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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Freyr Aldrich
Race: Peacock Demon // Age: 587 // Gender: male // Orientation: pansexual // Occupation: Professional Anathema
Freelance, Professional Anathema
184 lbs
Face Claim
Red Lancer - Fate/Apocrypha
Appearance Extras
Freyr really loves flashy fashion. All of his jewelry is a statement piece. He doesn't care about the rule that one should only wear one statement piece. People should look at all of him. He is often covered in gold and jewels of some sort, even if that's just asking for trouble.
Freyr's only physical weapons are a pair of arm bracers. They are gold in color and each one has three spikes that can shoot out in an instant or be retracted via an enchantment. Freyr just has to think it and they will expand. They can expend up to eight inches, making them really only suited for close combat or blocking an incoming blade.

-It's not technically a weapon, but he could kill people with it if he wanted to. Freyr has a motorcycle, mostly for looks. It doesn't go all that fast, and he could travel faster if he just flew. He simply had to show off his money. It even has the wing of Aeson added on one side.
-Freyr is a sane man's nightmare. He is capable of disrupting things around him, including the thoughts of those around him. This can be used to mess with the density of incoming spells, weakening them some, sometimes even nullifying them completely if they are from a weak silage user. He has to make physical contact with the attack though, so some part of him is damaged fully. Usually he'll use his hands for this.

By extending his power by pointing at someone he can interfere with their bodies. He can make their muscles feel loose or extra tight. He can null their pain or make it prominent. He can even mess with their brain activity to some degree. Freyr cannot take over someone's mind, but he can make them think of something out of nowhere that might give them an idea. He can talk to People this way. He can even break illusions or the mind control of others. Freyr is even able to override the great Pontifex'so mind control, but only for a couple of minutes which is all the time it usually takes for him to get away whenever Crux Fidelis members find him. Though, stronger members of Crux Fidelis will be back under the Pontifex'a control faster.

-Demonic Powers-
-Since he is a demon, Freyr has heightened abilities in both strength and speed. His reaction times are boosted and over the years he has built up a great amount of stamina. Freyr is also able to heal at a quickened rate and even regenerate lost limbs over time.

-Since he is a demon of peacock nature he is capable of flight. When he wishes to fly, beautiful blue feathers grow on his wrist and ankles and he seems to just float about as he pleases.

-What is a peacock without a lovely tail? Freyr's tail is a glorious one when he reveals it, made entirely of a flame-like energy. It is a mix of colors, the most dominant color always changing based on his mood. He can use this energy to corm a protective barrier around himself and others or create constructs like a sword or a paddle, whatever you're into. Despite looking gaseous, his tail is completely solid and hard to cut with normal weapons.

-Freyr is able to sense a relative so long as it is within a few generations. All he had to do is look at that person to know if he's related to them. He won't know the exact relation, but he'll know it's there. It is a bit easier for him to use his disruption power on these people since a part of him is inside of them.

-He is also able to make a family like bond with someone if he shares blood with them, kind of like a child's blood brother ritual, but real. He will be able to sense them when is near them, within a mile or so. Disruption on these people is even easier since his blood was directly inside of them.

-Contract Abilities-
After forming a contract with his sister, Freyr gained her ability to manipulate her flaming darkness. It has manifested entirely in his tail, and now whenever he is using his tail the ends are pitch black. Any weapon that he created also has a blackish hue in areas, and when he hits a person, the wound has the same kind of corrosive effect as her darkness. He can also create beams or flaming projectiles for long range fighting, which he's trying to get more used to.
personality/fun facts
Freyr is a flashy man who always acts with a certain kind of old high class. It's a mix of his nature and the way he was raised, basically being told he was special, even if that praise was coming from someone like Moriavatu. He's always had power and money so he's taken care of himself and become... somewhat snobbish. Freyr looks down on ordinary people and he thinks he's more or less flawless, especially in his appearance. He's high maintenance and a bit old fashioned, but at least he doesn't look old. Wrinkles terrify him.

For a while Freyr was rather docile. He had to fight Crux Fidelis whenever they butted into his life, but he figured it was easier than fighting them all the time like he used to. And it certainly was easier. He made a lot of money and honestly didn't have to do that much as a body guard after he was well known enough. He wasn't entirely sure when he became famous, but apparently his name dpread either for his good work or because of the fact he's an Anathema that managed to survive a hundred years of Crux Fidelis hunting him down.

