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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Shapeshifter // Age: 18 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Prostitute/Information Gatherer
Freelance, prostitute
5’8” (human) / 8’ (demon) / any height
350 lbs / any weight
Face Claim
Fuuchouin Kazuki (human form) / Slenderman (demon form)
Appearance Extras
Due to his father’s bird-demon heritage, Lumasi displays certain bird-like characteristics when he shapeshifts. His sillage wraps around his body and for a moment, he contorts into what appears to be a gold and white swan before shifting to the form he wants. He finds it highly embarrassing and generally refuses to shift when others are around.
He carries no weapons, but is skilled in a wide variety of fighting styles due to the nature of his shapeshifting abilities.
Supernatural Condition – Despite his fragile appearance, Lumasi is far from weak. As a shifter demon, he is vastly superior to any normal human in every physical sense. He can travel vast distances quickly and with ease, has incredible strength, and all of his senses are enhanced.

Supernatural Durability – When in his natural human or demon forms, he weighs 350lbs. His body structure is naturally dense and compact. Because of this, he is capable of shrugging off a lot of damage. Normal weapons don’t bite as deeply silver or Bellicosa weapons – forcing opponents to hit with greater strength in order to hurt him, thereby wearing them out faster.

Regeneration – While not instantaneous, Lumasi is able to heal almost any wounds he does receive from normal weapons. Damage that might keep a human bedridden for months will inconvenience him for a few weeks at most. If he enters a coma-like state, this healing is accelerated. However, he is incredibly vulnerable in this state – once he induces this state, he cannot exit it until all damage is healed. Even poisons, toxins, and disease have minimal effect on him, unless the dose is 30 times more concentrated than the lethal level for a normal human. He cannot regenerate if he is decapitated.

Silver/Holy Vulnerability – He cannot regenerate damage caused by Bellicosa, silver weapons, or other “blessed” weapons. He also cannot bear to touch such weapons, as he experiences an intense burning sensation upon contact. He will eventually heal like a normal human, but he will no longer be in “pristine” condition. These types of weapons are one of the only ways to kill him before he dies of old age.

Shapeshifting – He is capable of shifting from one shape to another. He cannot become an animal or turn into inanimate objects, but he can shift into any human or inhuman form he wishes. He can flawlessly pass for anyone, living or dead, or take on a combination of physical traits to create a “new” person. The first time he takes someone’s form, he must obtain a sample of the person’s body – even a strand of hair will do. If he takes on the form of someone living or recently deceased (within one week of death), he is able to access that person’s memories and skills up to the point where the sample was obtained. He is then able to perfectly mimic their personality and fighting style. He cannot stay in another form for more than a month at a time before he must revert to one of his natural forms and rest. However, once a form is added to his repertoire he can shift back to that form at will. He will not gain any new memories or skills unless he takes a new sample.

Pheromone Generation/Manipulation: A shifter has no natural scent or pheromones, which is incredibly off-putting to all non-shifters. To counter this, shifters learn early on to use sillage to generate different pheromones to effectively blend in with and manipulate other populations. They can cause a variety of emotional reactions, such as arousal or fear or sorrow, or can disorient others. However, they primarily developed this as a means of ensuring reproduction since shifters can’t mate with each other. (Must have player permission to use this for seductive purposes).
personality/fun facts
His name means “the constellations light our path” and comes from the language of a long-dead society.

Only two people have seen his demon form and lived to tell the tale – his parents. His human form, however, is well known within Ravanar’s infamous District. His exceedingly androgynous appearance, coupled with his kindness and strength, has made him one of The Rising Sun’s most popular whores and the District’s most sought-after information gatherer.

Above all else, he likes to know things and will do almost anything to learn new information – even if it means hurting others to do so.

He is sickeningly sweet and kind to everyone when he’s not gathering intelligence. He genuinely tries to see the good in everyone and does his best to not darken the world anymore than it is.

That being said, he has a rather warped sense of justice and a moral code that rigidly guides his every decision and action. He would rather die than violate that code and will do everything in his power to punish those whom he deems wicked.

Despite his superior physiology, he despises fighting and will avoid it at almost any cost.
Lumasi is the bastard child of Ishtar and Fearghas Kincaid – one of her preferred tactics for keeping her pets tied to her for as long as she wanted them to be. For whatever reason her pets tended to be fond of any spawn she created with them, so why not use that to her advantage? And as a bonus, she was creating potentially powerful new demons in the process with unique abilities – demons she could form into an army, if she so chose. Of course, she couldn’t have a new demon running around with her and her latest acquisition just yet. So once Lumasi was old enough to control his demonic gifts, he was left in the care of one of Ishtar’s former lovers at The Rising Sun brothel in Ravanar’s lawless district. Although his parents would periodically check in on him over the years and Lumasi is quite fond of his papa, the brothel was his home and the whores were his family.

For as long as he can remember, Lumasi has wanted to know as much as he can about the world around him. By day he would run errands for the brothel and see so many people just living. He couldn’t help but be curious about the secrets that they surely carried. After all, once the sun set and the brothel had filled up, secrets were the order of the evening. Who killed whom and why, where the purest drugs could be found, the latest plot to overthrow some political organization or other – it could all be heard in the smoke-filled rooms on booze-loosened lips. Being so quiet and unassuming, no one noticed little Lumasi as he lurked in the shadows and kept his ears open. No one, that is, except the head whoremonger himself – a seedy man by the name of Gabriel. Gabriel soon realized that Lumasi penchant for eavesdropping could potentially be useful. Information would be quite valuable, after all. Lumasi didn’t particularly care what was done with the information – he just delighted in the fact that he was being encouraged to snoop. He didn’t stop with the patrons, however. Once he began to control his shapeshifting abilities, he started to stick his nose elsewhere. Indeed, his thorough and detailed knowledge coupled with his shapeshifting led to his moniker – The Chameleon.

As he grew, so did his beauty. There was a certain delicate innocence to him that set him apart from the rest of the whores. This started drawing the eyes of the brothel’s patrons and they began to vie for the chance to be the first to bed him. It was just another opportunity to ferret out more secrets and earn more money for Gabriel. Once Lumasi turned sixteen, Gabriel started a bidding war between his clients. No one will say for certain how much Lumasi’s innocence sold for, but by all accounts it was an incredibly obscene amount of money – though nothing compared to the secrets Lumasi teased from the lips of the highest bidder.

Since then, his life has been nothing but sex and information. And quite frankly, he likes it that way – though truth be told, he wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of the world. His papa’s stories of the world beyond Ravanar were always fascinating. And a wider world means more secrets to discover.
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