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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Julius Khan
Race: Human // Age: 38 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Valor
Crux Fidelis, valor - xipilkha
Face Claim
Appearance Extras
- Most people refer to him as Deacon Khan
- Has several crosses branded into his neck that form a circle.

Julius's Bellicosa is a black and red greatsword. Aside from being a way for Julius to channel his Sillage for destructive attacks, it allows him to create fractures and tremors across the air and the ground. When sent through the air, the shockwaves will travel until they make contact with a solid object or magic. If it collides with a solid object, unless it is quite durable, it will most likely shatter or collapse. If it makes contact with magic, it will 'break' it and cause it to scatter. (He doesn't weaken or nullify magic, but if it's like a big fireball and he hits it with a shockwave, it'd cause it to break into smaller fireballs which would be easier to dodge.)

When he uses it on the ground, it essentially allowed him to create earthquakes.


An armor made for him by the father of his second wife. Made from a black metal, it's quite durable and can protect him from various forms of attack. Several enchantments have left it with high magic resistance, though magic based attacks aren't nullified completely. He can also summon it at will, so he doesn't have to always be walking around in his armor.
Molten Core

Julius's body temperature is always unnaturally high. In most cases he's just noticeably warm to the touch, but he can also cause his body temperature to rise to the point just touching him can result in severe burns. This is due to the fact that, internally, he's essentially a cauldron of magma. And even without creating it externally, he can raise his own body temperature to the point he can melt through metal upon touch. It should be noted that, naturally, he's immune to fire and most heat-based abilities due to the fact his body can generate lava and intense heat without causing any self-harm.

As stated above, Julius can generate lava from his body or from the surrounding area. He can control it with thoughts and instinct alone, allowing him to control its shape and consistency at a moment's notice. This allows him to create walls or spheres of lava around him to block attacks, or create pillars and streams to attack his opponent. And so long as he's on solid ground, he can cause volcanic eruptions in the surrounding area.

Divine Protection

Ever since he encountered the angel in Fahren, Julius has been gifted with supernatural protection. Once per day, he's able to survive a would-be fatal blow. (But after he survives the first one, if someone manages to land another one he'd die).

Celestial Blessing

Aside from gaining the favor of an Angel which allows him to cheat death, he's also been granted supernatural strength, speed and durability. This allows him to properly utilize both his sword and armor, and even without it he can move faster than most would expect.

Crux Valor

Julius has been in Crux for over a decade and he's accumulated lots of combat experience. He knows how to approach most situations rationally and he's quite skilled fighting even multiple opponents at once, having learned how to mix his lava generation and Bellicosa. Aside from that's he's physically healthy, stronger than your average human and quite durable even without his armor.

personality/fun facts
Julius Khan is a man of absolutes; there is right and there is wrong. In his eyes, there is no room for moral greys. You either stand with Crux Fidelis or you are an enemy. Many view this as a lack of rationality, but in his eyes it makes sense. The members of Crux Fidelis are holy crusaders who fight to protect the people of Sium - anyone who would dare oppose then is, therefore, wrong.

Julius would be hard pressed to say he believes in good and evil because of the above. While he does believe that helping his fellow people as Eleftherios would want is 'good', but in the same vein he views collateral damage, such as the deaths of civilians, are acceptable so long as the 'results' are positive for Crux Fidelis. He is very much a 'the ends justify the means' type of individual. He's aware of the criticisms that have been leveled against him both in and outside of The Cross but this has had very little effect on him. He gets results and, as far as he's concerned, that's all that matters.

Because of this, most people would categorize Julius as heartless and borderline ruthless. When dealing with those who oppose Crux Fidelis, he shows no mercy and will ignore any and all attempts to appeal to his conscience. When it comes to your average criminal, he may be more lenient but it's not something you should bet on. He has an immense hatred for Apocrypha Rebels and has destroyed entire villages to flush them out and execute them. And as far as he's concerned, anyone who sympathizes with Apocrypha are traitors to Sium who should be treated with prejudice.

Despite his absolutist and extremist views, Julius still manages to be a charismatic and enigmatic individual. Capable of being charming and jovial, most don't expect a man known for his infamous actions and borderline cruel nature. In all honesty, he's not even difficult to socialize with. Julius is the type of individual who can talk for hours and flow from topic to topic without tiring.

As most know, Julius is an extremely pious man. His faith in Eleftherios is one of the most notable things about him, which is a given considering he is one of the most prominent religious figures in Sium.
Born in a small village in the southern most portion of Zhyphire, Julius was the only child to two devout worshipers of the Black Sun Cabal. For most of his childhood, he followed and obeyed his parent's teachings and was well on his way to becoming another mindless acolyte.

Luckily, that didn't happen.

He was spared such a fate by a wandering nun who murdered his entire family, burnt his village to the ground and took him and several other children back to a covenant in Fahren - just north of Caersewiella. Initially he was quite distraught by the whole ordeal, rightfully so, honestly, but in time he would grow to view this turn of events as nothing less than divine intervention. This wouldn't happen until his early teen years, though.

At the time, however, when he was still a child and still indoctrinated by his parents' teachings he would frequently attempt to flee the convent. And every time he did, his punishment would only grow more and more severe. It wasn't until his back had been whipped raw did he give up on fleeing the church.

