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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Radek Laska
Race: human // Age: 19 // Gender: male // Orientation: bisexual // Occupation: rebel
Apocrypha, rebel
187 lbs
Face Claim
Hifumi Izanami - Hypnosis Microphone
Appearance Extras
In his desperate travels to find a way to extend his life he ended up getting a large butterfly tattooed on his back. It represents a long life to some people, so he assumed that maybe it would keep death away from him.
-Bohdan- This is a special spear Radek spent most of his savings on. It is seven feet long with a foot long silver blade. The staff is golden, and at the very tip near the blade there's a large mass of long, black fur with a silver streak running through it. From this fur, a monster can be summoned to protect Radek and help him fight.

This beast is made entirely of metal. It looks to be a smooth surface, but when one touches it, it becomes clear that it has a rough surface of thousands of razor sharp edges, making it dangerous to be hit by when coupled with its strength. It's jaws can easily break normal weapons and the bones of normal humans. It's metal body also works as a sturdy shield against attacks.

This beast can't detach from the spear, which limits his range to around twenty feet. If the beast is severed, it will shatter immediately and leave Radek vulnerable for five minutes.

-Eternal youth- Radek will never grow old so long as he has a contract with Nero. He mistakingly believes this means he literally can't die from things like illness or poisons or other things of that nature. He knows he can die if his head is cut off... but thats about it. In reality he can die just like anyone else. He just won't age.

-Eternal Love- Radek has a "veil" much like Nero's that makes him seem likable to people, even people that normally wouldn't be very fond of him. This isn't to say they HAVE to like him. It will just feel strange to dislike him. The effect of this isn't enough to overpower hatred by any means. If someone would naturally hate him, they would still very much hate him. It also can't keep people from trying to kill him. They just might feel bad about it.

-Eternal Life- Whenever Radek is in a life threatening situation, sillage enhanced adrenaline runs through his body and lets him push himself way beyond human limits. He becomes much faster and stronger. Even his skin seems tougher. He can't feel pain, and he has razor sharp focus. It isn't healthy for him to be in this state for very long of course. His heart races and if he takes too much damage without feeling it the situation could be dire.
personality/fun facts
Nearly all of the time Radek is perfectly happy. He gets along with people, because mos people literally have to get along with him because of his power. How could he possibly be unhappy when he's super popular like he's always wanted? It gives him a good distraction and he can always find someone to have fun with. Even pampering Nero is pretty fun because he enjoys playing with people's hair and beautiful things.

However, his mood can change if he gets a chance to think for more than five seconds or if a heavy subject comes up. At that point Radek questions his morals, his place in the universe, why he is alive, what it means to be alive, what death is going to be like, and has his own silent panic. He becomes extremely quiet then and prefers to just wait until the conversation passes rather than even thinking of adding to it or changing the subject.

This also happens when he's alone. When it's like this he literally can't function. all he can do is sit by himself and try to stop thinking at all.

He is also deeply concerned about people liking him. If people don't like you they won't care about you or help you when you need it and you'll die by yourself. Because of this he's absolutely desperate for people's love, and when they don't seem to like him he gets uncomfortable to the point he can't be around them.
When Radek was still young, too young to remember, his father was cast out of their small village in Seracier. It was hard for the family to make it there with the harsh conditions. Only a few years passed before the household was struck with a terrible illness during the middle of a snow storm. Out of five children, Radek was the only one that was able to pull through. The doctor had just been too far to help them.

The small family managed to get everything back together after losing so much. It took them several years of struggle since no one was willing to help them. His mother was able to bring in some money thanks to an old friend giving her a job in the village under the cover of night and a fake name.

One night she was attacked on her way home. Her injuries were too serious to recover from, and she too passed. Then it was just Radek and his father. Radek was still only ten years old, too young to help out much for their finances. They got by on the sheer generosity of his grandmother who barely had enough to spare.

Radek thought everything would change for the better whenever a horde of wild, yeti like creatures attacked the nearby village, as odd as that seemed. His father was a man of honor and a great fighter. He went to help, and Radek thought that maybe they would earn a place in the village again. However, his father wasn't near fierce enough and was killed with ease, along with most everyone else in the village.

A few weeks past before travelers came upon the town and went looking for survivors. Among them was Radek and a few people he didn't really know. They gave into their injuries shortly after being rescued.

After the incident he was sent to live with his remaining grandmother, his mother's mother who hated him because of his father. Radek was grateful for her help though. he may have been bitter and cruel, but she had money and nothing else to spend it on besides keeping a roof over his head and his stomach full.

He lived with her for until he was sixteen. She had been having health problems for some time, but none of the doctors or nurses would come to care for her because of her bad attitude. As a result she ended up suffering from a heart attack right before his eyes, and he could do nothing but watch as she died.

From that moment Radek knew death was haunting him and it was only a matter of time before he too died. He took the inheritance money from his grandmother and ran, somehow thinking if he traveled death wouldn't catch up to him.

On his travels he realized how close the world was to ending. He panicked and felt a need to keep that from happening. The end of the world meant the end of him after all. He considered joining Crux Fidelis, but he was petrified of the anathema curse. What if he was forced to fight someone he couldn't defeat? He'd be killed. He backed out last minute and made a run for it.

It was an accident that he discovered a few members of Apocrypha. He had been fighting for his life when they stumbled upon him and saved him. They did note that he had some skill though and asked him if he was a warrior. He explained the situation, that he had no idea what he actually was, and they brought him to their base.

It was there that he met Nero. He was just drawn to the demon for some reason. It turned out it was fate. Nero was able to fix all of his problems. He had no hesitation about making a contract with the man, gaining his 'Eternal Youth' and ability he assumed meant he could live forever.
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