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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Athena Elder
Race: Human // Age: Twenty years old // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Demon Knight
Apocrypha, Demon Knight
120 lbs
Face Claim
Fumi Kano from Devil Survivor
Appearance Extras
Her eyes turn a purple, blueish hue when using her spells. Her voice becomes layered with other voices when chanting. It is an indication of her Spellgrhaem.
Akeshic Recorder

Athena's scroll that she uses as a medium to use Alistair's powers. It rolls open from the middle, though there's nothing scribbled in the scroll at all. Once Athena activates her contract with Alistair the scroll becomes dark blue with, azure energy running around it. The scroll itself can levitate and move freely, following Athena's lead. It can also repair itself if it's damaged, with a little bit of sillage from Athena.

Dimensional Hop

The ancient crystal ball she has can be used both as a melee weapon and a catalyst to use Bartimeus' abilities. Once active, it is surrounded by the same blue energy that is Athena's signature Sillage trace. It can levitate and move at considerable speeds, hitting hard enough to crack stone.
Athena is a purebred witch, the product of a witch and a sorcerer learned in the arcane ways of Sillage. She can cast spells, perform rituals, brew a concoction, and harness the power of Sillage for each use. But what makes her different; a special sort of witch, is her ability to cast her ability to cast any kind of spell drawn from a limerick, poem, song or word with as much ease as breathing.

Her Spellghraem, the name of the ability she possesses, is fuelled by her imagination, thoughts and ideas, an intent on what she wants her spells to do. A hazy mind and no objective in mind; Athena risks her spells backfiring, not working, or even damaging her in the process. The one focal point of this ability is the length of incantation. The longer the incantation, the more Sillage the spells uses, thereby making the ability stronger. Longer casting times also allow Athena to create more complex effects, selective targeting, etc. There is one caveat to her power: The effects of her spell are only temporary. Once she lets go of a spell, it will only take a matter of time before

Her heritage as a pure blooded witch has also given her an immense amount of Sillage. Her superhuman reserves of energy can be stipulated to be the result of her family’s selective breeding, culminating in a stockpile of sillage from generation to generation. When in battle or agitated, her Sillage tends to spill, coating her in a rush of blue, powerful aura, causing the air around her to be pressurized, making hard for those not used to such heaviness to run out of breath and eventually faint. Her power, when fully expressed, can be felt very far, even by those who aren't as sensitive to Sillage.

The amount of Demons contracted to her in exchange for a sizable amount of Sillage everyday is testament to her prowess as a witch. Alistair, the Arch-Demon of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Bartimaeus, the High Demon of Inbetween, and Demiurge, the Scourge of the Underworld. These three powerful demonic figures form part of her arsenal as a Demon Knight. Each one is housed in an ancient relic or weapon Athena can use to deploy their abilities.

Alistair, also known as the Advisor of The Most High, shares his ability to Athena as per part of the contract. Through a large ancient scroll, Athena can use the Akeshic Recorder , the ability to manipulate, perceive and absorb the information around him. Through touch and sight, Alistair can absorb data down to the smallest details, process it and store it inside the scroll. Once a target is scanned this reveals the history, memories, emotions, of anything and anyone. It does however, take a while, to absorb this information and even requires the target to be at least within a 20 meter radius of the caster. Places and things are much easier to scan, specially when immobile. Athena can summon and retrieve any and all information in the form of sillage-based holograms, giving her the ability to delete and absorb new information with ease.

The Akeshic Recorder also has the ability to manipulate the information of a target. Athena is capable of implanting memories, rewriting one’s reality, with a wave of her finger. She can completely erase memories, rewrite them, and put new ones, also affecting a target’s personality. The process is flawless, but only at the beginning. Any inconsistencies within the new memories will raise doubts, confuse the target, and depending on the will of the target, their memories will return, or they will go insane. (can be used on NPC, but requires OOC permission to use to IC targets.)

