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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Judas Grimhilde
Race: Human/Demon // Age: 25 // Gender: He/Him/His // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Freelance Mercenary
Freelance, Mercenary
6’ 4”// 8’ 5” Alt.
186 lbs//???lbs Alt.
Face Claim
Jason Todd // Pedri Nanezgani Alt. form
Appearance Extras
△ Has a glyph tattooed on his right hand, signifying he’s binded and containing a demon to himself. Its hidden by his gloves he usually wears.

△ His eyes are greyish blue that turn a pinkish red when he uses Somnias’ powers.

△ Has sharper teeth than the average human as well as slightly pointed ears and sharper irises but it isn't noticable instantly.

△ His right hand is also black, marked from when his Belicosa exploded.

△ Has massive scarring from his jobs, his time as a Crux, and fighting Somnia.
♢Silver Daggers – A replica of his destroyed Belicosa, these are just plain old daggers made of silver. Silver is known to be highly toxic to supernatural creatures. There is nothing else remarkable about these weapons.
♧Enhanced Combat – Judas is quite skilled in close combat, especially with daggers and short swords. His training from his days as a hallowed and training with his demon hunting family have served him alongside his natural enhances body. While he is able to get up close and strike fast those hits are usually nothing to write home about, but eventually they begin to add up before one knows it.

♧ Bound Demon: Somnia – The demon Somnia was tricked and captured by Judas after dragging him into Alptraum. The demon is now bound and contained within Judas, this works similar as a demon contract however Judas gains more than he loses since the demon had no choice but to submit. If Judas dies before releasing the demon, the demon too shall die permanently. The nature of the binding magic destroys the souls after death, one of many safeguards to prevent demons from reemerging after the death of the container. Through this binding, Judas has gained the use of Somnias’ powers and his physical form.


♧ Demon of Dreams – This ability allows Judas to borrow Somnias’ form, transforming into a full demon. Inactive, his body enhanced above the average the average human being. Once he slips into Somnias’ form, he become far stronger, faster, and durable, supernaturally superior to the average human. While Judas and slip in and out of this form without complications, using this form does put a strain on his partially human body. If he goes beyond his limit he will require a day of rest. Continuous use of this form without resting will result in death. Judas doesn't need this form to use his other abilities, however using his abilities in that form will make them stronger.

♧ Purple Haze – This ability allows Judas to emit a purple colored mist that lulls people in a dream like state but put them to sleep entirely. In this dream like state they target begins to hallucinate dream like structures, experiencing dreams in the waking world. The dreams depend on the state of mind of the target.

The dreams can very well turn into a nightmare, injuries sustained in dreams aren't real but they will feel real and the pain will feel real. The mist extends upwards to a radius of 100ft, those remaining within that field will continue to experience the vivid hallucinations until they leave. After that it takes generally an hour for the mist to leave a person's system. Those resilient to hallucinations will still experience the soothing feeling the mist causes. The mist has a strong fragrant scent to it that's nice but too much, invading the senses to get people to that dreamlike state.

[While this works normally for npc character not played by staff, requires player permission to activate hallucinations. Otherwise ability will just keep them in a calm state until an hour]

♧ Twilight Walker – Judas can slip into a place in between the waking world and the dream realm, this place is a bluish purple version of the waking word. The only difference is it is starkly empty and devoid of life save for dream constructs used to serve as messages to dreamers, for example animals like horses or dogs. Slipping into this place allows him to become 'invisible' in the waking physical world. With it he can travel to places lowkey and none aside the people who have the ability to see beyond the waking realm would be none the wiser. He can slip in and out of this realm with relative ease but it is unwise for a mortal like him to spend more than three days in that place or else he'd become trapped permanently. While in this state Judas can't attack anyone without slipping back into the physical realm. Judas can also use the constructs there to travel much more quickly than walking.