But now he's done with that life, and he's embraced his less than wanted fame. He's made it his goal to change the world by getting rid of anyone that opposes how he sees things, within reason of course. Like theres small exceptions for his family and those that have given him aid. And while that may seem like a super villain kind of plan, Freyr doesn't see himself as a bad person. He's done bad things, but he's trying to make up for it now. He's been reconnecting with his children, taking care of his sister, and finally following a worthy purpose in life. If anyone is wrong its the people who have made the world the way it is.

-From his work he gained the nickname of "Blood Eagle" despite his distaste for the name. It's likely because he can fly and his tail is often red when he's fighting. It's disgusting to him to be called be some other bird's name.
Freyr was born long before sillage was anything a demon had to worry about. It was people that had ot worry about demons, and Freyr was a shining example of that. His father, Moriavatu, was a terrifying demon that served Orpheus religiously, literally, and went about Sium spreading love for the god and creating a family that could follow in his footsteps. They all seemed to disappoint him in one way or another, until Freyr was born, and he decided the boy was going ot stay by his side as his favorite.

A few years went by and his fatehr met back up with his mother again, and she gave birth to his younger sister, Crowe. And if it hadn't been for her Freyr probably would have lost his mind centuries ago. Moriavatu thoguht he was doing well to raise his children the way he did, but it was brutal and unloving and Freyr grew up to hate the man, but he couldn't say he was one hundred percent unhappy. He had Crowe and his other siblings. He didn't have much to fear. He was powerful. He didn't have it in him to complain.

And then humans became able to fight back. It was only a short time before practically all of Freyr's family was gone. It started with his father. He didn't know what happened at the time, but apparently some humans overpowered him and sealed him away. And everything should have been better then. But unfortnately three centuries at his father's side had gained Freyr his own enemies, and it didn't take long for him to become a target for humans.

They created some... copy of him, a thing named Aeson. That creature's one purpose was to kill him, but the underestimated him and that thing was unsuccessful time and time again. So it did the next logical thing apparently and went after the rest of his family, his brothers and sisters, their children, any bird it could find until only a few were left.

For a century he did nothing but fight back, letting his rage guide him right into a fight will Crux Fidelis directly. It was a blood bath, and he had stood victorious over a number of Hallowed. Enough was finally enough and he was marked as a true threat that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. The Pontifex was quick to make him an anathema, unaware that Freyr would work his magic and live through the next century as well.

Shortly after the Hallowed massacre, a strange feeling came over him when he laid eyes on a young woman. Then he realized she wasn't young at all. He recognized her. She had been one of his oldest sisters. It dawned on him then that he hadn't seen his family in decades, hadn't felt that love he still had for them since then. Freyr hadn't realized how much he had missed it. He had been lost in his rage for so long that he had forgotten why he was even angry. He wanted that loving feeling back. He wanted a new family, one that would fill the world so that no matter where he looked he could feel that joy again, unaware of how he was just repeating the history of his father.

Despite being known as a criminal, Freyr starting put himself out for hire as a bodyguard. It was a good way to meet the many people and grow his family and still make a decent living. More than a decent living. He gathered up his own little fortune really over the next century. He also got quite the family going, even if he never met most of the family he personally created with different women. Somehow it never felt quite right to stick around. Maybe he was afraid of turning into his father. Then there was the fact he barely knew most of those women all that well. He was just so focused on trying to fill that void space.

But finally realization hit him, and he put an end to that lifestyle. He was working and had Crowe with him to spend some quality time with her. She had been broken nearly beyond by repair by different women, and after an emotional run in with Crux Fidelis they discovered the feelings they had for each other, feelings that went beyond just siblings. Crowe had been his eveyrthing when he was younger, and he finally knew what it all meant. He was undeniably in love with her, and she felt the same way towards him.

He retired after that, and he thought he was finally going to get to be happy. He even met a few of his children, ones who didn't seem to hate him for just existing. Well, maybe they did, but they were also able to see beyond that. He lived in his beach side hime with Crowe. He took care of her, took her shopping, did everything a couple in love would do.

And then their father returned. There was no warning. He was just there. And his childhood came rushing back to him, and if Crowe hadn't shown up with more willpower than he ever imagined she had he would have given in and let his father kill him. It was then that they formed a contract with one another, some spur of the moment demonic wedding kind of bonding and despite his injuries they were able to survive the encounter.

And it gave Freyr a new purpose. He wasn't going to be his father's puppet. He wasn't going to let Crux Fidelis rule how he lived. He wasn't going to let the humans cause his children misery with their experiments. That cult of the black god would have no power over his family. He was going to change the world if that meant killing everyone in it. He started with his family and the other anathema he had heard about. There were criminals who would aid him. All for the purpose of fixing the messed up world that had never done anything for any of them.
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