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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Adamas Oblige
Race: human/angel // Age: 55 // Gender: male // Orientation: bisexual // Occupation: commander - diligence
Crux Fidelis, Commander - Diligence
Face Claim
Shirou Kotomine - Fate/Apocrypha
Appearance Extras
Mantle of Purification: The bellicosa given to Adamas when he joined the Crux Fidelis, its form is that of a red cloak that Adamas wears all the time. When awakened it glows with luminescence which extends to Adamas' body and concentrates at his hands, allowing him to exorcise lesser demons or cause holy damage to greater ones searing their flesh making them flinch.
Adamas' powers and abilities derive from contracts made between his ancestors and the angelic orders. Each generation has forged one pact with each order. Adamas belongs to the ninth generation of the family without having formed a pact with the ninth order that of the Seraphim, yet.

  • Eulogia: The first pact, forged with the Angels. The spell unleashes healing powers mending any kind of wound be it physical or mental no matter its severity. The spell can also heal/purify the user's surroundings (air, land, water etc.).
    *Limbs cannot be regenerated, only the wound will close.
    *If the heart or brain of the wounded are irreversibly damaged the spell has no effect.

  • Asylum: The second pact, forged with the Archangels. The spell creates a sacred barrier-like space with words of protection around it capable of withstanding both magical and physical attacks/objects up to a threshold. It also prohibits entrance to those deemed as enemies by the user.

  • Innocentia: The third pact, forged with the Principalities. The user chants a multitude of protective prayers entering a trance-like state. In this state whoever is deemed worthy of protection in the eyes of the user is granted invulnerability to all kinds of maladies -whether natural or supernatural- as well as all kinds of malicious intent.
    *The spell excludes direct harming abilities like offensive magic or physical attacks/objects.
    *The spell lasts only while the trance state and the chants continue.

  • Salvatio: The fourth pact, forged with the Powers. The spell momentarily suppresses powers and abilities deriving from demon pacts or demons themselves. It can also break the pacts without the person incurring the consequences if they wish to be rid of them.
    *The stronger the demon, the lesser is this spell's influence over them. The user might also be exhausted for some time proportional to the demon's resistance and power.

  • Benedictio: The fifth pact, forged with the Virtues. Should a member of the family arrive at a dead end with no available solutions the Virtues intervene performing a miracle and offering a viable answer to the issue at hand.
    *Could potentially need OOC approval.

  • Inquisitio: The sixth pact, forged with the Dominions. The user summons chains of divine light binding his enemies, restricting their actions and movement and weakening them over time should they struggle. If the chained enemy is a demon they are also dealt damage as the chains sear their flesh.
    *Despite weakening the bound individual, they can be broken with enough effort or if the force outright overpowers them.

  • Elegia: The seventh pact, forged with the Thrones. The user recites a lament for the dead reaching out to a deceased individual's soul. The individual can be resurrected as long as they didn't die of old age or of their own will.
    *The spell won't have an effect on demons, or someone that used demonic powers or performed evil deeds unless they sought earnest redemption before their death.
    *Needs OOC approval.

  • Immortalitas: The eighth pact, forged with the Cherubim. The firstborn of each generation inherits its ancestor's immortality with the latter starting to age normally again . Adamas' internal clock has stopped and is now not a second older than twenty-one years of age.
    *Adamas feels twice the normal pain.
    *Immortality holds as long as the individual has the will to live.

  • All of the angelic pacts become void should the maker form a pact with a demon or perform an evil act while having full knowledge of the situation. Should this occur, reestablishment of the pacts is almost unattainable.
    personality/fun facts
  • Adamas is a gentle and polite person, mostly seen with a smile on his face. His kind words and calm tone make him well-liked by others. He is the type of person that will sit down and listen to other people's worries, trying to comfort them if possible. He won't attempt to start a conversation often but also won't attempt to end it, if others start opening up to him he will open up in return with the prospect of becoming friends or allies with the person. Adamas is a loyal, protective and caring friend. He expects people to have proper manners and act civilized, without omitting a few jokes here and there.

