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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Ikarus Norwyn
Race: Dhampyr // Age: 22 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Crime Boss of Ravanar
Black Sun Cabal, smuggler
Face Claim
Noctis Lucis Caelum
Appearance Extras
- [Has scars in various places on his body]
- Has an eyepatch over his left eye because Hala crushed it.
Ikarus carries dual, heavily modified pistols. While most would call them archaic in a world of magic, the usage of black powder and the like being far too unreliable, these are special. Having been redesigned to use special sillage-based ammunition, something especially dangerous and experimental, the guns can fire at a semi-automatic rate, unlike their contemporaries, at the cost of forsaking any form of 'piercing' capabilities. Instead, the bullets 'explode' on contact - enough to be fatal or near fatal to a 'normal' person, but not strong enough to truly harm anyone with higher than average defense.
- [Ikarus is capable of manipulating his blood to extreme levels. From hardening his blood to the point of being able to match most weapons to firing blood 'bullets'. When using these abilities, several markings appear on his arms that he doesn't understand, and that he doesn't bother trying to understand.]

- [Ikarus, being the son of an elementalist, has control over various elements - to a certain degree. His vampire blood naturally dilutes the extent of his elemental manipulation. Ikarus has only been able to create and manipulate fire, ice and earth. And while his power may not be as diverse as his mother's, they're almost equally dangerous - the half-breed finding diverse 'ways' of using his powers.]

- [Ikarus is extremely skilled when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, even without his Hemokinesis or Elemental Manipulation. He had shown an efficiency in various forms of martial arts due to his time in the fighting pits.]

- [Ikarus has an abundance of stamina, be it from his diet and general fitness routine all to the way to his demi-human nature. In addition to this, he's deceivingly agile, able to move quicker than most would ever expect. While he's slightly more durable than your average human, he's still susceptible to most fatal wounds. His only saving grace is the fact that consuming blood is usually enough to rejuvenate and heal him.]

- [Even if he's a brooding mess, Ikarus is uncharacteristically popular with women. He's pretty much a heartbender because he's a good boy with issues and emotional scars and chicks dig that.]
personality/fun facts
Ikarus is a very self-contained individual. He's not the type to reveal much about himself, and he's very disconnected from those around him. He's bothered by a lot of things, his upbringing in Ravanar making it difficult for him to understand how to actually be 'express' himself. He can come off as extremely cold and unfriendly because of the fact he doesn't want to be vulnerable - his greatest fear is being close to people.

Yet, regardless of this, he takes care of those who are loyal to him. His crew is actually pretty important to him and even if he tends to hold them at an arm's length, he'll do anything to protect them and take care of them. Because of this, he takes betrayals of his trust very seriously. He's someone who, on some level, seeks to connect with others but he tries to avoid this.

He was taught and raised in an environment where he could only really see the worst sides of people and himself, so he can be fairly cynical and he's quite blunt. This usually leaves him coming off as fairly unlikable to most people that aren't apart of his crew or who're apart of his organization. He spends a lot of time brooding, or just looking like he's brooding, so at a first glance he can come off as really gloomy. And he's usually pretty grumpy and he's the type who'll claim to not like something even if he does, because he doesn't want to expose anything about himself.

But alcohol is his biggest weakness. He can't really handle it and when he's drunk he tends to be an emotional mess. All the vulnerabilities and weaknesses he tries to hide surfaces when he's drunk. The fact of the matter is he has a lot of things that bothers him, from being abandoned by his parents (and Damien, to a certain extent - it didn't necessarily play out like that, but that's how it feels to him) and to just living with the things he's done.

He spent a long time feeling like shit because he was a half-breed and not a full-blood human or vampire, but over time he came to accept himself for what he is. And he actually doesn't mind the fact he's technically a mongrel. While most would probably try and insult him or use it to provoke him, Ikarus takes great pride in that aspect of himself.

As a Sky Pirate, Crime Boss and generally someone that grew up in Ravanar, Ikarus isn't the type to give up. He's very stubborn in the fact that he'll fight you tooth and nail until he dies or just can't anymore. He's not the type to beg for mercy or anything like that - he honestly has way too much pride to ever do such a thing. While it can be considered idiotic, it's a key part of who he is.

He's very secretive when it comes to his personal life, and he'd burn the entirety of Sium down to find anyone that laid a hand on his daughter, Halia. And to a certain extent he... Cares about Hala? He doesn't know.
Ikarus's father was a cruel man - an aged vampire who only sought to indulge in base desires regardless of the costs or consequences. But, vampires can be killed - and he was a man who valued his life too much. So he struck a deal with a witch to gain true immortality - to grant him life until time itself died. But, he was truly a cruel man and he inevitably betrayed the witch who placed a curse on his immortality. A 'clause' - he would be able to live through any trauma and regenerate from any state, giving him the immortality he wished for, unless it was caused by his own offspring.

