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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: human // Age: 21 // Gender: female // Orientation: heterosexual // Occupation: Rebel
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Yumeko Jabami
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When not in need of using her Akull, Andromeda sticks to a weapon that she has received from her superior; Corvyx. Lufte is a warfan duo that Andromeda keeps on her person at all times. The weaponry is large enough to intimidate, but is able to be carried casually on either side of her hips. When sheathed, the two fans just seem like additions to her uniform. They aren't extremely bold or colorful to draw immediate attention. Albeit, when drawn--the fans are full of blades. Allowing Andromeda to slice at her opponents with practiced movements in combat.
To be strong, you needed to have power; and without her Bellicosa. Andromeda was left without anything to defend her but her hands. Seeking out someone to strike a deal like most, Andromeda planned to give whatever she could to have power. Albeit, the power she had come across was not what she expected. Corvyx was a tall, antagonistic dork. Giving Andromeda the power of Akull with only the request of unwavering loyalty and to act as his second-in-command. Andromeda agreed without hesitance.

Akull gives Andromeda the power to control ice to her wishes. She can create, bend and manipulate Ice into different shapes, walls, and even weapons. She can harden the ice to make it more durable, and use it to shield herself and allies from other forces. The ice can come from any point of her body, but typically she molds it from her palms and fingertips. Andromeda has a resistance to her own cold, only showing the effects after over extending her powers. When it is active, her skin is cool to the point of burning others at the touch. Frost gathering around the corners of her eyes and points of normal extreme heat in her body.
personality/fun facts
Andromeda’s personality can be seen as dichotomized. A facade built of two halves that contrast completely, making her seem like quite the two-faced individual. Albeit, her facade is one she’s developed for one specific person. This side of her being structured and manipulated to his exact liking, a fond image only to appear under his gaze. Most are unaware of this other halve to her persona, as it only unfolds when her special person is around; others seen as unworthy to be graced in its presence, unless the rarity occurs that someone can catch her with her loved one. Even in this case, her genial rays are left only shining upon him. Her gaze unable to be drawn elsewhere.

This personality is one built on unending fondness and admiration. Tender and content emotions piling up and overflowing over her years of being apart from him. Andromeda in her genial form, is a gentle, affectionate and kind creature. She is charismatic, yet modest. Using her body to suggest and eyes to seduce yet her words stay only flattering, never pushing so far as to disturb unless the situation calls for it. She presents herself as powerful, a prideful action she can’t suffocate even for him--but allows her weakness to show. Adding an aura of delicacy to herself that she doesn’t allow anyone else to receive. This part of her is something intimate, only allowed under his idiosyncratic eyes.

It is a great contrast to what people usually see; the real Andromeda. Constructed under harsh training and verbal lectures to scar the weak minded. A history with equal pampering and trauma that have crafted her to be stoic and stony. Andromeda’s other side is known for its wickedness, and while she is aware of this fact; she finds great pride in who she is and has a severe superiority complex. She is a violent, power hungry, rebel with an apathetic taste to life. She has no interest in those outside of her person. Not caring for their opinions or feelings unless they are a higher status than her; or their happiness in her work can bring her success. Andromeda’s willing to please is thin but strong. Meaning it is sparse for people, but when in use--she works hard. Otherwise, people generally mean nothing to her unless they have somehow weaseled under her skin to gain her trust. A rarity that won’t find light for years to come.

''✦'' - Just like her two sides, Andromeda divides her powers between her personalities. When her usual, wicked self; Andromeda is invited to use all of her strength she has gained from her contracts. Using them in strategic ways in attempts to dominate in battles, Andromeda never holds back when bringing violence upon those she deems it worthy of. Albeit, when it comes to her other personality--Andromeda doesn’t use them at all. After time with her powers, not using them on the field has proved to been a test of her patience. But she finds her rebel side dirty when around her Crux fiance--and finds that using her contract made powers around him is a sign of disrespect she does not wish to show him.

''✦'' - Andromeda is a very hardworking individual. While others shy away from heavy workloads, Andromeda is happy to take them on. She loves keeping herself busy, and there is no greater way to keep busy than to work. Despite her apathetic and sometimes bratty attitude, Andromeda takes orders well. Depending on who they’re from, she only needs to hear something once to carry it out as well as she can. Her tendencies delve into that of a perfectionist. Her work is always thorough and precise. Making sure every detail is correct is a must, if not, she is left unsatisfied.

