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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Elysia Mirharai
Race: Valkyrie // Age: 36 // Gender: Female // Orientation: idk lmao // Occupation: field captain
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
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Jeanne d'Arc
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「Bellicosa - Armada」- A far cry from her previous Bellicosa, Armada's dormant state is the headgear she wears. And when activated, nothing actively changes. Instead it gives her the ability to create up to twelve ornamental, white and gold rifles that -- due to their over-stylized designed -- appear to be nonfunctional. When she summons them, they typically float behind her until she, mentally, gives them commands which allows her to manipulate them in a way that mirrors telekinesis.

Naturally, she can physically wield them and use them as a form of blunt-weaponry. Though, she generally doesn't do this because they're rifles. She may also use them to block attacks from time to time.

More importantly, Elysia can utilize Armada as a form of mobile artillery. While the guns can't utilize conventional ammo, they are capable of converting Sillage, both hers and ambient, into ammo. This allows them to fire magical bullets with a simple thought. Depending on how much Sillage she's willing to expend she can alter the effect of the bullets:

She can use the guns to rapidly fire non-piercing bullets that, upon contact, result in small explosions. The more Sillage she pours into them, the bigger she can make the explosions. At its current limits, a simple volley of explosive rounds can level a moderate sized building but this is quite draining and she can only do it a few times before (5 posts per thread) her Bellicosa naturally deactivates to keep her from using all of her Sillage.

The other version are piercing bullets, but they come with the standard 'reload' time of most rifles. This means they're more dangerous due to their ability to puncture most things, as the bullets carry the properties of a Bellicosa, but they take longer to become usable. By pouring more Sillage into them, she can simply increase their effective range.

AVM」- (Requires OOC Permission) Elysia is capable of condensing every rifle into a single rifle. As this is her Bellicosa in its strongest form, it's not something she can use liberally. To be specific, she can only use it once before her Bellicosa becomes unusable (once per thread). Due to the power of it, a single shot from it is capable of destroying an entire town with a single explosive round. Alternatively, she can fire a single piercing bullet that can lock-on and track a single target in what is, typically, a guaranteed kill-shot.

Standard Bearer」- Elysia typically keeps the flagpole she first used upon her return to Sium. She'll generally wrap the Crux Fidelis flag around the pole, having fashioned the tip of it into a spear.
「Benedictio Victoria」- When Elysia recognizes a situation as an actual threat, Elysia's gold and silver aura naturally activates, increasing her physical capabilities. This increases her already supernatural abilities, though it typically sends her into somewhat of a frenzy. This generally manifests in the fact that she mentally Anathema's herself, borderline shutting her mind down as her sole intent becomes to do any and everything in her power to kill her opposition. In this state, it's borderline impossible to reason with her.

「Invictus Reginae」 - Elysia's heightened awareness, both from her years of fighting and her original blessing, has increased to the point it's hard to catch her off-guard. Her spacial awareness generally makes it difficult for people to sneak up on her, and it could be said she has a sixth sense which serves as a warning system for sneak attacks. This also typically allows her to reasonably fight multiple people at once, being able to calmly focus without being overwhelmed. And when overlapped with「Benedictio Victoria」this can lead to her potentially accidentally attacking allies, as she'll instantly react to those around her.

「Bastion Victoria」- Even prior to her death, Elysia had a way of inspiring confidence and courage to her allies. This remains, but now she can invoke fear into her enemies. It's something that she has little control over, but over the course of a fight it's typically bound to happen. This generally manifests itself in the other person's mind -- showing them visions of their own death (regardless of accuracy). They're typically brutal and uncomfortable, which can result in them not knowing how to properly 'cope' which can throw them off during combat.

「Supernatural Physique」- As a Valkyrie, Elysia now boasts supernatural physical abilities. Stronger, faster and more durable than she was previously, even without「Benedictio Victoria」she can generally outclass most 'normal' people and even some demons. And this naturally increases upon「Benedictio Victoria」activating, making her even more of a threat physically.