  • Even though emotions are dominant within Adamas, he tries to see things from as many sides as possible. Having experienced situations where letting emotions take over led to a rather unwanted conclusion he has now grown more accustomed to keeping them in check. He's not quick to judge and will first observe for himself if someone is worth of punishment or not, with logic first in mind instead of emotion, aside from a few special cases.

  • He also loves nature, the blossoming flowers during spring and the delightful scents they exude captivate him while he spends time admiring their different colors and beauty. He's a friend to animals, often seeing that they show less fear towards him than others.

  • Adamas has a beautiful voice making him adept at chanting hymns, prayers and even singing. Having trained with his father from a very young age he has perfect control over his voice. He loves serene melodies and ecclesiastical-like tunes.

  • He dislikes participating in fights or arguments, he will never attempt to start one and always try to find a peaceful solution through words and communication before engaging in actual combat.

  • Adamas thinks of life as the ultimate gift and as such holds it in high regard. He often uses his healing and protective abilities to keep others safe from harm if it can't be done through normal means. He fears that there might come a day when he won't be able to save an innocent life within his reach.
  • backstory
    During the time demons terrorized Sium and the humans inhabiting the lands, a family with strong faith in the light tried to offer any help possible to those hunted by the dark beings. Having spent more than half their riches on providing shelter and food to people throughout the land, they became known for their benevolence. Then the time came when the family was hunted down by the malevolent beasts, one by one eight members of the family were murdered with only one staying alive. In the year 497 the man was ultimately cornered like a helpless creature, as the demons attacked a brilliant light shone above him burning the beasts to ashes. The man opened his eyes and saw angels hovering above him offering him a pact of power for being a benefactor to people in need. He and his descendants were to continue helping the people of Sium and in return they would have the favor of the angels, giving them abilities that people wouldn't normally be able to receive or handle. The man took the name Oblige as the family name, a reminder to the promise that was made, the order of the Angels gave the man a drop of their blood, informing him that if his family would uphold the pact they would gain the favor of even more powerful angels and with that they vanished. The man with angelic blood now in his veins created his family from the start.

    In the next decades that came the family grew and as generations came and went, the firstborn member of each generation made a new pact with a higher angelic order and gained new powers, always reminiscent of their oath to provide help to those in need.

    During the eighth generation the demons launched an all out attack on the family, even though they were able to protect themselves well they didn't have any means of attacking the demons directly. Their energy waned as they got weary of the constant assault, even if some were brought back from the dead their power reserves kept declining. It was then that they implored the angels for a miracle. The firstborn was taken away in secrecy while the others gave their lives as her shield. When she finally was safe the order of the Cherubim appeared reassuring her that now a new power arrived at Sium and with that power humans would also be able to help themselves, but her work or that of her family wasn't over yet. The angels established the eighth pact with her, rendering her immortal after her plea of handling the weight of helping others in need alone. Only after a couple eons did she finally settle in with a loved one and her immortality passed on to her son, Adamas.

    Adamas grew in a safer world than his ancestors, his mother told him the story of their family as spoken by the angels each time a new pact was formed, she taught him to be virtuous and pious for he had a great role in the world as one of its protectors. Adamas grew to be an intelligent individual, being fascinated by books from a young age it wasn't often that he left the house. Even though he didn't spend much time with others due to that fact, he was always kind and loved by people, his abilities and ideals having saved many.

    Ultimately, he decided to join the Crux Fidelis at the age of 20, as they too wanted to protect humanity from the demonic danger. He showed great promise in his early years in the faction and through his powers and dedication, he quickly rose through the ranks attaining that of the Commander, for his hard work and persistent efforts to protect the humans he was given the spot of Diligience at the age of 49. Despite being aware of the corruption within the Crux he still believed in their main cause of protecting Sium and accepted the position, after all in his mind it would become easier to reach even more people through a high-ranked position.

    Six years later and he still seldom stays long at the headquarter as he mostly travels around Sium offering his aid to people in need or other faction members he meets during his travels. Due to his kind nature and beliefs he views all members of the faction more as colleagues than ranked members of lesser or greater power.
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