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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Wolf Demon // Age: 2 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heteroflexible/Sorensexual // Occupation: ice cream store co-owner
Freelance, entrepreneur
6'3" (Normal)
168 lbs
Face Claim
Xanxus - Reborn
Appearance Extras
>The left side of his face is badly scarred and burned after fighting Soren.

>His left arm ends at the elbow, the rest of it having been destroyed by Soren.

>Has shards of Ragnarok stuck in his chest from when Soren destroyed it.

>Has a prominent scar in the center of his chest from being impaled by Silence.

>Has a cracked amulet that he keeps attached to his belt much like an ornament. To him, it's a personal trophy though very few understand the significance of it.

>Has several scars on his body, most of them being on his arms, shoulders, torso and back.

[Ragnarok] A single-edged greatsword that Nekros can utilize with relative ease. Having been with Nekros since his conception, it's always near him. It is extremely durable and sharp, having cut down several foes with no visible signs of wear. Nekros can summon it at any time. Visual Broken by Soren.
Remnant of War

[Conquest] Nekros is capable of 'summoning' the weapons of fallen warriors. While Bellicosa are an obvious exception, Nekros is capable of 'claiming' the weapons of those that have died to him or as a result of his influence. This gives him access to a wide array of weaponry, aside from Ragnarok. From axes to daggers to lances to spears, the weapons he is capable of 'summoning' provides him with ample variety in how he can approach a battle. These weapons can either be summoned in his hands or in mid-air, hovering around him. He displays some level of telekinetic control over the weapons as he can 'fire' them at his target like a projectile.

[Power] By merging with Ragnarok, Nekros is capable of turning into the Wolf Demon he originally was upon conception. No longer subject to the Aspect of War's innate bloodlust, he is able to retain his normal level of intelligence even though he becomes stronger and takes on the form of a true demon. He becomes faster and more durable; his body exuding fire constantly while Ragnarok, now once again apart of his body, has given him a sharp set of metal claws that can melt through almost anything they come into contact with. Harbinger of War

[Horseman Physiology] Being a creation of the Dark God, Nekros is naturally more physically fit and durable than most individuals. It is also thought that he created the template for the other Executioners. Boasting immense strength and incredible durability, Nekros is truly a terror to face as he can withstand blows of varying degrees, even a few most would consider 'fatal'. His strength has been increased by the Black God after his separation from the Aspect of War, to the point his punches can leave large craters in the landscape. In addition to this, he also boasts a healing factor that allows him to heal from all wounds sustained, but only to a certain extent. His self-healing is probably the slowest out of all the Horsemen, usually requiring him to be out of combat to be completely utilized, but this is off-set by his higher than average durability.

[Combat Specialist] As he was once the 'embodiment' of War, Nekros has noticeable proficiency with almost any weapon he's given. It's almost second-nature to him to the point that his body 'attunes' to any instrument of war he uses.
personality/fun facts
Despite no longer being the Horseman of War, Nekros's personality has not changed.

On the surface, Nekros is an extremely approachable individual. He's as friendly as they come, and he genuinely enjoys interacting with humans. His outgoing personality is probably one of his most attractive qualities, though he's still young and quite ignorant. There's a strange... 'Innocence' to Nekros, one that manifests itself in his innate curiosity at most things.

He's friendly but he can also be cocky. Nekros LIKES a challenge, which manifests is the gateway to his ego. In all honesty, Nekros has never truly been 'challenged' due to both his age and unnatural strength. This has made him slightly arrogant and confident. Humility isn't really... Nekros' 'thing' and he's not the type to give up.

In a lot of ways, being the original Horseman of War has left Nekros with a warrior's soul. He LOVES fighting. Even if he's generally a friendly person, this can 'alter' slightly when a conflict arises. And it gets worse the longer a battle rages on and he grows more and more bloodthirsty. Bloodshed, in all honesty, calls out to the beast inside of him, making Nekros 'blood-drunk' and even quite possibly sending him into a frenzy of violence. Though, this doesn't happen occasionally, and it's pretty rare. In generally, he'll be quite friendly even when fighting and more than willing to chat people up in the middle of combat.

While friendly and innocent, this should never take away from the fact that at the end of the day he was once the Horseman of War and still deathly loyal to his 'father', the Black God. As such, he's usually diligent when it comes to doing some in the name of the Black God. He takes orders from his father quite serious, but sometimes he slacks off. At the end of the day, he'll always follow orders though. So far he's had no reason to go against the Black God, and it doesn't appear as though he'll ever have a reason to.

In terms of sexuality, it's not something he's really 'explored'. He's shown interest in women, but he's rarely pursued it. What he does know though is that he 'desires' Soren. It may not be entirely romantic, though. In some ways, more than anything, he just wants to 'dominate' Soren. There is some form of attraction involved, but Soren is the only person he's ever met that's stood on equal ground to him, so in his eyes Soren is the ultimate 'conquest'.

Also that Sorenbooty ain't no joke.
In the moment Nekros was created, he was little more than a beast. Bloodthirsty and with a desire for the destruction of all, nothing was safe from him. His rage was so unbridled even the Black God had trouble controlling him and several cultists fell to him. The bloodshed and death fueled him, satiating the hunger for souls within him long enough for the Black God to properly 'subdue' him and give him a human form.

This changed Nekros in numerous ways. He was presented with a flurry of emotions, all of which were foreign to him and he struggled to adapt but he did eventually. And his personality was a stark contrast to the beast that lurked beneath the surface. He became... Friendly. It was a far cry from what people thought he'd be.

And afterwards, he spent his time roaming Sium, doing whatever the Black God requested. He became, in many ways, a force of nature. Very rarely did he ever physically do anything, but his presence alone was capable of sewing chaos - the souls of those that died from his influence feeding the Black God.

While he hasn't lived for long, most of the conflicts he found himself in were pitiful. Very few he encountered could hold their own against him, much less pressure him. Until in the Itzel Grasslands, he encountered the Commander of Chastity - Soren Kincaid. For the first time in his life, Nekros encountered a challenge; someone actually capable of rivaling his strength.

And while Nekros arguably 'won', he wasn't content. No, a desire had been created inside of him. He wouldn't be satisfied until he completely and utterly dominated the Commander. The thought provided the Horseman with excitement and joy, finally having someone who was his 'equal'. But Nekros didn't want Soren to just be his 'equal' - he wanted Soren to be his.

While he works in favor of the Black God, sewing discord when ordered, one of his major interests is also the conquest of Soren.

After the events of Parallax, Nekros was dismayed to find that his brother, Augus, sought to rebel against their father. Having stolen Silence, the Horseman of Famine had definitely solidified himself as a threat and made it clear that talking would not resolve the issue. The battle between the two Horsemen resulted in a portion of the western sector of Pluviall being destroyed and creating Sillage Dead Zones.

The conclusion of the devastating battle was the death of Augus, and the end of his coup, as well as Nekros himself being severely wounded. While he had won, Nekros had been violently separated from the Aspect of War - the source of a majority of his powers - due to Augus's powers in combination with being impaled by Silence.

While he could have had his father place the Aspect of War back inside of him, he chose not to as it would result in him - his personality and memories - being erased. Nekros's loyalty was unwavering and he swore to find a suitable replacement to succeed him as the Horseman of War.
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