♧ Dream Weaver – Judas emits a light bluish mist that does cause people to fall asleep or keep them in a deep sleep. Then he is able to enter their dreams, from there he can do a number of things. When inside the target’s dream Judas is able to observe the dream as it was intended as a silent voyeur. Whether or not a person can acknowledge depends on whether he wants to be acknowledge and how aware they are dreaming. He can also bestow the dreamer with lucid dreaming and make them aware of the dream they are partaking in. Judas can also change and shape dreams as he sees fit, whether it be the sweetest of dreams or the most abhorrent nightmare he can come up with. As long as the dreamer doesn’t realize he is there he can shift the dream as he likes but the moment the notice him it becomes harder to control the dream as the dreamer can also control their dreams once they become aware of it. Judas can usually only bring himself into dreams but he is able to bring people out, or rather waking them.

[While this works normally for npc character not played by staff, requires player permission to reshape dreams and to force characters to awaken. Otherwise Judas will remain a passive voyeur of the dreamers dreamscape.]

♧ Phantom Walker – While he can phase through the physical plane with his Twilight Walker ability, this allows Judas to become intangible on the physical place, allowing them to phase through solid objects. While they can’t be harmed in this form, he can’t attack other people as that will cancel out the ability and make him tangible again. There are certain areas that Judas still can’t pass through, for example Judas can’t pass through areas considered hallowed or holy. Other places that have been sealed something considered “Anti-Demon” prevent Judas from passing through those areas as well. This can also apply to being within those areas, if he is in an area considered holy or anti-demon then he will be unable to activate this ability.

[Judas has no access to these abilities so long as long as he's bound and containing a demon.]

♧Unholy Binding – An ability that is taught from generation to generation of Grimhildes, this allows Judas to entrap and bind a demon to his soul. The demon then becomes contained into his body and he can force the demon to give him their powers. Judas will release chains from his hand and chest that wrap around the space around him and the demon. Then the chains will entangle the demon and drag them towards Judas and seal them inside his body and mark Judas' body with glyph to signify that he has contained a demon (or any supernatural creature really). Once the demon’s will is binded to Judas’ he can have them give him their powers to use much like a contract.

This spell binds the demon soul to Judas’ and they sort of have linked minds, the demon can speak directly into his mind. The demon can see through Judas’ eyes, and they can feel his pain. As a failsafe the spell has the ability to destroy the demon permanently if Judas does not release the demon prior to his death. This was original used to prevent captured demons from being freed after their container dies.

There are limitations to what the binding spell can and can’t do, while the spell was specifically designed to contain demons most supernatural beings are also fair game. Humans cannot be contained by this spell because of the nature of how the spell was made, however should they transform into something inhuman then they are fair game. Gods also cannot be contained as their power is unable to be contained within a mortal body. After containing one supernatural being Judas cannot contain anymore until he releases the trapped being inside of him. This ability tends to be very draining so sleep and a day’s rest is required after using this ability.

[If this ability is being used on a player’s character this requires player permission]
personality/fun facts

♤Self Serving

☆Has a great deal of skills due to working as a mercenary. From lockpicking to sailing a ship to falsifying documents.

☆The white in his hair is a genetic trait that is passed from Grimhilde to Grimhilde.

☆Judas is a quick learner, taking things hands on and learning a new skill within a few weeks to a month.

☆Judas' backstory changes from person to person. One minute he's a captain of a ship the next he is a prince from a small unheard of state within Sium sent out to learn what the rest of the place is like.

☆Will literally flirt with anything that comes into contact with him.

☆Has a sort of passport with his mother's family crest that he uses to get out of trouble.

☆The Grimhilde family has other spells like absorbing a demons essence to become fully demonic and kill the demon contained within but Judas only learned the sealing spell feeling that was enough to get him by.
Judas' backstory is a little convoluted due to the fact that he's usually lying about his origins. One time he had been a prince who decided that he wanted to see the world. Should anyone else ask him about his he would deny ever saying that and give them another story. But the man will occasionally sprinkle some truth in his stories, string those speckles of truth and you get his origins.

While Judas was no prince he did live a childhood of somewhat privilege. He was the son of a Dutchess from Empyrean, her husband however was not his father. Instead the woman had an affair with a strange man with a white stripe in his hair. It was evident that Judas was not the son of the Duke because he too bore the same white stripe. Because of this, Judas had been treated less fairly than his older half siblings. He always got in trouble and he was always verbally abused. Judas quickly grew a spine and always seemed to get in trouble on purpose, having no fear of the man he called 'father'. Fearing for her youngest son's life, the Duchess had sent her son away with another family member an aunt and uncle.

