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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Crowe Aldrich
Race: Crow Demon // Age: 580 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Freyrsexual // Occupation: Thot Destroyer
Freelance, Best Wife
140 lbs.
Face Claim
Appearance Extras
- Her blood is black.
- Only wears black.
- Always wears black eyeliner and keeps her fingernails and toenails painted black.
- Has words in an unknown language tattoo'd on the inside of her forearms. (Love and Pain on her left forearm; Hate and Joy on her right forearm)
- Is fond of jewelry, but is very finicky about it. Will only use jewelry that has dark gems (Black Opal, Black Diamond or Black Pearl). The jewels tend to be apart of chokers, rings and foot jewelry.

- Originally belonging to her twin, Crowe took it as a keepsake after his death at her hands. In its base form, Persepolis appears to be nothing more than a simple cane, albeit an ornate and elaborate one. The body of it is black with several gold and silver designs and ornaments, while the handle is in the shape of a crow head. When activated, however, the cane extends and breaks off into segments that forms a threaded whip capable of delivering severe and harsh strikes, albeit blunts ones. She can also use this as a way of channeling demonic energy, using the whip as a catalyst, to increase both the durability and strength of the weapon.
Murder of Crows

An ability she gained after consuming her twin. Wherever she goes, crows follow. Despite looking real, these crows are merely a result of Crowe's demonic ability. She is capable of 'seeing' through the eyes of these crows, using them as a way of spying on others or just scouting ahead. She can also command them to flock towards a specific target as a way of assaulting them, the talons and beaks of the crows capable of tearing through flesh.

Luck Manipulation

The second ability Crowe gained after consuming her brother. She can manipulate the luck of those around her. Most of the times, she just gives people 'bad' luck - causing misfortune to befall them but only when she's near them. She can't out and out curse them, but when someone is fighting her they may find misfortune befalling them. It can range from their weapon just so happening to break when clashing with Persepolis to just so happening to lose their footing at an inopportune time. The only person she actively gives good luck when she can is Freyr, obviously. Her positive feelings towards him makes him exempt from the bad luck she may inadvertently give others.
(Requires OOC Permission)

[Crowe is capable of creating, manipulating and giving shape to darkness. This darkness, in its unaltered state, bares a resemblance to pitch-black flames - though it lacks 'heat'. Instead, it could almost be considered 'cold', yet it can slowly 'eat' eat away at whatever it comes in contact with - as if it was corrosive. But, much like fire, it can still be put out through most conventional means. When she molds the darkness into whatever weapon she has in mind, it adopts that weapon's properties, such as being able to stab, cut and smash.]

[Being Demon, Crowe is physically superior to most humans in general. Being faster, stronger and more durable than her appearance would make you think, she catches most off-guard as she can be dangerous even without her Umbrakinesis.]

[As a Crow Demon, Crowe is capable of sprouting wings as black as her blood from her back. Even without flapping her wings, she is capable of floating so long as her wings are out.]
personality/fun facts
Crowe isn't the woman she used to be. Once a fountain of depression and misery, she's found a happiness and reason for living in the form of her elder brother and husband, Freyr.

Gone are her random bouts of crying and miserable poems. She learned to smile once again and to even approach life with a somewhat positive and optimistic way of living. This actually created a contrast with her outwards appearance, as most would assume she was still her depressing self but she just really likes the goth girl aesthetic.

But, having the entirety of your happiness based around a single person isn't the healthiest thing. And honestly? Crowe isn't the healthiest person mentally. Centuries of heartbreak and emotional abuse has left her arguably quite unstable, which could explain why she's latched on to Freyr the way she has - her brother being the only one who hasn't hurt her.

As such, as far as she's concerned, his happiness is her happiness. It could even be argued her world revolves around him or rather he has become her world. And that makes her quite possessive of him. She hates when people display anything close to a sexual or romantic interest in him, because he's hers and hers alone, to the point she's not beyond making them quietly disappear.


And if Freyr was to display even a passing interest in someone else, she wouldn't be angry with him. She'd just get rid of whoever attempted to tempt her husband into betraying her. It's not Freyr's fault everyone wants him, after all.

She also has no use for the rest of her family in particular. She thinks they're all garbage and she's not fond of Freyr's fake kids. She doesn't consider them real kids because a majority of them are shit. Freyr won't have real kids until she gives them to him, as far as she's concerned at least.
Being the younger sister of Freyr, Crowe also lived at a time when silliage wasn't an issue for demons. And unlike most other demons, Crowe had an infatuation for all forms of art from a young age. But, above all else, she loved music. As such, she was almost ignorant to all of the warning signs that heralded trouble for her kind.

It wasn't long before Humans began to fight demons through the use of sillage. And, it wasn't long before Crowe began to watch her family slowly die off. Following Freyr, she vowed to fight alongside him. And fight she did until a Commander of Crux Fidelis got the best of her. By all rights she should have died, but she survived before being dragged to safety by a young mage.

The ensuing relationship was beyond idealistic, the two choosing to stay away from the fighting. Finding a secluded village where they could live in peace, Crowe and her lover were content to let the world pass them by. And for years, they did - enjoying each others company as Crowe returned to her love of music.

But, it wasn't long before tragedy struck. Or rather, betrayal. When Crowe awoke, everything was wrong. The sounds of screaming filled the air while an oppressive magic pressure kept her on the edge of suffocation. Being chained down, she was unable to move as her former lover returned to their home. It was then that the mage explained that she had spent the entire time studying Crowe. Learning the basis of the woman's abilities in an attempt to steal them - abusing Crowe's one-sided love as the perfect opportunity to ascend to Demon-hood.

The truth stung Crowe to her core. To learn that she had been living a lie. That she was being used. For the first time in her life, Crowe felt pure hatred. While the mage had thought she knew the full extent of Crowe's abilities, she was proven wrong when the Crow Demon escaped from her binds.

Before either knew what happened, Crowe held the mage's heart in her hand - the woman she loved dying on the floor. Staggering out of their home, Crowe was horrified to find the villagers dead - having been killed by the mage as a sacrifice to assist her in stealing Crowe's powers.

Crowe spent what felt like days crying until she finally moved on. Drifting from place to place, she spent years attempting to fill the void that had been left in her heart. Though she was met with constant disappointment, being repeatedly betrayed by those she thought to love her. Eventually, she began to shut herself off. To push others away, leaving her with only her music.

And for a time, that was fine. It was a miserable existence but it was the one she had settled into. But one could only stand so much suffering and emotional exile until they inevitably snapped. And that happened to Crowe during a meeting with her brother, Freyr.

The ensuing emotional break down wasn't pretty, nor was her mind snapping. But she almost immediately recovered - clinging to her brother for support as she came to a realization. A realization that Freyr was the only person she needed.

They had both suffered at the hands of people who should have loved them. Their parents didn't deserve to be parents and the rest of their family was awful and worthless. But they had always been happy together. Freyr had never once hurt her and she would never betray him.

Everything just made sense.

And not long after that, after becoming her beloved brother's wife, she ran into her twin. The man had spent a majority of their lives tormenting her for his own amusement, but this time a sly quip about their elder brother was his own undoing.

In the past, murdering and eating her twin wasn't something Crowe would have thought of. But, in that moment, it was just the right thing to do. She wouldn't allow anyone to insult her beloved - even if they were 'family'. Crowe held no love for them, and as such the rest of the Aldrichs were only living until Freyr truly grew tired of them.

They were all unnecessary, after all. If Freyr wanted family, she'd give it to him. She'd give him the world and he'd do the same - she knew it in her heart. And she wouldn't hesitate to dispose of anyone or anything that threatened their happiness.
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