「Valkyrie Physiology」- Elysia is capable of creating extremely durable gold-colored wings. She can release a surge of Sillage through her wings to cause them to glow with a blinding light that can momentarily leave people unable to see for several seconds. In addition to this, with a flaw of her wings, she can send a flurry of her feathers shooting in a target direction, the feathers adopting the properties of metal after they are launched, making them quite sharp. She can also create Sillage-powered gusts of wind with flaps of her wings, and while not particularly destructive, they can sometimes catch people off guard and throw them off.
personality/fun facts
Ever since her return, Elysia has been a bit... Different, which is to be expected. She's a lot calmer than she once was, the blank spaces in her memory having caused her to lose a majority of the hatred and ill-will she felt towards a majority of Sium. Somethings haven't changed, mind you -- she still feels an instinctual dislike towards demons (though it's not at the level of hatred it once was) and she generally dislikes Apocrypha. The Rebels are spineless cowards in her eyes, though she doesn't have that well-developed hatred she had built up over the years that made her want to kill them without a second thought or any form of remorse.

To say she's become nicer would be an overstatement, but she is certainly calmer and more rational. It'd be more accurate to say she's more 'reasonable' now; she's even found herself being intrigued and genuinely curious about some of Weltschmerz's latest inventions. In a lot of ways, she's re-learning Sium and herself; the blank spaces having left her with plenty questions. There are somethings she's still aware of, like common knowledge, but she's out of date in regards to a lot of events, even current ones. She's honestly playing catch-up.

- Due to her slight amnesia, Elysia is still figuring certain people out. During her time in limbo, she slowly lost memories of certain people or events. She has vague memories of some of them, sort of like phantoms that may pop into her head, but she struggles to actually hold a firm grasp on them. As such, she may easily find herself attempting to converse with someone she once considered to be an enemy without immediately realizing it.

- The one person she remembers with, somewhat skewed, clarity is Soren. There's still some spots in her memories regarding him, but for the most part she knows who he is. But, as the 'good memories' they shared was the only thing that kept her tethered to Sium, she genuinely doesn't remember a majority of the abuse she subjected him to. She remembers taking care of him after he broke his leg, but she doesn't remember she was the cause of it. Elysia remembers them carving their name into the tree in Lachrys, arguably her strongest memory, and other 'positive' things. She remembers her death at his hands, but she doesn't hold it against him -- she knows, or rather 'feels' like he did it unintentionally. Elysia doesn't remember Soren was mostly her ward, and she legitimately thinks he's her biological son because of the way her memories are. Whenever she does remember the 'bad' stuff, however, she suffers mental pain as she can't/doesn't want to accept she ever harmed her son.

- There's still bits and pieces of Elysia's old personality that may crop up for a split-second or so. It can be sudden -- an angry outburst or a snide remark -- and it can almost come across as someone else entirely speaking. There's a noticeable shift in tone when it happens -- her voices goes from the calm it generally is to just outright bitchy and mean-hearted. And when it happens, even Elysia is thrown off by it.

- While Elysia's new title is 'Fury', due to the Hallowed she fought alongside not recognizing her immediately and just describing the way she fought, she still does find some contentment in her old title of Nike. Honestly, she's more likely to respond to Fury or Nike than she is to Elysia.
Born in Caersewiella to two Hallowed, Elysia's future was never in question. From the moment she could walk she had been primed to become a warrior for Crux Fidelis. And a warrior did she become. Being 'indoctrinated' from a young age, Elysia's faith in Crux Fidelis was unshakable. And, when her parents attempted to defect when she was 15, she didn't hesitate to strike them down.

She continued to live alone, fighting for Crux Fidelis and constantly striving for perfection. This reclusive nature and her lack of interest in seemingly anything made her a prime candidate for the position of Commander of Chastity. And it was a position she happily accepted. Not only was it a testament to her strength, but also her dedication in Elysia's mind. It was around this time that she gained the nickname 'Nike' due to her ability to inspire others and lead Hallowed to victory with her presence alone.

It wasn't long before she decided spending her free time as a recluse was unproductive so she became an instructor. She trained several Hallowed, but there was one that stuck out to her. Soren Kincaid. A child that had been handed over to Crux Fidelis because the child couldn't control his magic.

