotional ties most people do, but she knows how to fake it. Emotions are ultimately foreign to her and something she doesn't really understand, despite the fact she herself is essentially a slave to her own emotions (her desire for revenge)

- In some ways, she's honestly convinced she's doing 'the right thing' even if it's a contradiction to her own thoughts and feelings. She's quite set in her nihilistic mindset, but she believes her actions are for the greater good and make the world a better place.

- She doesn't necessarily derive pleasure from killing, but she tends to feel 'satisfied' once she racks up an 'acceptable' body count.

- She is an anti-social extrovert. She tends to utterly despise interacting with other people in a social setting but, once again contradicting herself, she enjoys being around people and just watching them. Observing them more than anything, just as a way to figure out how they tick. And how to make the ticking stop.

- She can easily get caught up in her own thoughts and just completely blank out during conversations she finds boring or uninteresting.

- Despite the fact she's a mass murderer, she doesn't really feel like she's a criminal. In her mind, everyone she kills deserves it in some way or another. She can always justify her actions to suit her warped mind.
Born in a port town on the coast of Pluviall, Tyche's childhood was nothing to really write home about. She was raised in the stereotypical blue-collar household, single child to two parents who worked hard to provide for their child while showering her with love. She went to school and spent time playing with the other children, rarely getting into trouble.

But there was just always something off about the girl. When she was hurt, she didn't react. When her dog died, she didn't cry or feel sadness. When she did something wrong, she didn't feel shame or regret. And despite the love her parents showed her, she couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like if they were to stop living. What would she feel if she was to end their lives when they slept? Would she feel anything?

But she never attempted to find out - leaving that train of thought to the recesses of her mind. It was a curiosity, but not one she ever felt the need to actually explore. It would be utterly pointless and far from beneficial to do so. Her parents took excellent care of her and provided for her, and all she had to do was play the part of the well-behaved and obedient daughter, with only a few mishaps here and there.

But she was still curious about what it'd be like to end something. To end someone. And luckily for her, but unfortunate for her victim, the port town had plenty of secluded areas. And at the age of fifteen, it wasn't difficult to convince a boy of the same age to sneak off with her.

And as they found their way to the beach, hidden within an alcove of rocks, the boy's hopes were dashed the instant the rock collided with his skull. And they were crushed along with his head as Tyche methodically caved his skull in. There was no anger or real reasoning behind it. The boy had always been kind to her and she had nothing against him, honestly - he was just an easy subject for her test.

Luckily, as far as Tyche was concerned, he had proven useful. The act of murdering him had finally made her feel. The way her heartbeat grew faster with collision the rock made with his pretty face until they were perfectly synced had brought her great joy. More joy than she had ever felt in her life.

And, dragging his body out to shore to be washed away had proven to be a good way to dispose of the body. But she had awoken something within her - a hunger, of sorts. One that demanded it be sated. She wanted to experience that feeling - - that thrill - again.

She spent the few months quite restless as the desire burned within her. She needed to kill again. It was strange, but it was how it was. Somewhere in her mind, Tyche acknowledged there was something wrong with her. It was an undeniable fact - one she didn't even attempt to justify at first. But slowly, she began to create her own reasoning.

To create flaws in others to justify her need to kill. She knew the boy was expecting something far from what he received from her. What would he have done if she had refused his advances? Would he have attempted to force himself upon her? She was certain he would have, which meant that in some way or another he deserved what he got.

Yes, she was in the right.

She was justified.

And it was on her 18th birthday, on the night of Aphelion, that her Sillage awoke. It was, oddly enough, brought about by trauma. Emotional trauma. Something she never thought she'd actually feel. But, there was just something about the sight of armed mages forcing themselves into her home and murdering her parents that just set her off.

And her rage resulted in a violent bloodbath. The rush of the kill filled her and propelled her on a whirlwind of destruction. She didn't stop just at the people that invaded her home, no - her wrath extended to everyone. All of the townspeople she knew and grew up with. She didn't spare anyone no matter how they attempted to reason with her or plead for their lives. She enjoyed it too much - it made her happy, or the closest thing she could have been to happy.

And by the time it was all over, the town had been painted red. Returning to her home as if she hadn't completely slaughtered everyone she knew, she was... Angry to find that one of the invaders had survived her assault. The bloody footprints made it obvious the man had escaped and no matter where she searched, extending to the outskirts of the town, she couldn't find him.

One of the men who had murdered her parents had escaped and that just wouldn't do. She spent the next few days packing her supplies as she prepared her trip, having every intention of hunting down the fiend who had committed such an offense against her. She had even looted the houses of the other townsfolk who she had murdered in an attempt to make sure she was well-stocked for her journey.

And it was then that a Crux Fidelis Hallowed happened upon the town. Disturbed by the carnage, they searched for survivors until they came across Tyche who was more... Surprised to see them. She was more than willing to explain that during Alpherion a group of men had assaulted her house and murdered her parents.

Naturally the Hallowed assumed that they were also responsible for the murder and ransacking of the town, but Tyche quickly corrected him and explained that she had murdered everyone, but one of the invaders had gotten away. She was also quite forthcoming with her intentions of tracking down the man and murdering him, because if she didn't her parents wouldn't be able to rest in peace.

And, as you can guess, the Hallowed was a bit put off by this. Excusing himself, he quickly sent a letter back to Caersweila detailing the happenings that took place right before Tyche caught him off-guard and took his life.

Didn't he know it wasn't nice to be a tattletale?

She didn't let that hinder her though. She continued to pack, and by the time more Hallowed had arrived, she was already gone, leaving behind the body of their fellow Hallowed as a greeting. But, her name was known so it wasn't long before she was marked as an Anathema for all of her actions.

This hasn't actually impeded her any, though. Over the past eight years she continued on her 'mission' to avenge her parents' deaths. She's killed countless people, including several Hallowed who were under compelled by the Anathema Curse to attack her. She's known publicly as 'Thorn', with only a few people being able to recognize her.

As it stands now, she roams Sium in search for her target. Wholly unaware that, upon awakening her magic, she completely eviscerated the man and the bloody footprints she had been following were her own.
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