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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Stella Noel
Race: Genetically modified Human // Age: 26 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Head of Security
Weltschmerz, head of security
138 lbs
Face Claim
Parasoul Renoir (Skullgirls)
Appearance Extras
No Information
ETC: Due to her enhanced physical condition, Stella fairs a lot better at consuming an ETC pill, thought can still only ingest one per fight/day.

Magitek Weaponry: Stella owns an array of Magitek equipment of her design. Currently, she owns four sets. It's only possible to wield one set at a time, so Stella stores the rest in her office.

Equipment 1: Sankishin (Three Radiant Gods)

[Amaterasu Mk II] and [Tsukuyomi Mk II] - A pair of magitek gauntlets powered by two miniature cores based off of the research of the Crux's Bellicosa. Sleek in design and reaches all the way to Stella's shoulders, they are made of high quality metallic alloy, making them extremely damage resistant. Proper maintenance is still required to ensure the best performance and Stella's safety. The gauntlets hold the power to erect barriers or fire energy projectiles. The cores replenishes themselves by absorbing the surrounding sillage. Contact with the gauntlets nullify the sillage of its target.

[Susanoo Mk III] - A gunblade based off Bellicosa research. Made of the same alloy as Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Powered by a larger core, Susanoo boasts higher damage output than its sibling units. The blade can be sheathed in energy to increase slicing power and overall damage output. The gun uses two types of ammunition: energy from its core and sillage infused bullets that explode upon impact. While a larger core capable of absorbing sillage, Susanoo expends more energy when in use. To compensate, it can recharged quicker via physical contact with its sibling units to transfer energy to the gunblade.

Equipment 2: Kyrielight

[Mystic Code] - An armored suit made from one of the highest quality metals alloys available. Houses a magitek core to transfer sillage into the armor to increase physical and defensive capabilities

[Chaldeas Mk III] - A large shield mounted on the right forearm powered by [Mystic Code]. It can increase its range of protection and overall defense. It can split into two to make two separate shields or blades. When fully powered, the shield can also activate a small field that nullifies or weakens the sillage of a single target. (permission from OOC of how much the shield can weaken their IC)

Equipment 3: Silent Zephyrs

[Byakushiki Prototype] - a bodysuit capable of presence concealment through the wonders of magitek advancements. Allows Stella to become invisible in both appearance and presence. Runs on a standard magitek battery that lasts up to eight hours before needing to recharge.

[Blue Tears Mk IV] - A custom built sniper rifle capable of using energy or bullet rounds. The rifle runs on a separate battery from [Byakushiki Prototype] but lasts at only four hours at most.

[Raphael Revive Prototype] - A multipurpose weapon that utilizes an energy blade that takes various forms such as its default lightsaber form, a lightstaff, an energy whip, and a lance. When in whip mode, it hard light rather than a laser to form the whip. Has a battery life of three hours before needing to recharge

Equipment 4: ???

Currently untested and deemed unsafe for use.
Modified Human Physiology - The experiments conducted onto her had almost reaped her of her humanity, however, it is thanks to those procedures that She has gained increased strength, durability, reflexes, and a regeneration factor that would heal wounds at half the time it would take for a regular human. She is also granted an extended life.

Master Close Quarters Combatant - As head the Security, Stella is no slouch. Swift and strong with an education in the art of combat, she is a lethal fighter even when unarmed. She is a natural on the battlefield, and can fight toe-to-toe with sillage users with no ounce of fear in her eyes.
personality/fun facts
During work hours, which quite honestly a majority of her time, Stella is a stoic woman who exhibits great control over her emotions. Few things could elicit a reaction from her when her state of mind is solely focused on her role as head of security, bordering workaholic. Few would say her nerves are stronger than steel, although whether that is true is still up to debate to this day.

Equipped with vigilance honed through years of experience out in the field and the combat ability to match, Stella holds the respect and loyalty of the troops working under her. Her orders are followed with no questions asked, her men have the confidence to put their trust in her.

In return, Stella looks out for them with mutual respect. She is against dispatching them when in doing so would bring them an immanent demise. To her, they are men and women with lives, not pawns to be sacrificed. While not entirely strict, failure to heed her words is something she will not tolerate, and insubordination will be dealt with harsh punishment.

Outside work, she is more lax in her demeanor while still presenting an air of seriousness. During these instances she is surprisingly introverted, preferring to be left alone to her thoughts and is somewhat timid in regards to social interaction. It is insignificant enough as to not impede her, however.

Stella has been shown to be quite intelligent. Far from genius intellect, but enough to engineer and invent herself her own set of weaponry. She is able to customize the weapons Weltschmerz issues her with and fits them to her style, dismantling anything she deemed unnecessary in favor of a simpler yet still effective alternative. Though she is proud of this ability, she is aware of her limitations in this field, and will commonly ask for the assistance or evaluation of her inventions and/or modifications by Welts engineers that she trusts.

Stella was born to a married and wealthy woman who had an affair with an undisclosed man. It was too bad that her spouse had found out and had left her, meanwhile the man who she had an affair with had disappeared. Stricken with rage, she took it out on her servants who dealt with her wrongdoings for the sake of their own lives, and later on, her own daughter when she had given birth to her.

The woman was a sillage user, while the infant showed no aptitude to the ability. The woman gave her child absolutely no love, and was raised to essentially be the woman's stress relief. Even more unfortunate was that the woman enjoyed using her abilities to experiment on the baby thanks to her experience as a former scientist. There was no purpose in those experiments besides entertaining her.

When the woman wasn't around or would retire to her quarters, a few number of her maids and butlers would come to take care of her and try to properly raise her without their mistress' knowledge.

It was an absolute miracle that fruit had bore out of those torture sessions. For because of them, as she grew the child had shown to quickly regenerate from injuries, gain enhanced physical abilities, and received an extended lifespan. Upon discovering this, the demon of a woman hired scientists to assist her in replicating her methods with the idea of selling her research to the highest bidder.

From her, the child's instincts kicked in along with the urge to rebel from her prison. Here, she broke free from her restraints and enacted her first kills. She ran from the mansion that held her captive, ran as far as she could possibly go until collapsing in utter exhaustion, and from there was yet another miracle.

She was found by the Steinberg family and was taken in. While they did not properly adopt her, they raised the young girl and gave her her name. Stella had found a family that helped her out of her darkness. She grew especially close with Sumia and Carol, Steinberg sisters closest to her age. She followed them like a lost puppy and was the most loyal to the two siblings. The sisters themselves considered Stella a sister in all but blood and spent time with her as much as possible.

With the Steinbergs, Stella was given proper education and grew up surrounded with affection, even when she was noticeably different to the eyes of the family. When they had reached adulthood, Stella had followed Sumia in working for Weltschmerz after promising Carol to look after the more reckless of the two sisters. While Sumia became part of the biological science department, Stella chose to be a member of the security department where she quickly rose to be it's head after showing exemplary work and dedication.

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