Initially, Elysia didn't have much interest in the child but over time she began to prime him. To turn him into a perfect warrior for Crux Fidelis. In some ways, she even 'hoped' they'd be able to fight alongside one another as equals. Or perhaps he'd even surpass her.

She could only hope.

So she put everything she had into training Soren. If she could be considered his 'mother', then everything she put him through would definitely be considered child abuse if it wasn't sanctioned by Crux Fidelis. It was definitely a cruel and inhumane affair, but Elysia put her 'hope' into Soren, wanting him to be the best he could possibly be.

And she never stopped fighting for Crux Fidelis. Half the time when she went out on assignments, she'd bring Soren with her. Training him both in the field and in Caersewiella. His strength made her content - content to know that if she was to fall he could easily replace her even at a young age.

Yet, Elysia's view of Crux Fidelis slowly 'cleared' from the picture perfect image she had in her mind. She had spent so much time travelling Sium, fighting against demons and other inhuman monstrosities... Yet Crux accepted them. Why? How could they? These things were their enemies, were they not?

Her faith had been shaken.

Elysia knew she had been compromised. In more ways than one. As shameful as it was, she knew she had began to develop an intimate interest in others. With the way she viewed Crux changing as well as herself changing, she knew she was unfit to continue on as the Virtue of Chastity.

As such, she resigned and elected Soren as her successor. While she could only put a word in for him, Elysia knew he'd have to prove his worth on his own. And, as she knew he would, Soren proved himself and became the new Virtue of Chasity.

Now, she spends her days as an Instructor full-time. She only does fieldwork when it's absolutely necessary. In comparison to being an Instructor, she's also somewhat of a mentor. Though, she's not necessarily the best. Yet, she feels somewhat of a contempt for the current state of Crux Fidelis. The fact that a Demon, even if it's a half-breed, and a mass of fucking chains are currently Commanders of Crux Fidelis just actually pisses her off.

She isn't fond of the fact that there's a kitsune either, but at least it isn't a fucking demon.

But, over time, thing has changed. A majority of the demons of Crux Fidelis left, and for a while Elysia was actually content. That contentment faded after Hell on High Waters, however. Soren's forceful transition into Wrath left Elysia shaken and sad. Her status as a member of Crux Fidelis put her in a position she never wanted to be in -- in direct opposition with Soren.

Of all the worst case scenarios she had ever considered, being enemies with Soren was always at the top of the list. Despite how their relationship was, he was her son and the thought of having to harm him with the intent to kill wasn't one she liked. As such, eventually, she found herself travelling to Seracier, remembering a specific landmark in Lachrys.

An attempt to clear her mind and focus turned into a run in with Soren himself. And the inevitable conclusion was Elysia's death. While unintentional, Elysia died to the person she cherished most. And as she slowly faded away, she found herself somewhere else.

Indescribable, it felt like years passed in the strange landscape. The constant pull to remain weighing heavily on her as a promise was meant to be fulfilled, only to be met with constant rejection. While her memories had faded, there was one she clung to in particular. She couldn't properly make it out, but she remembered herself -- younger than she currently was -- and a raven-haired boy standing at a tree carving their names into it.

And despite the pull to move on -- to go on to the paradise that was promised her -- she couldn't. An instinctual urge to return -- to find the boy, her son, and ensure his safety kept her tethered. And as night fell in Sium, the sky broke and what could only be described as a golden meteor by those that saw it found itself crashing into a town under siege by the Black Sun Cabal.

Despite very little understanding of what was occurring, Elysia moved with purpose an instinct. Even without her Bellicosa and only a broken Crux Fidelis flag pole, she fought with a fury she never had before. And as the sun rose, the cultists were either dead or subdued and Elysia stood among the surviving Hallowed, bloody Crux Fidelis flag waving proudly as she looked out onto the horizon.

Her reintegration into Crux Fidelis has been almost seamless -- with only a couple of weeks passing since her death, she underwent severe questioning and was monitored closely. Her return mirrored that of a previous commander, but there was still an uncertainty due to her new nature.

Eventually, however, she was cleared to resume active duty. Though, she is still being watched carefully to make sure that her return from death is as simple as it seems.
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