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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Vampire // Age: 34 // Gender: Female // Orientation: heterosexual // Occupation: rebel
Apocrypha, Sleipnir Rebel
197 lbs
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Raven - Gravity Rush
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Hala grew up just fighting with her fists and kicks. She figured the only weapons that really suited her were a pair of metallic gloves with three inch claws on each finger. They are gold and shiny and more than anything Hala just liked the way they looked.
-As a vampire, it's obvious that Hala would drink blood for her nourishment and strength. She is also able to absorb energy from within a person to feed herself and make herself stronger. It also helps to heal her wounds at a quickened rate. She can only heal to the state of the person she is sucking energy from. For example, a perfectly healthy person will allow her to be perfectly healthy. She could even regrow a lost limb. If they have a bad cut, she won't be able to fully heal.

Hala can absorb energy without contact, but it's slow, so it's best to use her hand or even her mouth, but not her fangs.

-On top of her ability to take in blood and energy, she can also draw a person's sillage or power into herself and use a weakened form of their magical abilities. Hala must make contact in order to do this, and she cannot take in large amount of sillage at once. At best she can use a power for a couple of minutes.

-She is able to transform herself into the form of a small megabat, about a foot long. She can also choose to just transform her body into having bat-like wings on her back. She often does this without knowing while she is sleeping, because curling them around herself is cozy.

-As a vampire she has enhanced abilities such as sight and smell. She has wonderful night vision.

Her speed and strength are off the charts, even beyond most vampires, likely do to a life of fighting by herself.

-The Sun dramatically weakens Hala. It won't instantly kill her or slowly burn her alive. It does cause a vision overload for her and drains her strengths rapidly. She can stand to be in direct sunlight for about three minutes before she becomes utterly unable to move. She can stand to be in the shade, but the light still irritates her.
personality/fun facts
Hala has become somewhat normal over the last five years. There's still things she doesn't fully understand, but she's been around other people for a while now. A decent amount of that has been dealing with criminals or beating up whoever is unfortunate enough to to be her enemy, so it's impossible to say she's a proper lady or anything like that. She's stopped trying to rip Ikarus' head off every five minutes though, and she's learned how to knock on doors instead of kicking them in. She still gets annoyed quickly, but she at least tries to keep herself calm.

She still has a superiority complex that would impress Lucifer herself. Hala doesn't often find herself in the wrong, even when she is completely wrong. She definitely won't admit to it even if she suspects she's wrong. Mixed with her still somewhat wild tendencies it make her somewhat unapproachable, but that's not really a bad thing when she's supposed to be the muscles of the crew.

When in battle she is completely unpredictable due to her ability to quickly adjust n order to survive. However, at the same time she is also sloppy because of this. She doesn't always know what she's going to do, or if it's going to work, but she'll try anything once, no matter how extreme or idiotic it is.

There's another side to Hala only a few people see. She has a love for learning new things, especially about sciences, even though she hates those nerds with the trains. She also has a extremely soft spot for her "adopted" daughter Halia. Something just kinda flipped on in her head after she got over the initially shock of meeting her. She'll do anything for the girl, literally anything. Like killing that werewolf she decided to date.

She'll refuse to admit it when asked but Ikarus and the rest of his crew mean a lot to Hala. She doesn't remember her family, but she has a feeling this family is better than her own could have possibly been. She may even like Ikarus a bit more than that after all he's done for her... The world may never know.
Hala was born into a large family that was quickly falling apart. When she was still just months old, her sister took her and ran into the night. She had good intentions, but she was way in over her head. Her sister only made it a few days before being attacked and killed by some beast or another. From then on it was just Hala, and by all means she should have died. However, she was born with unnaturally strong ability that kept her alive.
She wasn't taught any form of control, so she just sucked the energy from anything around her, and that kept her alive when she was still too young to walk. As she grew up, her thirst for blood drove her into attacking large animals for large amounts of blood. That in turn aided her strength and allowed her to protect herself from other beings that might have the mind to harm her, humans included.

The forest that Hala called home quickly gained a reputation for being haunted. Stories were told of a dark haired ghost child and her wails. It wasn't entirely wrong. Hala was a dark haired child, and she had quite the set of lungs. Se had no knowledge of language, so she just expressed herself through shouts. That wailing child was st to steal the souls of anyone that walked into the woods, which, again, wasn't completely untrue.

Humans were stupid, and dared each other to go into the forest. Hala devoured almost all of them. She did notice how they sounded weird though. They could scream like her. She knew that for certain. But they also made so many other noises with their mouths.

It was one night after a kill she found magic boxes. She was going through the personal items of one of her victims when she stumbled upon them. It turned out they were things called books that had been enchanted to read themselves out loud. Hala was terrified of them at first, but her curiosity got the best of her, and she slowly began to mess around with them. She began to learn the word for different things, and the basics of language.

There were books on basics and some of intermediate level. That was more than enough for Hala. She played them almost constantly. even while she was sleeping. They gave her wonderful dreams about the people and places her books talked about. After living her life for twenty eight nine years in her forest, Hala decided it was time to leave and make her dreams a reality.

She set out with just one of her books, one about the giant circle in the night sky. That was her favorite. She was unable to carry the rest with her, but she had memorized them thoroughly.

In a matter of days, Hala realized she hated traveling. It was hard to do by just being able to move at night and when she had no idea of just where she was even going. She was close to calling it quits and returning to her life in the forest, if she could even find it. Then up in the sky she saw the most spectacular thing. It was a flying building of some kind. It didn't look like most buildings, but Hala had no other word for it. It was just special. It was going to be her new home.

Hala flew right up to it and boarded. She was giving herself a tour of her new house when she happened across some humans that seemed both terrified and angry to see her there. They came at her, and Hala let her instincts take over like she always did, nearly killing the men. She declared the flying building her home to them and went on her way. She found dark room for the day and closed herself up in it.

When she emerged that night she was greeted with a different man, and by different she meant not human, but something a little familiar. It kept her from attacking right away, and she told him, like the others, that this thing was her house. It wasn't as simple as that apparently. Someone already owned the house, like how she owned her books. She certainly wouldn't want anyone just taking her books.

Then Hala made up her mind that she would still make the flying building her house, but she would share it with the man, and also give him her aid. He seemed fine with that arrangement.

There were some formalities, like giving her loyalty to something called Black Sun Cabal. She had no idea what that meant, but the man she learned was named Ikarus wanted her to do it. She did promise to help him, so she went along with it with no complaint.


Hala struggled to deal with the world around her. She just kind of jumped right in and usually wound up getting herself into trouble du eto her temper. She made problems for herself and Ikarus, always blaming him, but for some reason he never fought back too much, only when Hala was seconds from killing him, which was on more than one occassion.

It took her crushing his eye and a wild train ride to finally open up to him some. Ikarus made a promise with her. That he would teach her all kinds of things. She hjust had to actually let him do it. It beat leaving everything she had worked for just to go back to her home in the forest. She only went back once to retrieve the rest of her books, making it a place she'd never have a reason to go back to.

Hala spent the next five years in her home, helping to raise Halia who she cared for like her own. She learned how to fit in better, how machines worked, what all kinds of different animals were, so many things. And there's still so much her travels have to teach her.

After the pirates left Black Sun Cabal for one reason or another, they joined up with those uh... Whoever it was all of Ikarus' brother worked for. It made a lot more sense, and Hala just went along with it as easily as before. It didn't really matter to her who they were working for as long as it didn't interfere with what she wanted to do with her time.
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