Bartimeus allows Athena to travel between spaces using his Dimensional Hop. He doesn't like company and often hides in another dimension to escape. His new hideout is Athena's crystal orb relic, where she can use his abilities to her personal gain. She can travel to and from places with a simple hop or step, however, she can only travel to places she is familiar with and/or has been to before. Athena can employ this inside and outside of battle, hopping short distances multiple of times. Athena needs to be careful. Overuse of this ability will compromise her own space and she may risk hopping herself out of existence, or ripping her body apart.

The Scourge of The Underworld, Demiurge, is housed in a necklace. It hungs around her neck, taking the shape of a skull with three tails framing it into a circle. Athena can summon Demiurge in it's full form: a [url=]lupine beast[/url] with fur as red as blood. It has three tails and a skull for a face. This form has all the supernatural advantages of a Demon: strength, speed, power. But what makes him dangerous to other demons is his ability "Hunter of Gehenna" which gives him resistance to the effects of abilities, such as curses, hypnotism, and even time freeze. The longer he is exposed to the effect the stronger the effect becomes until it is realized as an immunity. Demiurge can also restore any wounds and damage he receives by consuming his master's Sillage, or from another source.
personality/fun facts
Athena is an intelligent, ruthless woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She likes to tease people of their weakness, pulling at their heartstrings in the most painful way. It is, after all, the best way to get what you want.

While not a patient woman, the Demon Knight loves playing games with people. Despite Apocrypha's noble cause, she is as far removed from the idea as the Black Sun Cabal will ever betray their deity.

The only way to get her attention is with something valuable. She likes shiny, glittering things. Whether it's information or an ancient weapon, she likes gambling when making deals. Even some Demons have called her crazy.

Her hobbies include research on demons, and sillage, as well as the gods. She also likes to travel from place to place, exploring vast unknown places and gathering more knowledge to add to her compendium.
TW: Violence

Athena Elder was born twice, first to her parents and then, born as her true-self. Her story can be traced all the way to the fall of the monarchy, right after the Crux Fidelis, a renegade group takes down the corrupt government. The Elder family had ties with the monarchy before their fall, and like them, they lost all power when the anchor of their wealth was shut down. They moved to a quiet little mansion near the edge of Lake Lachrys.

Belladona and Helios Elder were not much different from the nobles the world knows and hates. They are obnoxious, prideful and greedy. Athena Elder was born out of these characters; a product of the purest and noblest kind. The nobles had lost their grip on Sium, but not completely. With the powers Athena had at her disposal, even at a young, tender age, she would grow up to lead the revival of the monarchy.

Their sole daughter was kind, intelligent and incredibly talented. She did everything in her power to please her parents. They taught her everything they knew about Sillage, spellcasting, potion making. They gave her knowledge about Demons and the history of the world (their own twisted version) in hopes that she may come to realize her destiny.

Crux Fidelis' witch hunt for the revival of the Monarchy reached their doors. Someone had tipped them of her parent's plot to overthrow the current government. But that moment opened her eyes to the truth.

In exchange for the lives, the Elders surrendered Athena to the Crux Fidelis, to do what they want with her. The shock of having being betrayed changed her that moment. The Fidelis spared her parents and took the child, without knowing the brooding thirst for revenge inside her.

It was fortunate that only lower members of the group had been sent to end her parents' schemes. Because then she'd have all the power in the world to start her own scheme. Athena killed the members of the Fidelis, and tortured her parents until they died miserably.

This all happened just after she had turned thirteen years old. She came into her powers quite early, discovering that her abilities were much more than her parents let on. However, fearing that Crux Fidelis would return for her, she went into hiding.

Her magical prowess made her valuable for Apocrypha, who after making it's mark on the world, would become Athena's solace. She discovered and learned very quickly that power and blood was the currency that ran the world.

Staying as a lower-ranking member for Athena wasn't enough. The young woman craved for power, and upon hearing the weapons that the members of Apocrypha were contracts with demonic beings, she sought to make contracts with her own.

It would take at least seven years before Athena would amass the knowledge and power she holds now, even going as far as taking one of the top positions as a Demon Knight.

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