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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Kalidas Sardana
Race: Human // Age: 29 // Gender: male // Orientation: heterosexual // Occupation: Commander - Kindness
Crux Fidelis, Commander - Kindness
178 lbs
Face Claim
Idolish7 - Yukito Orikasa
Appearance Extras
Kalidas's right arm is covered in tattoos. There's a black and grey mandala on his shoulder and elbow while black and grey flowers cover the rest of his arm. Just a sliver of these tattoos are normal visible form under his white coat. He got them when he was younger, and with his position it's no longer appropriate to show them off.

when he fights he'll either roll up his sleeves or remove his jacket entirely, and more of his tattoos can be seen.
Bellicosa - Severi - When it isn't active, Severi doens't look like anything more than a pair of golden cuffs that cover most of Kalidas's forearms. However, once Severi is activated, they give off a white glow that then turns into sixteen, golden blades that circle around his hands (eight per hand). These blades are a foot long each and give off that same white glow.

Kalidas can move these blades as he pleases. He can flip them in order to punch an enemy. He can also shoot them off for long ranged attacks. They will always return to their original position once he calls them back.

Severi's power allows his blades to cause explosions with its sillage. The strength of these explosions are based on his Karma magic. At it's base, he can cause a minor explosion that won't really hurt anyone, but in the past he has been able to wipe out entire city blocks when badly injured.

Karma - This is a magic Kalidas unknowingly had since he was younger. It allows him to heal those he comes into physical contact with. He can heal major injuries in just a matter of minutes. He can also heal himself with this magic.

However, there is another side to this magic. If somebody injures him, he loses the ability to heal them. Instead the damage he can do to the person increases and continues to increase the more damage he takes. For example. if he were to hit them, he would have more strength. His magic also flows into his weapon. This also includes emotional pain. If he was pained emotionally, his words would hurt more.

Sacrificial Body - Kalidas has trained his body to the point that it can take massive amounts of damage and he can continue to fight, even if he can't move very well. He can't go for very long, usually just long enough for his healing to fix his body enough.

Hand to Heart - Over the years, Kalidas has studied and become proficient in up close, hand to hand combat styles. He generally uses a mixture of what he's learned in his own, personal style.
personality/fun facts
Not many people have a bad thing to say about Kalidas. He makes it a point to be nice to everyone in order to keep himself out of conflicts with his power. He has even learned to control his thoughts and to think ill of very few, only his true enemies. He loves to be around people, and he doesn't let his status get in the way of that. He spends time getting to know every man and woman and child in Crux Fidelis he has the chance to. He never forgets to send out a birthday card either!

While he may try to get to know other people, he doesn't open up about himself very much. He keeps his past from other people. He doesn't find it very relevant anymore, since he's a very different person. He also doesn't wish for people to worry about him. They should focus on their own problems and finding happiness.

Kalidas is a sacrificing man. He takes heavy injuries in most fights to ensure his own victory, and he will take even more than needed if it means protecting someone. However, he will also sacrifice his own feelings by letting someone die if there is no other option. He doesn't let his emotions rule him, and while it hurts him, he won't risk his own life or the life of others to save just one person. He always prays that it is never on a larger scale of just one person.
Kalidas's father was a successful theater owner in Xaonan. He had terrible luck with women, remarrying at least five times before finally finding his true love, who was Kalidas's mother. His favoritism towards his last wife showed with how he loved Kalidas as well. He had several half siblings, probably more than he even knew about. Kalidas was always a clear favorite though. He got anything he wanted, got to spend nearly every moment with his father, and he never knew an unhappy day.

His happiness almost seemed infectious. Maybe it had something to do with Karma, but everyone was nice to him and he was nice back. He was basically a child of the entire theater. He found himself so lucky to be surrounded by such a great family. His family is what ruined him though when he was fourteen.

To everyone but Kalidas, it was no secret that his half siblings were jealous of him. One of his sisters was especially guilty of this jealousy. She had lost her mother, and she barely had the presence of their father in her life. Her life had gone south quickly, and she blamed Kalidas and his mother.

He never did figure out where she met them, but his sister gathered a few of her friends, rough looking men with some enchanted weapons. They stormed their home one night when Kalida's father was traveling. The men forced Kalidas and his mother into the guest room of their home. They proceeded to savagely beat his mother while all he could do was watch. Only when she was on the brink of death did they stop and turn their attention to Kalidas who had a strange feeling building up inside of him. All it took was one deep cut to set him off and change his life forever.

The cut sent strength through his body and he attacked with power he never knew he had. With anger fueling him, he didn't even think to stop before the first man was bleeding profusely. Then one man came after the next, attacking him to save their friends, only giving him more power. Finally all that was left was his sister. He had no room for forgiveness for her. She was the only one he knowingly killed. His memory was a bit hazy, but he was pretty sure the others survived.

When he went to check on his mother all he saw in her eyes was fear, and realization hit him hard. Kalidas had turned into some kind of monster and there was no going back. He was sure of it. And with that he left in a panic. He only had a vague plan. He was going to go where some of the worst people in the world were and find some way to live.

Kalidas found himself in Ravanar, more specifically a rather infamous district in Ravanar. He started off in fighting rings. He figured it was the best way to make use of his 'new' power. Kalidas didn't know much about fighting when he first started. He just knew that he could win and make a lot of money. He usually drew in a good crowd given he had to get pretty messed up in order to win. The people that came to watch fights always did want a blood bath.

He was only fighting for about three years before he was hired as a body guard for a man with questionable morals. Kalidas was hardly concerned about what he was getting himself mixed up with. He had a feeling it wouldn't end well for anyone. He just didn't care. Maybe he had been wishing for some kind of punishment. He was met with a different fate though.

Kalidas hadn't been working for the man very long before is life changed again. Out on business out of Ravanar, justice finally caught up with his boss. He was sold out to the police in the middle of some less than legal operations. Their lives were spared, but Kalidas didn't really see that as much of a blessing. They were locked away in the town jail, and the idea of being like a caged animal was almost enough to break him down completely. He had stopped responding to other people, stopped eating, almost stopped sleeping except for nodding off for an hour or so at a time.

Then he had a visitor that changed his world. Crux Fidelis had sent one of their Commanders, Kindness himself to the same town, what would have seemed like a strike of bad luck luck for the lot of them. Kindness took the liberty of looking into the crimes of his boss, and into Kalidas's own known past in the city. He went beyond that though and pieced together the life Kalidas had years before. Kindness spoke to each and every man that had been taken into custody, and he only made an offer to Kalidas.

He saw something in the lost boy, whether it was the remnants of the kid he used to be, or just the sheer power eh was capable of. Kalidas chose to believe the former when he was given the chance to leave his life as a monster behind and join Crux Fidelis. He was told he would be ableto control his power and use it for the good of man, rather than destroying everything around him. Feelings he thought he had buried reemerged all at once and he accepted the offer as tears poured down his face.

Kalidas trained directly under Kindness. It was thought that he would have the best effect on Kalidas. It wasn't a wrong thought. Kalidas returned to his old self over the next couple of years. He learned that if he avoided conflict, his powers wouldn't be an issue. He trained his mind along with his body.

When he was twenty-six, the former Kindness met an ill fate in battle. Kalidas did his best not to grieve, but he could only hold his emotions back so much when he found out what Kindness had been planning in his spare time. The man was growing older and was well aware that he couldn't fight forever. He had been doing the work in order to give Kalidas a good shot at taking his place for when he retired. Though he wasn't finished, Kalidas was still greatly considered and given the title a few months later. He took the position with honor and swore to himself that he would live up to the reputation of his predecessor.
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