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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Cerise Vextra
Race: Human // Age: 277 // Gender: Female // Orientation: ? // Occupation: Knight-Commander
Freelance, Knight Errant
143 lbs.
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Camilla (Fire Emblem)
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A mixture of a longsword and rapier. It has a serrated edge near the pommel, allowing it to catch and 'break' blades that aren't as durable.


The Royal Blade of the Ishgar Kings after the loss of Excalibur upon the first king's death. Fashioned in the visage of the legendary blade, the only thing that separates it from Excalibur are the sword's red accents. When imbued with Sillage, the blade shines brightly with the power of heaven - taking on the form of a wider, ethereal blade. In this state, it becomes extremely destructive - giving Cerise access to powerful slashes and 'blasts' of unstoppable heavenly energy. It is weightless to Cerise herself but in the hands of any other, the sword cannot be lifted and even nudged.
「Royal Subjugation」

A result of her royal blood, Cerise has the ability to deeply influence people with her words. Coming from a long line of rulers, she has the ability to both inspire, demoralize and influence people. Only those lacking in confidence or who may already have a disposition towards her commands will be susceptible to greater effects. If she's treading the line of conflict with another individual that she'd prefer to avoid and the other person is of the same state of mind, she can force them to 'stand down' with a single order. This is not something she's aware of or has any control over; it's somewhat of a passive thing, though it typically has a greater effect in response to her emotions. During a battle, she can reinforce and invigorate her allies with words of encouragement, causing them to become more resilient, focused and 'stronger'. She can also demoralize her foes with words merely meant to voice her confidence and determination, causing doubt in others which can result in missteps, 'sloppy' attacks and other things that can lose someone a battle.

「Relics of Ishgar」

Cerise has the ability to recreate the weapons of previous Ishgar Kings and their Knights. So long as they had sworn fealty to a King of Ishgar, she has access to their weapons. This allows her to use a variety of weapons; from sharp and precise longswords, weighty and crushing greatswords, massive longbows capable of firing arrows made of explosive and destructive Sillage or Crystallium arrows capable of puncturing most materials outside of Bellicosa, as well as axes, shields and a variety of other things. Needless to say, she's a walking armory with a slew of offensive and defensive options on hand. In addition to this, she can summon multiple weapons at once and control them telekinetically - allowing her to assault people with them as well as give her various ways to move around with a bit of creativity.

「Weapon Mastery」

Through years of intense and rigorous training at the hands of her father, Cerise has mastered various weapons. However, unlike her father, swords tend to be her strong suit instead of spears. She is also skilled in archery, allowing her to even be able to fight from range. Her greatest strength will always be in her swordplay, however.

「Supernatural Physique」

Much like her ancestor Lucien, her father and the Old Rulers that came before them, Cerise possesses supernatural physical abilities. From her strength, durability to her speed - her physical attributes notably defy that of a human. This allows her to even fight on even ground with a majority of demons, angels and other supernatural entities. And while she may not be able to take as many massive hits as some supernatural beings, her speed and strength can catch some people off-guard until they adapt to it.
personality/fun facts
It could be argued Cerise is the embodiment of stoicism. As she grew in a time of turmoil, she learned to bury any emotions or feelings she may have had. She typically views them as distracting, unnecessary and unfitting for a knight. She doesn't concern herself with things like happiness, anger or revenge - she's more so defined by her ability to keep a level head in any scenario.

A majority of her life was spent focusing on her duty and only her duty, and that remains the same to this day. And even if she typically comes off as cold and uncaring, she still clings to the teachings of her father. This causes her to fight for 'justice' and to protect those who can't protect themselves. Whether or not these are her genuine feelings is up for debate, however. It could be argued she only helps people because her father ingrained it in her head to do so, and she still views herself as a knight - and a knight's duty is to protect.

Cerise is quite devoted to her cause and morals. She has a strong sense of justice that constantly provides her with the drive and motivation to continue down her path of a knight and 'hero'. She is extremely confident, and despite this she rarely shows any form of bravado, it allows her to comfortably tackle any problem head on.