This did little to deter the man from engaging in his indulgences. He was as a slave to his desire, so he continued to live freely - bedding who and what he wanted before murdering any woman who could have potentially given birth to an offspring. Except for one - Lady Delcroix. As an Elementalist, she was more than capable of evading his cruelty after he seduced her, and with the protection of her parents she was safe from the vampire.

She didn't understand why he sought to kill her after their night of intimacy, but he did. Dread and horror filled her at the realization that she was pregnant, and her parents made the decision for her. The decision to give away the young boy, a half-vampire, half-human monstrosity, was one that was quickly agreed upon. While killing the child would have perhaps been safer, the fact of the matter was he still carried their noble blood, as diluted as it was and the murder of an infant would weigh on their conscience.

So, the child was left in the slums of Ravanar - a far cry from the sophisticated and extravagant city of Empyrean. And it was here that the child, who became known as Ikarus, grew. Though, for most of his life he was only referred to as Norwyn - he had no 'first' name. He spent many of his formative years under the care of Damien Hyde, another urchin of Ravanar. The older child was responsible for several of the unwanted bastards, until one day tragedy struck and most were left dead or believed to be dead.

Ikarus was taken in by one of the Crime Bosses of Ravanar who was only known as 'The Gentleman' due to his charming demeanor and suave nature. He considered himself a curator of the 'finer' things as he handled the smuggling of drugs and distribution of other contraband in Ravanar. He taught Ikarus many things, but more than anything he instilled in the a child a worldview of cynicism and nihilism.

Ikarus was raised in the fighting pits where he became desensitized to the violence. It became natural and his 'normal' to take the lives of others and to watch people die. More and more, the Gentleman pushed Ikarus to embrace his vampire side and to abandon his humanity entirely. It was a slow but methodical process that saw Ikarus becoming less of a person and more of a weapon.

Overtime, several abilities began to manifest in the dhampyr. From way he could control and manipulate his own blood, using it as a weapon, to his mild control of certain elements. He was indeed poised to become a very effective weapon, but there was a part of Ikarus that still desired more despite all of the conditioning he was subjected to. And those desires were spurned on by the whispers of the Gentleman's enemies who subtly suggested and pushed for Ikarus to rebel against the man who sought to strip him of his humanity.

And plans were made between Ikarus and no one but himself. He knew he lived in a den of vipers, and he knew the people who urged him to go against the Gentleman weren't doing it for his sake but for their own gain. And so, slowly, Ikarus began to plot and scheme a way for him to attain his own freedom.

A freedom that could only be bought by the death of the Gentleman. It wouldn't be an easy task but it was what he had to do. And so, that's what he did. It started off slowly and subtly, when certain key members of the Gentleman's organization 'disappearing' while Ikarus came across an old and decrepit ship - the Astral Magus. It was a relic from a time that had long past and it had been marked to be stripped of its parts and used elsewhere.

Instead, Ikarus had the ship silently restored. He had his plan and he knew what he would do. He would be free. From the Gentleman and Ravanar. When Damien returned to Ravanar, Ikarus had all of the pieces he needed to stage his coup. It was a violent and bloody affair that saw the murder of the Gentleman and those that sought to usurp him dead.

The only one left standing, bloodied and bruised, was Ikarus with Damien at his side. And, from that moment, Ikarus replaced the Gentleman and all of his cohorts. He knew all about the business the Gentleman ran and he knew how to handle it better.

He unveiled the Astral Magus, the ancient airship having been fully restored. The former captain of the ship had been named Ikarus, so the dhampyr took his name. 'Ikarus Norwyn, the King of Bastards' - it was a title that was bestowed upon him by the people who had followed him and aided him in his rebellion against the Gentleman, and while he didn't necessarily want it, accepted it.

He didn't view himself as much of a 'king' but if those that followed him claimed him to be one, then he would appease them. Afterwards, he formed a shaky alliance with Roman Genovese, the Blood Baron. They would work together for their own reasons, and they'd respect each others' territory. It was a simple agreement but one Ikarus had no intention of breaking.

It was also around this time Ikarus came across Faline Korin, a former Crux Fidelis Sky Captain. And in her, he found someone to captain his ship. And, as they traveled, they accumulated more and more peculiar individuals.

As the best smuggler in all of Sium and a crime boss of Ravanar, Ikarus was subject to lots of attention. And, during the course of one of his journeys, he encountered the Horseman of War, Nekros. While he doesn't speak about what transpired, it ended with him forming an agreement to act as a smuggler for the Black Sun Cabal.

Now, Ikarus continues to juggle all of his responsibilities while also being the best dad in all of Sium. Sometimes, he'll even leave responsibility to the crew to Zena just so he can spend time to his daughter. And... Sometimes even his 'wife', Hala.
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