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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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River Grimwald
Race: Human (River) Demon (Shula) // Age: 20/+400 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Pansexual(?) // Occupation: Rebel/Contracted Demon
Apocrypha, rebel
5'8 (River)
5'9 (Shula)
137lbs (River)
145lbs (Shula)
Face Claim
Sonozaki Noriko, Kiznaiver (River)
Queen of Sheba, Fate/Grand Order (Shula)
Appearance Extras

- She wears a grey cloak over her clothes.
- She has a pale complexion due to experiments conducted on her.
- She has a noticeable scar that runs horizontally between her shoulder blades.


- When she manifests outside River, she can be seen wearing an animated cloak of darkness
Residuum - A katana formerly owned by Lecara. Rendaz had saw it fit to pass it on to River. A single-edged blade of master craftsmanship. Said to have been made from a powerful beast, the blade slices through objects with ease and can channel silliage to sharpen the blade and increase durability even further.

Sururrus - Rendaz's favorite dagger that he gave to River. Made from similar materials to Residuum and shares its ability to sharpen and increase durability. Her main weapon.

Demon's Pact - As Shula's Vessel, River has the ability to shroud in armor made of Shula's body and increasing her strength, agility, and durability as a result. However, she is currently only capable of covering portions of her body as covering most of her body provides too much of a strain. In addition to this, she cannot maintain the armor for too long lest she wants her body to collapse from exhaustion. The contract also grants her moderate regeneration. Shula's power also allows her to create limbs such as arms or wings.

World Eater - River can generate and manipulate a magic corrosive in nature.
Anything touched would begin to corrode until nothing was left, and anyone unfortunate enough to be hit would feel a great burning sensation as they are being "eaten". This magic consumes too much of her energy, unfortunately, so she uses it sparingly. She can use these abilities in tandem with contract with Shula.

Expert swordsmanship - Being trained most of her life in blades, River has proven her skills fighting with swords and daggers. Though she still has plenty to learn, her determination to strive for further mastery enables her to hold her own against those more skilled.

Expert Assassin - Raised to become a killer, River is adept at hit-and-run tactics and killing techniques. As such, she has honed her speed to a great degree and is constantly at watch of her surroundings and is excellent at concealing her presence.
personality/fun facts
River's face remains ever expressionless; she'll always appear like she is uninterested in anything. Even so, it's quite simple to discern what her mood would be at a given time. If she's happy or in a good mood, she'll lightly swing her arms back and forth. When bored, River would tilt her head slightly and look at anything she could find interesting. If angered, she'll drag her feet across the ground, clench and unclench her fist when excited, and so on.

Being only trained in how to kill, River is lacking in her social skills. Her late brother could only do so much to amend the problem before his subsequent death. Regardless, she has improved greatly from his teachings. She tends to compliment a random part of someone's body to start interactions that usually isn't genuine unless she didn't pause noticeably to think up what to compliment in the first place.

While a skilled killer, she greatly lacks teamwork. River is prone to take action without informing her allies, causing trouble as a result. The only reason she worked well with her brother was due to the fact Rendaz adjusted himself to her habits.

She speaks politely, though she has been trying to for more casual approaches. She has also forgone her table manners in favor of just what is essentially inhaling her food. This is to keep up and replenish her strength from using her abilities. She is also very honest in herself and what she thinks, and so tends to voice her thoughts on the people she talks to.

She holds her late half-siblings Rendaz and Aemila in the highest regard. Fanatically so that she views that they had done no wrong, and would not hesitate to kill those who disagree with her. She has practically forgotten her former animosity towards the two. She holds a deep hatred for the rest of her family, but will not actively go and confront them unless necessary.

River knows not if she is capable of love outside familial love, though she has come to accept that it is who a person is on the inside that she will watch out for.

She favors any type of food where you can use just your hands had grapes and other certain types of fruit.

-Thinks Kaiju are awesome
- Likes musicals
- Will forever think Rendaz is the best pop-n-lock dancer ever
- Does not like grapes or alcohol
- Crushing on a certain detective(?)/librarian

Now, in regards to Shula...

She is only focused on one thing and one thing only-- to devour the souls of those who have contracted with her. As long as she gets that, then she is quite cooperative. She even goes as far as to believe that the soul of her host is more important than that of her own. Such is the reason why she would protect River, her current host, with her life.

Shula has peculiar tastes when it comes to the type of soul she wants. And what she wants are the "broken" souls. People who are, in one way or another, damaged. Be it from birth or through a traumatic experience, it is those souls who taste the absolute best for her. She would not settle for anything less.

She's usually quite amicable with her hosts. Since she's rather easygoing, there would be little friction in their relationship, if any at all. She's patient with them and yet she's quite teasing. If anything, Shula acts as an older sister to River, though not as doting. And if we forget that she wants to devour her soul.

Then yes, quite sisterly.

- Hates Crux Fidelis
- If you're not her host then she's hard to deal with
- Not a fan of erotica
- Does not like wearing shoes... or most clothing for that matter, but mostly shoes
The Grimwalds were a large and wealthy assassin family who have accepted the current standings of the current world and simply chose to live in its criminal underground. The strongest Grimwald is renamed "Rendaz" after their most accomplished ancestor.

River was born and raised for the purpose of ridding her family of her traitorous half-brother and taking his place as their strongest puppet to manipulate. As such, they had begun her brutal training at a very young age, setting her up in life and death situations or experimenting on her body in an attempt to improve her capabilities.

At age 14, she deemed herself ready to fulfill her main objective and requested permission to take action. Arrogant, the family of assassins granted her their approval, and so she set out to eliminate the man who had killed a third of their entire family, including her mother's former husband. On various occasions did her and her half-brother cross paths. Whether one or the other had the upper hand in the battles they had partaken in, her brother had always found a way to escape.

However, at some point, Rendaz saw it fit to make her change her ways. Inevitably, he couldn't kill yet another sibling who had been robbed of their future... no matter how obnoxious he thought River was.

Essentially taking River prisoner, the two set off on an adventure; Rendaz doing everything he could to change River's views and River doing everything she could to cut him into unrecognizable pieces. Having no other choice but to shadow her unnaturally upbeat and unhinged brother, she had come to see why he acted the way he did, causing her to question her purpose.

It was not until two years later, the death of Rendaz at the hands of their own mother did she realize that she had grown to love her sibling and pursued for a new way of living out her life after having promised Rendaz she would not search for vengeance like he had done. She takes the Rendaz title after her brother had forcibly plunged the blade she held to his heart before he had died from this wounds.

It was a short lapse of time before she encountered Shula, a demon who would soon agree to form a contract with her. She would be granted access to use hes power, in exchange her soul upon her death. River then took this time to resume her training to master her new abilities, disappearing from Sium until she once again felt ready to take on the world.

She encountered a high ranking member of Apocrypha soon after she had reemerged from hiding and was offered a place in their group. She had agreed, if only to see if this would be the new purpose she was looking for.

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