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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Zari Thorns
Race: Half-Fae // Age: 25 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Commander - Patience
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Face Claim
Ragna the Bloodedge - BlazBlue
Appearance Extras
- Unstrung white eye-patch which covers his red eye. Trimmed with a large red and green cross in the center. Purely to hide Zari's red eye; it's magical nature allows him to look through the patch normally.

- Pair of birthmarks on his back; shaped like slanted eyes making an acute angle.

-Short ponytail of green hair on the back of his neck.

- Burn marks on his left wrist.
Bellicosa - Angel Arrest: A rather unorthodox tool, Angel Arrest takes the form of, at first, unsuspecting handcuffs. These iron-colored, metal handcuffs are both fastened around Zari's left arm when not in use. When the need arises for intervention the handcuffs glow and becoming a shining white-silver with a green and red crosses adorning them. A chain made of holy light connects the two cuffs. With this Bellicosa Zari is able to execute a variety of techniques and abilities.

Light Chain: The first and an important feature of Angel Arrest is the weapon's chain made of holy, unbreakable light. Based on the amount of Sillage Zari has, the chain can be extended beyond it's normal length. Coupled with it's length and durability, the chain makes for decent improvised armor when wrapped around the body. In addition to this, the light-chain allows him to utilize his Bellicosa as a grappling hook. Willing it to shoot out to an object - either wrapping it with the light-chain or grasping onto it with the cuffs.

Omni-Arrest: The white-silver cuffs of Angel Arrest have the ability to change their shape and even multiply based on the number of targets Zari is facing. To do so drains his sillage though. For example, should he face a Goliath sized monster with four arms, Angel Arrest will first increase the amount of cuffs to five. One attached to Zari's wrist and four for each wrist of the beast. They shall then grow in size. When placed on the monster, chains of light will connect all five cuffs.

Insidious Arrest: Rather common in Bellicosa, Angel Arrest is a blessed and holy material which is harmful to unholy beings. Demons, Sins, Monsters, and unholy-magic users will be burned slowly as long as the cuffs or the light-chain is in contact with them.

Angelic Torpor: The most important function of Angel Arrest is its ability to sap away the strength of those bond by it. When wrapped in it's light-chain, or when a cuff is placed around the subject, they experience a drowsing sensation. While strength is drained away to make the subject docile, sillage is drained away to strengthen the weapon. Though it is anti-magic, Angel Arrest absorbs small amounts of sillage steadily while binding someone/something with sillage in them. This causes the weapon to become heavier and tighter on the subject.
Fae Vision: Through his red eye Zari is able to pierce through magical and natural darkness and shadow to see his surroundings and individuals using it as a cloak. In addition illusions are made obvious to him, allowing him to ignore them. Such as invisibility and projections.

Fae Aura: Thanks to his hybrid nature, Zari's Fae blood allows him the ability to draw in sillage from objects and from people in small amounts over time. This is doubly effective when used with Angel Arrest. Over time his body will draw in Sillage from a small radius around him. The more he draws in, the brighter his pale hair becomes until it is a shining and blinding platinum. This will indicate he is at the limit of sillage intake.

Recovery Orbs: While others can perform magic to recover from wounds, Zari utilizes magic in a stranger form. He is able to use sillage to produce two orbs of light from his back. One blue and one yellow. The blue orb allows someone to recover from wounds of a physical nature. While the yellow orb lets magical influence dispel from someone. The two can not be used together or by the same person. Doing so would cancel the effects of both.

Hand-to-Hand: While he is not proficient in weapons or firearms, Zari has trained in hand to hand combat since joining the Cross. He has learned how to fight one-on-one and one against many with just his bare hands. His technique is meant to be quick and detain his opponents instead of executing them.

Magic Body: A trait that Zari is not keen on letting others know of. Due to the supernatural nature of his body, Zari is able to be used as a medium for magic aside from his own. Any form of magic that utilizes Zari, or a part of his body, will be strengthened tenfold. He is unable to use this ability himself. The parts of his body which would make for the strongest mediums/focus/ritual tools would include either of his eyes and his heart.
personality/fun facts
- Insightful and concealing at the same time; Zari is able to judge a person in a short amount of time. By doing this, he operates and in a manner which allows him to hide his own thoughts. Before acting on anything he keeps opinions, information, and feelings closely guarded until he is sure things are final and settled. Other times he wishes to keep things secret so he can handle situations himself.

-Accepting and forgiving to the point of heartbreak. Being familiar with hazing and being ostracizing; exclusion and exile; he is able to look upon a criminal and think of a reason behind their actions. It is an involuntary reflex he has developed over his years. This has payed off in the past in the form of reformed criminals. Yet other times those he forgives and lets go return to horrible lives. Zari sees it as his own fault when this happens. When faced with an anathema, Zari cries during his fight because he knows it is against his wishes.

-At times he is seen as being lazy but is wise in his actions. If there is no reason to be out than why would he be out? Zari prefers to tend to his plants and seemingly minuscule tasks.
Born to a human mage and a mysterious Fae, Zari was gifted with a strange heritage which acted as a double-edged sword. During his early childhood the boy was harassed due to his red eye and pale hair. The people of Aryoch were suspicious of Zari but never aggressively pressed his father for information about his birth. Hapi, Zari's father, began losing customers at his enchantment laboratory due to the belief Zari brought bad fortune.

Though Zari showed signs of Sillage affinity and should have been praised, he was ostracized by other children. Older boys would attack and brutalize Zari even before he was seven years old. He'd cry into his father's chest seeking comfort while Hapi was only able to reassure the child. "One day Zari. Your day will come and you will be seen as God-sent. Just wait. Be kind, be strong, and forgive those who don't know better."

After making several connections Hapi was able to acquire a contract working with the Cross. Allowing Zari and himself to work for the organization. As Hapi was busy making enchantments and working with Sillage, Zari was placed into training. There he showed little signs of combat prowess yet displayed a unique trait involving his Fae nature - absorbing sillage from others.

This discriminated power combined with his red eye paved the way for the other young Hallowed to continue the hazing of Zari. Many times Zari wanted to retaliate in anger but he knew nothing good would come of it. If he lashed out and hurt someone, they would more than likely fuel their actions against him with harsher treatment.

Thus he had no other choice but to work harder, force his accolades to the be seen in a brighter light, and allow his actions to speak the words he couldn't. Over time the harassment slowed as people realized Zari wasn't a bad person and witnessed his improved combat skills. Through charisma and non-violent protest Zari overcame a majority of adversaries before the twilight of his teenage years.

At the age of 16 Zari was bestowed with his Bellicosa. Once attuned to the man, the small cross became a pair of hand cuffs. While at first the Bellicosa was seen as strange, their unorthodox nature later proved to be the perfect match for Zari. This additional power allowed Zari to take on more tasks and execute them without combat involvement. The presence of his Fae nature also began to blossom to allow him to excel in non-lethal combat. He was even tasked with the training of younger members due to his tempered personality and willingness to teach.

When Zari turned 20 the seat of the Commander representing Patience became vacant. When Crux sought individuals to take the position, eyes shifted to Zari. His techniques in combat, charisma towards others and the ability to maintain his temperament under the heaviest of situations were traits seen as vital to the Virtue's position. The additional bonus of his Fae heritage was also seen as a way to create diversity among the Commanders.

When approached with the offer, Zari was amused. His father's words had always echoed in the back of his mind and were becoming manifested before him. The Half-Fae would accept the position with honor and grace. At this point he had already gained some moderate renown and was humble when faced with it.
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