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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: High Elf // Age: 359 years old // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Self-proclaimed Best Swordswoman in the World
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6'0" ft.
100 lbs.
Face Claim
Mabinogi - Andras
Appearance Extras
Vas is missing her the tip portion of her ring finger and the middle portion of her pinky on her left hand. Currently, she also houses several scars along that same left hand oddly enough, some of which are burn marks too. All of those are hidden underneath her clothes to give an aura of being untouchable, having never incurred damage from battle despite the contrary.

Typically, she hides her ears underneath a wide brimmed hat with a feather, with her ears tucked into it, and her blonde lock of hair concealing those knife-like ears.

The sort of attire Vas wears is what she considers to be downright prudish by what she considers elven standards. She wears a purple tabard over her loose sleeved white shirt with plenty of frills on her wrist-cuffs, black leather gloves that squeeze the loose sleeves to fit into it, and a pair of black Hussar trousers with a red line running along the sides of her trousers through the span of it. She also wears jackboots that reach up just shy of her knees. With the wide-brimmed hat she wears, she'd cut out as a dashing swashbuckler. Usually wears sheathes for both swords, one of which is small, and the other absurdly large, which makes turning in narrow places a quagmire for she never sheathes her sword on her back. On her tabard, she wears an odd symbol of sorts that may or may not have to do with her place of origin.

[*] Speaks with a very strange accent.
[*] Wears foreign symbolism.
Lethaldaridan - The Runesword Vas'Dahaka became famed for, it was an ancient sword she had gotten it after killing a kind traveller while in his sleep, proclaiming victory on the man as being the ultimate swordswoman for it before looting it for herself. It is a very odd sword, that by all means, would seem like it is unsuitable for combat, for it may be thin as a Rapier, but it is also as long as a Zweihander overall. The blade is double edged overall, resembling a diamond shape when viewed from above, with its end being pointy. It may seem unsuitable as a cutting weapon because of its supposed frailty by thinness, but given how it is a supernatural sword, the runes bound to it gives it special properties that sets it above others of its ilk. Red runes are inscribed throughout the span of the sword in an Eldritch and unrecognizable language. The runes bestow it two properties to the weapon, that it is not only indestructable, never rusting nor straining into breaking point, but that it is also imbued with lethal razor-sharp edge in its quality, capable of carvomg through bone as if it were a substantially heavier blade. The grip itself is long to be held by two hands, but is often used by one, being light enough for that, with a guard that gives it a Crucifix-like appearance. Finally, although the sword is not inherently anti-magical, it is capable of slicing through spells and parting them wide enough to protect the user from damage, as well as being capable of blocking and affecting otherwise intangible spells and entities such as ghosts.

Stiletto Dagger - An ordinary steel stiletto, it is made to be thin enough to stab through any vulnerable spots, with no cutting edge to it, merely a pointy spike at the top. It is small enough to conceal in verboten places, and is sometimes used in conjunction with the Runesword.
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personality/fun facts
Vas'Dahaka is a woman who is known for her utter vanity and delusions of self-grandeur, acting as if it were that she were a gift to the world. Those are the lines she lauds, and that is how she acts, as if being in her presence is perhaps the best thing around. She might be arrogant, but paradoxically, she is also rather humbling, in that she would be quick to hypocritically change stances if it makes her look better for it. Even so, there is just a veneer of condescension from her that stems from her desire to be the best at something. Maybe it was because she was dropped on her head as a youth or something, or perhaps due to some inferiority complex. Whichever the case, it is not known why she carries herself so.

Because she adheres to a strong stereotype of ideals towards swashbucklers, she has an odd way of carrying herself out, on one end, she would no doubt rush in to save someone if it means getting reputation and credibility, but on the other end, she would just as willing be committing murder if it meant it'd advance her. Her rationale is warped in that sense, that whatever advances her is good, and whatever does not is not good. It isn't a very complicated sense of morality, and it all matters on a sense of reputation.

As expected of many of her ilk, Vas'Dahaka has a quiet disdain for lesser and younger races like humans, seeing them akin to children, and although she is not outright bigoted towards them, some of that condescension leaks through her speech and views on the unfortunate humans. She does not often take what they say at face value, and often belittles them in some way for it. Among her kind, if they were not High Elves like her, that condescension also is imparted to them, seeing them as akin to bumpkins, especially those that are closer to nature rather than being a city-slicker like her.

Truly, a paradox overall is the person that is her, someone who is by all means a glory hound, for although she prizes chivalry to a certain extent, she also prizes blackguard-like antics so long as it is outside of view, or so that is the surface persona that goes on. Perhaps it would be easiest to say that she handles praises to her the best, and condemnations of her the worst.
Vas'Dahaka's life can be said to have truly made a sway of some minor sort when she first appeared trotting down a road, bloodied all over while clutching a stiletto, rambling half-mad over Ka'challa, Ka'challa, a name that carries no context nor is known as to who or what Ka'challa is. What is known is that she is a High Elf, and no doubt she came from a civilized city of some sort rather than being the type to be, as she puts it, 'a bumpkin who can't cobble together a house out of stone like them wood elves'. Whichever the case, for the last two centuries, she has been going around the land, for a time, half-raving mad, that it was during that two century, she got herself a reputation of some sort.

During the time, she had went from plainly murdering people on the countryside akin to a bandit, and regained her coherency, going from pure lunacy to something closer to sanity, but with the foppish pompousness of proclaiming this is all in pursuit of becoming the best swordswoman on the land. At the time, she used a mace, and when someone pointed that out, she'd kill them with it and ask for a retort. Eventually, she garnered a sword that would make her famed after heinously doing so in an underhanded manner, a Runesword that would become part of her repertoire.

In the later years, she had fought many foes, and although she had been beaten by a few, whom she always begrudged and waited a few years so they may grow old and feeble, she would later beat them at their weakest before proclaiming herself the strongest swordswoman around despite that. Her purpose aimless, her benefits none, for she was a blight where she goes. A braggart who has taken to running her mouth before she even thinks on it and the consequences that came. She had not been part of any major events, and for that, had been something of a relatively obscure figure at times.
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