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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Fallen Angel // Age: 666 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Not interested. // Occupation: Adviser/Assassin
Freelance, advisor
Face Claim
Appearance Extras
- Lost her eye during a battle with against another angel, Attaris.
A magical scythe forged in Heaven designed to slay demons. She can channel her corrupted energy through the scythe to extend the blade via the ephemeral energy. Utilizing this technique, she can send destructive waves of unholy energy that can eviscerate most targets. It should be noted that her corruption has led to the blade of the scythe retaining its anti-demon abilities, while the 'energy' blade is most effective against holy beings.
Cauldron of Corruption

Faythe is highly resistant to nullification abilities due to the fact her corruption has bound her power to her. Even when she was cast down, the Seraphim above her was incapable of separating her from her abilities. As such, she is capable of utilizing her corrupted abilities even when faced with anti-magic countermeasures, though it is much more taxing. Anyone that consumes or absorbs her magical abilities will also suffer due to the fact that they'll be subject to her corruption, which can have an almost poisonous effect.

Black Wings

After her corruption, Faythe's wings were tainted from their originally pure white color. Now, they mirror her hair color, yet they tend to be several shades darker in some places. She can empower her wings with the unholy energy that courses through her to fly faster while also utilizing 'gusts' of energy that tend to be capable of knocking down complete structures. She can 'hide' her wings by allowing them to take on an intangible and invisible form.

Corrupted Light

Once an Angel of Order, Faythe originally had dominion over searing holy light. Now, her angelic energy is dark violet and writhing with impurities. She can utilize this dark-light in the form of beams and various other projectiles. She can also bend light to render herself invisible.

Profaned Flame

The Flames of Heaven Faythe was once capable of wielding are no more, having been replaced by a black and white fire that is as corrupt as the angel that uses it.

Various Dark Arts

During her time in Sium, Faythe has learned various 'dark' magics. Ranging from necromancy to raise the dead to casting hexes and curses on people to effect their fortune. And while not exactly a dark art, she has learned quite a few defensive abilities such as barrier projection and the ability to turn intangible. When intangible, she can obviously not interact with any physical objects.


Upon making physical contact with someone, if they lack conviction, have a weak will or are terrified of her - she can corrupt them. In this state, their mind is a haze and they follow her every order much like a minion would. The effectiveness depends on the user, but it never lasts longer than 12 hours. If it is a person who is mentally strong or not exactly 'scared' of her, then it may only last up to 15 minutes. (Requires OOC Permission to use on Player Characters.)

Penance Gaze

Faythe owns a special type of eye ability. It allows her to mentally torture anyone who stares into her eye, making them relieve all of the terrible things they've done. Even if they appear to be 'over' it or have 'moved on', the spirits of those damned or harmed by them can still leave someone in agony. If the person is already filled with guilt, it can potentially lead to fatal consequences. (Requires OOC Permission to use on Player Characters.)

Combat specialist

Faythe was a warrior angel and is quite skilled with her usage of a scythe. While most may consider the weapon inefficient, she is clearly in a league of her own when it comes to the handling of Antares. Aside from this, she is physically superior to humans and low-tier supernatural beings. She is noticeably stronger than her frame would suggest, with a single punch from her being able to leave craters in the ground.
personality/fun facts

Faythe is not a woman to pull any punches or show restraint. If she's in a fight with you and she wants you dead, she will not show restraint. She will throw everything at you in her arsenal regardless of power differentials. If you're weaker than her, you shouldn't be dumb enough to pick a fight with her. If you're confident, then she'll make you put your money where your mouth is.


Faythe will not blindly rush into a situation. She did not gain her position as Roman's right-hand and trusted adviser by being impulsive. As much as she is a fighter, she is also a thinker. Faythe is very cunning and sly in the way she handles and approaches situations, doing her best to identify weakness and form plans before a battle begins. This also extends to the handling of Roman's business ventures - she respects his intelligence, but she is not afraid to speak up or against him if she feels she can work out a better deal or avenue for him to pursue.