Despite how stoic she is, she is generally amicable on a surface level. Cerise isn't the type to cause unnecessary conflict but she has no aversion to fighting. There is a slight dogmatism that has taken root in her, and she's willing to fulfill her father's request even if it spells the death of her.
- The daughter of Queen Vextra and Carmine Diamond
- Was a surprise to mostly everyone because no one knew the Queen was banging one of her knights
- Spent most of her formative years growing up as a princess would; she was taught all of the proper ways to act though she was rebellious at heart
- She had no real interest in the formalities of nobility but she did her best to appease her mother. However, her lack of any real interest in the royal court saw her growing more and more attached to her father.
- Most of her free time was spent at his side when he was around and she quickly took to training alongside him. And as time passed, Cerise eventually grew as both a princess and warrior. Wanting to follow in the steps of her predecessors, barring her mother, she chose to become an active knight
- And perhaps because she was his daughter, Carmine was merciless in her training. He was tougher on her than he had been on any other knight previously; despite the grueling training she was put through, Cerise understood it was motivated solely by care and love. If she couldn't overcome the challenges set before her she would be forced to live the life of a princess, but if she could then even her father would have to accept that she was a capable warrior.
- And prove herself she did. No matter the task set before her, she always found a way to overcome it. She displayed the same determination as her father in that regard, and eventually she was inducted into the circle of Royal Knights as Galahad - taking the position her father had vacated upon his ascent to the position of Knight-Commander.
- For years she fought as a Knight, though she never shied away from her duties as Queen-To-Be. It was a rigorous lifestyle though one she readily accepted. She was taught the mannerisms, grace and values of nobility by her mother while her father ingrained in her the ideology, strength and skill of a knight.
- Due to this, she quickly learned suffocate and smother any and all unnecessary emotion. As a ruler to be, she had to be flawless and unbiased. Allowing personal feelings to cloud her judgement wouldn't be acceptable as she strove to achieve the harmonious perfection of both a Knight and Queen.
- For years she fought alongside her father and fellow Knights, protecting the kingdom from both Grimalkin and the Vampire Menace which had even claimed one she felt a particular affection for. This merely caused her to double-down on her stance of drowning at out her emotions, leaving her as the stoic yet dutiful knight she's known to be.
- And as she fought tirelessly, she was unaware to the happenings around her. Her father hid the madness that was consuming him and she was unaware of the manipulation happening to her mother. Instead, she focused solely on her duty of protecting the kingdom, her fellow knights and her queen-mother.
- Inevitably, it was all for naught. Being called back to the castle at a moment's notice, Cerise shrugged off her mother's concern before returning to the battlefield. She understood and appreciated her mother's care but her primary focus was on defending the kingdom and killing Grimalkin. However, when she returned, she was merely met by the sight of several dead knights and her father's remains.
- And despite her stoicism and constant attempts to bury her emotions, that would be the first and last time she would ever cry. The reality in which her father was dead was a hard one to accept, but it wasn't long before she did her best to shut down completely. Despite how much she wanted to grieve, the fact remained they had suffered a powerful blow that - if she wasted time mourning - would merely result in the kingdom being destroyed.
- Taking Caliburn, she couldn't understand how or why she was instinctively drawn to it but she didn't question it, she adopted her father's mantle of 'Arthur, Knight-Commander'. She spent the next few days leading the Knights as the Knight-Commander, though her resolve was momentarily shaken when Grimalkin returned in a mockery of her father's visage.
- The battle was a fierce and violent one, but ultimately yet another loss for the remainder of the knights. And as some died, Cerise could only question why Grimalkin refused to kill her. And for a moment she saw something of her father in the demon's eyes. It was a silent request, but one she took to heart.
- Retreating to the castle, Cerise intended to get her mother to Morgan Le Faye for the sorceress to escape with Celestine and ensure her safety. However, it all seemed to be a trap when they came face-to-face with Gawain. It wasn't hard for her to gleam the man's intentions even in her wounded state and she didn't hesitate to fight him in defense of her mother. Ultimately, she was incapable of defeating him and could only watch as her mother was beheaded by him.
- That would mark the second time she ever felt such a crippling sadness. And blinding hatred. Through Caliburn, she could was momentarily gifted visions of her father's memories by their ancestors. She saw Zernebog as a shadow that seemed to stand over her father as he took the sword, a look of madness on his face. She saw the moment her father was slain by their fellow Knights, his butchering at the hands of those they trusted almost driving her mad. She blamed him for everything - viewing him as a traitor who only sought to destroy her family.
- Before she could act, however, Grimalkin arrived and the entire kingdom was destroyed in an instant. And as she awoke, having been blown miles away from the castle, she could only question how she survived. The answer was ultimately in her father's broken spear that was buried in the ground beside her. Even if he wasn't in control, she knew he wouldn't allow the demon to kill her.
- With both of her parents dead, her kingdom destroyed, the remainder of the knights in shambles and possibly dead and a traitor on the loose, Cerise had a lot on her plate. Remaining in Aryoch for several years to properly reorient herself and heal, she knew that there would be little to no chance of Ishgar ever returning as Crux Fidelis completely overthrew the Monarchy.
- That resulted in her throwing out any and all hope or interest she may have had in ever restoring the kingdom. She had didn't know if any of her fellow knights were alive, and even if they were she couldn't find it in herself to trust them due to Zernebog's betrayal and the fact several knights had taken part in her father's murder. Still, she knew her duty was to free her father from put his soul to rest, so she set out from Aryoch with the intention of slaying the traitor and completing her father's final, albeit silent, request.
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