''✦'' - The two halves of Andromeda never share the light at the same time. As they are separate styles of herself entirely and she never needs them both at once. Albeit, in rare instances, she can be seen as a cross between the two. Rather than mixing, it can be seen as glitching between the two in rapid succession. These borderline manic episodes are usually triggered by someone interfering with her loved one. Not only is she incredibly protective of him, but she also doesn’t want any slightly too interested creature near him. Once fallen into an episode, dragging her out is a practically impossible task unless she can get her hands on the one causing disturbance.

It seemed that in her case, life would always be a succession of trials. Her birth was a planned one. Treated like a delicacy of tradition rather than the creation of life out of love. She was a concoction of her mother’s looks and father’s personality. Her countenance akin to a porcelain doll, and her tone always laced with venom. The young girl taking after her father was a surprise to no one. All of her time wasted away in his presence, following at the click of his heels and basking in his ideals. Andromeda wouldn’t become old enough to understand her mother’s absence in her life for some time after; albeit to everyone outside of her, Andromeda’s purpose was obvious. She was had with her father’s insistence, her mother was just the vessel.

Her mother felt no love towards her, giving Andromeda the cold shoulder the second she learned to walk. Her father was everything to her. He gave her all the knowledge he seemed fit for her to know, raised her with the gentleness of a creator planning something for quite some time. Taught to act proper, to speak only when spoken to, to protect herself and those around her, and to never show weakness. She was the perfected copy of his own persona, and he couldn’t be more pleased with his work.

Love was a foreign thing to Andromeda. Her heart longing for it but her mind not quite registering what it was. Her father loved her truly, and Andromeda loved him back—but it was more out of adoration, and respect. This had all changed at the meeting of her fiancé. Planned marriages was a thing her father spoke of from the beginning; albeit Andromeda never figured she would be introduced so soon. Valerian was a gorgeous young man with a look that was different from anything she had ever seen. He was polite, but reluctant to show any true kindness. Maybe it had been the way she was raised, how her father’s orders were her life line and choices were not meant to be her own. Maybe it was truly love at first sight, a tale that was beyond herself; yet occurred in this moment. Valerian opened up a spark in her veins and gave her a new purpose in her routine. To impress, cherish, and adore him endlessly. To be the perfect wife for someone who had so much potential to be great.

She found calm when in his presence. The soft and curious side of her unfolding under his eyes. She’d follow him around whenever he’d let her. They were children then, and Andromeda couldn’t pinpoint her feelings yet—but her adoration started early, her infatuation growing.

To Andromeda’s grandfather, the life of a crux was never meant for their bloodline. Born into an extremely religious family, the Parvana’s were known for their work for Eleftherios. Her father succeeded her grandfather as a priest. Taking on their family’s tradition of men playing apart in religious practice. Eleftherios was the blessing in their life. Worshipping Eleftherios brought his family every success they had come to known. Albeit the Parvana’s truly believed that the Crux were defiling Eleftherios’ wishes—and drawing shame on them for being allianced with them. It was her grandfather’s wish to be free from the Crux; and when the opportunity came, her family didn’t waste the chance to take it.

The transition into rebellion, was one that pushed at Andromeda’s sanity. With her father’s careful words, spoken in hushed whispers with chords of concern; it became apparent that they would be leaving their home. To Andromeda, this was beyond her ways of coping that she had drilled into her. Her home was all that she knew, her family, her religion, and her love all resided there. Fleeing the lands of the Crux and flooding into apocrypha was something she couldn’t believe was happening. The idea of it only settling in at the rejection of her bellicosa. It lashed out—striking the top of her thigh and branding her with an ugly mark that practically read ‘traitor’. The tears that fell that night were ones of mourning, her father’s actions permeating through her denial and allowing her to finally accept the truth. She had betrayed the Crux with her family, and would now carry her life out in apocrypha.

She became jaded without her fiancé to watch over. Her father losing his status as priest and his purpose as well. Huddling into himself and turning to random frivolous entertainments to keep himself busy. Andromeda would have none of it. She kept up her fighting practices and made sure her mental stability was in check. Promising to herself that she would make it back to it one day, convinced she was meant to be by his side. There was no way she could go back to the Crux so easily, instead she decided the best course of action would be to find power here in apocrypha. Climbing the ranks and finding herself a voice was her only chance at getting back to Valerian. Determined, Andromeda set her goals firmly. Permeating into a mindset of her own in order to reach what she found most desirable.
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