Judas' aunt and uncle worked with Crux Fidelis and brought into the fold hoping to snap him from troublemaking ways. It seemed to work as Judas went through his training and received his belicosa at 15, they turned into silver colored daggers. He was going on missions that following year and seemed to be doing a good job. However things would take a gradual shift when Judas was approached by a man with the same white stripe he had.

Judas was confronted by someone that looked like him, initially thought to be his father but it had turned out to be his brother. This man had been looking all over for Judas, it was time he was told the truth about his true heritage. As explained his true last name was Grimhilde, the Grimhildes had been a famous family that spans all the way to before sillage had been bestowed to mortals. The Grimhildes were hunters, specifically demon hunters. Using silver based weapons to kill as many demons as they could wherever they could. After sillage had been bestowed to mortals the Grimhildes had been blessed with powers unimaginable, they were able to kill demons at an exponential rate. However things were not as they seemed.

The patriarch of the Grimhildes, Cyrus Grimhilde harboured a dark secret that only he and the other hunters of the family knew. Eventually it was revealed when his son Luvas Grimhilde had turned on him. Their powers were not their own, the powers the hunters used to kill demons, were from demons themselves. Cyrus developed spells that would allow him and the other hunters to capture demons and force them to give the mortals their powers to use. And even to absorb the essence of the demon and become demons themselves. This caused a split between the hunters and the rest of non hunting Grimhildes. And the rest of sium as well, the hunters were seen as heretics for becoming demons and were outcasted from the family.

After the incident where Lucas Grimhilde had killed many innocent people in his drunken power rage, the non hunting Grimhildes changed their names amd joined Crux Fidelis to hunt down the rest of the hunters who'd become demons. The hunters fled and hid in the shadows, they managed to save their spells and remain hidden for many years. Eventually they realized that they their numbers would dwindle from demon attacks as well as attacks from Crux Fidelis. To combat the situation the remainder Grinhildes would dedicate their time to spread their seed and create more of them with mortal women who would not know the history of the traitorous demon hunters. When the young children were old enough they were whisked away to become the next in line of Grimhildes, still carrying out their duties to hunt and contain demons. Upon learning his family origins, Judas' belicosa burned his side. The moment he pulled it out it exploded in his hand, burning it to a smoldering black. Signifying his betrayal for simply being a Grimhilde.

When Judas asked about his father he was simply told his father was no longer with them, he assumed that meant he was killed. Judas was brought into their fold and trained as many others, however Judas was not interested in hunting demons. He did want power, he played along and trained hard to be able to learn the family spells. There was only one he wanted to learn and the moment he did he left. It wasn't easy when one of the family members could read his mind. The other Grimhildes wasted no time attacking him but a sudden portal had him out of the place where the other Grimhildes hid. It was then he met with his father, Solomon Grimhilde who wasn't really dead.

No, for he had done the same as Judas. He had no desires to hunt the demons as the rest of his family and instead wished to use his powers to do as he pleased. They had hoped to ensure Judas would not come out like his father but he was like his father through and through. After meeting with him Judas began to travel on his own. He became a freelancing, taking whatever job he could to make as much money as ge could. He'd gotten really good at undertaking any job given to him, so much so he started receiving high paying jobs that were far more dangerous that the average person could handle.

One job was paying him extremely well for a relic that was in the hands of a demon called Somnia. Judas wanted that payment so he went ahead and tracked the demon down, Somnia was way stronger than he initially thought, dragging him into Alptraum to fight. When the demon had him pinned he suddenly remembered he had the sealing spelled and used it on Somnia, containing the dream demon inside his body. And like his uncle had said, he could force the demon to give him powers. Which Judas now uses for his jobs. Somnia was not happy about his situation and threatens Judas when he can whilst keeping him alive because of Judas dies they die too much to the demon's annoyance.
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