Afterwards he mindlessly soaked in the teachings, nodding along and reciting the scriptures the nuns and priests read to him and the other children. While the others took to it more readily, it was clear he wasn't the same. In time, however, he proved to be unable to keep the teachings of the church from worming its way into his head. The more he was exposed, the more he began to believe in Eleftherios.

After some time, he was eventually allowed some form of freedom much like the other children. Traveling out into the nearby forest, he sought solitude in an attempt to try and make sense of his thoughts and the teachings being drilled into his head before having to return to the monastery. This wasn't to be the case, though, as he came across a wounded angel.

While his wounds weren't severe, it was clear it had been immobilized. Dragging the angel to a cave he frequented to be alone, Julius remained at the angel's side until the next morning - far exceeding his allotted time to be outside the monastery. And as the sun rose, the angel did the same. As thanks for the boy keeping him company, the angel gave him a 'gift' that would come to fruition if his 'faith' was true.

And when he became a teenager, he showed more devout and legitimate reverence for the God of Sillage. And this reverence his felt slowly turned into what could only be described as zealous fanaticism. While the other children accepted the lessons, he constantly sought out more. He needed more knowledge of Eleftherios so he could properly worship him. He needed all of the texts, grimoires and theories revolving around Eleftherios.

By the time he was 18, he had become an official member of the church. While becoming a priest at such a young age was quite unusual, his zealousness and genuine desire to spread the worship of Eleftherios couldn't be denied.

And it was during this time that he joined Crux Fidelis. While most religious figures who worshipped Eleftherios frequently assisted and supported The Cross, few actually joined and became combatants. So his decision to become a Hallowed was quite unusual, but he wasn't the first to do it. And by the time he was 20, he had become a full-fledged Hallowed.

It was also during this time that he began to see and feel visions. Shadows shapes, blistering heat and smog covered skies began to call out to him. It was something that was confusing and none of his close friends had an answer for him. Returning to the monastery, he explained the visions he was experiencing. And this is what marked the start of his pilgrimage.

Travelling from Zhyphire to the Cionaodh Volcano on foot, it was an arduous journey. Even though he had familiar faces accompanying him as his visions grew more intense, it was still a difficult task to accomplish. But as he scaled the side of the volcano, making his way to the top of the cone, the visions left and he only felt an unusual tranquility.

There was a momentary hesitation as he stared down into the volcano. Was this what he was supposed to be doing? Wouldn't this kill him? But surely it was God that had led him to the volcano? He would be protected, wouldn't he? He believed in Eleftherios - he trusted Eleftherios. His was true, wasn't it? And as he fell, his eyes closed and he accepted whatever may have awaited him.

It wasn't until several months later that he reawoke in the Sonorax Desert. Half naked and dripping with lava, Julius began to walk without much direction. His mind was still recovering but he was coherent enough to get assistance from a passing caravan. The trip to Caersewiella had been quite uneventful, but upon arrival Julius was shocked to learn six months had passed since his descent into the volcano.

But after taking only a week to recover, he was already prepared to return to service. He had been 'reborn' as far as he was concerned, and he truly knew his purpose. This also marked the start of his 'pilgrimage'. To journey all across Sium to spread the worship of Eleftherios while also improving himself mentally, physically and spiritually was his goal. And it was one he pursued with vigor.

While one may have assumed juggling religious piety as well as his duties as a Hallowed may not have been easy, he took to it quite well. He managed to seamlessly blend his two duties together, never finding a conflict between the two.

As he reached the age of 27, he attained the rank of Valor in Zhyphire. It was a hard and challenging feat to accomplish, but he attributed his success to Eleftherios blessing him. But this position of power was only the beginning.

As a Valor of Zhyphire, he viewed it as his duty to 'save' the region. It was his responsibility after all. And save it he would. He had the Crux Fidelis base he was stationed in, quite a distance away from Caersewiella, changed into a monastery. This would allow him to shelter people while also teaching the Hallowed under his command to spread the glory of Eleftherios.

It wasn't long before he adopted the title of Deacon, having become a prominent and well-respected individual among the church. But with this fame and popularity naturally came detractors who criticized him, his motives, his actions and his followers.

Many claimed that his actions were more extreme than necessary. The fact of the matter was his actions and those of his disciples were almost reminiscent of those who were members of the Black Sun Cabal. It wasn't unusual or rare for entire families to be ripped from their homes and burned at the stake in a public display for their 'heresy' against Eleftherios and the Pontifex. But this heresy could range from worshipping the Black God to merely criticizing Eleftherios and those who worshipped the God of Sillage.

The most notorious act of Julius and his followers was the burning of an entire town and the subsequent execution of the adult populace while the children were sent to various covenants. He claimed that the town was colluding and working with both Apocryopha and the Black Sun Cabal, but there was no real proof to be found because of the destruction and executions. But, in the same vein, there was no way to prove him a liar.

And, the fact of the matter was, despite how religious he and his followers may have been, they were upholding the peace in Xipilkha. While many saw them as fanatical extremists, equal amounts saw them as saviours and protectors. Regardless of the actions he may take, he has remained loyal to the Pontifex and The Cross.

Now 38, Julius continues to act as a Valor while utilizing his disciples to spread the worship of Eleftherios and root out any heretical individuals.

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