Faythe has always had a way with words, even from her conception as an angel. Over the years, she has learned how to read people. Pick apart their tells and discern what makes them tick. And taking these things into account, she exploits any and every flaw to Roman's advantage. From getting people to go against their own interests without realizing it all the way to turning entire gangs against each other. There is no level she won't stoop too or boundary she won't cross so long as it will benefit Roman.


Faythe is not exactly an honest woman, as you can probably tell. She's honest to Roman out of loyalty but aside from that you shouldn't believe most of the things she says. This does not mean she's a habitual liar, but she does tend to tell tales which can be a mixture of truths and lies. She is quite duplicitous, but it's rarely without reason.


Faythe is not one to disclose much about herself. She has effectively wrapped herself in a shroud of lies and half-truths. Some may consider it paranoia, but she is not the most trusting of individuals, if only because she knows there are people alive who are equally as duplicitous as her. As such, she prefers to work alone most of the time to the point she's almost an enigma. She likes to treat herself as a phenomenon of sorts - she'll allow people to know about her, but she'll still leave them questioning her existence. The only person who is privy to her life and who she'll divulge her secrets to are Roman, naturally.


Faythe is very much an eye for an eye type of woman, coincidentally. If you wrong her, she'll find a way to get even. When it comes to revenge, there's no level she won't go to for the sake of getting even. This also extends to those who wrong Roman - when given the word, she will act as an efficient and merciless Angel of Vengeance.
From the moment she came into existence, Faythe was taught 'order' was everything. As an Angel, it was her duty to fight against the demons and whatever threat that lurked below in order to maintain order in Sium. This was all she was taught and she took to it vigorously. In many ways, she became obsessive over the smallest details in the early stages of her life.

And this gave birth to her downfall.

So obsessed with 'Order' and maintaining it, she slowly began to become corrupted by her duty. Everywhere she looked, she began to see chaos. Even among her fellow angels as some fell from grace. Without rules and guidelines, they were little more than animals as far as Faythe was concerned.

Without a true steady hand, they were barely better than the demons they fought. As such, she began to plot against her own kind. The rank of Seraphim was one of the highest positions an angel could receive and if she was to attain the rank of one, she could change things.

She could change everything.

But she overstepped her boundaries. She was too brazen with her attempt which was fueled by her own corruption - her own lust for power and order. The Seraphim she attempted to replace wasted no time in striking her down, but any attempts made to strip her of her powers were ultimately fruitless. Her corruption had somehow made her immune to the attempts to drain her power, so the Seraphim settled with casting her out; while killing her perhaps would have made more sense, the Seraphim held hope she could find redemption..

But over time, as she traversed Sium, she grew more and more bitter - colder and detached as days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. And soon, time became little more than a blur to her. She never lost her focus or desire to spread 'Order' throughout Sium. It was a reckless venture and a quite self-righteous affair.

Eventually she came across another Angel, Attaris. Unlike the Seraphim, Attaris had no intention of standing idly by and watching as a Fallen Angel attempted to enact her own form of warped justice upon Sium. The battle between the two was bloody and violent, with the end result being neither angel capable of fighting and Faythe losing an eye.

While the battle had essentially ended in a tie, Faythe's loss of an eye had her feeling like the loser of the confrontation. And unsurprisingly, she's held a grudge ever since then. As such, she very much considers Gwyn an enemy.

She inevitably found herself in Ravanar not long after. It was a lawless place, filled with all sorts of criminal scum. There was, unsurprisingly, no one attempting to bring order to the place. Crux was allowing it to exist as it was, while Apocrypha used the chaos to stay under the radar.

It would be the perfect place for her to bring order to, but her violence was like fighting against the tide. No matter how many she killed, more would take their place. It wasn't long before she came across Roman, thinking him to be yet another criminal for her to purge. But it soon became apparent he was more than a simple criminal - he shared the same desire as her.

To bring order.

To Ravanar and, eventually, all of Sium.

It was a shared vision, one that caused her to reconsider her options. Her method of approach. It was clear that murdering criminal after criminal wouldn't get her anywhere. So they struck a deal; so long as he continued on his path of order, she would be his right-hand, his adviser. She would be a source of knowledge, but also his personal blade. Be it in the form of assassination or as a public display of strength.
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