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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Warbeast // Age: 205 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Mercenary
Freelance, mercenary
5'7'' / ~10'
135 / ?
Face Claim
Lu Lingqi - Dynasty Warriors
Appearance Extras
Sha's true form is something reminiscent of her former fennec fox appearance. This canine-looking creature is covered in sandy fur with dark, black points. She is far bigger than she once was, but still notably smaller than the rest of her pack-mates.
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Teleportation - Sha is able to teleport very long distances. This ability can occur regardless of her physical state, with the exception of being tied to the ground. If she were to teleport while restrained to a chair, for example, she would merely show up in her new location still restrained exactly as she was. The locations Sha is able to access are restricted to natural earth - meaning she cannot transport to a rooftop or into the air. Unlike many other teleporting beings, Sha does not need a clear mental picture of where she is going. This ability will work without incident so long as she has some vague understanding of where she would like to go. Sha may be accompanied by up to two other people so long as she has direct physical contact with them. This ability has a cooldown period of at least an hour, but perhaps longer given more extreme distances.

Multiple Lives - Imbued with 5 additional lives, Sha gave up 4 of them to her late master at his behest in a vigorous set of attempts to prolong his life. When her master would die, Sha revived him, and he would live until his body began to break down again. Theoretically, Sha could trade places with another in death, reviving them at her own demise. Her master once told her that she could take on additional lives through a morbid sacrifice of a true innocent, but she's never had the heart to do so.

*Wound Transferal - Able to create a non-corporeal bond with another individual, Sha will receive any wounds inflicted on that person in their stead - this can include any physical, magic, or psychological attacks, and includes the transferal of the associated pain. In addition, Sha will become infected should the person she is bonded with be exposed to disease. However, this all only includes circumstances after the bond has been made - injuries or diseases incurred beforehand will not be transferred. This bond does not require mutual acceptance, and cannot be broken until a minimum of thirty minutes has passed - although it can last as long as she chooses after that initial span of time. This ability is not a two-way street, however, and any attacks inflicted against her will not be transferred to whomever she shares a bond with. This bond can stretch as far as 1 mile before being broken on its own. Sha doesn't have a heightened pain-tolerance with this ability per se, but she is well practiced in keeping a stoic face when she is being subjected to injury.

Healing Knowledge - Although she has no real healing abilities, Sha has made it her business to know how to dress and heal wounds. She is knowledgeable of herbs and other fast remedies for just about anything.

Warbeast Physiology - Although Sha is noticeably smaller than her other pack-mates, she still carries the traits natural to them. Compared to other mortals or more average canines, she is stronger, faster, and more durable; all these things are heightened when she is in her true form. Sha is not completely resistant to disease, but recovers from sickness quickly. In addition, although she lacks any overt healing ability, Sha regenerates at a slightly faster rate than even her contemporaries. All of her senses are heightened, but typical of the fennec fox variety, Sha relies heavily on her auditory abilities. In a loud room she is adept at separating out voices, and can pinpoint the location of an individual from great distances away - from a standing position Sha can hear the movement of bugs beneath her feet, and this auditory prowess is impressive even in comparison to her pack-mates. In all other aspects, she is merely average.

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personality/fun facts
Born the runt of her litter, the understanding that Sha is smaller and therefore weaker than others is an assumption that has continued to follow her through life even when - at times - it simply was not true. Sha is not one to seek out conflict, and when disagreements arise out of her pack-mates she is the first to try and alleviate the situation. Prior to assuming her more humanoid and conscientious form, this was her role in the pack. Sha has always been the omega, and the need to keep the peace is instinctual - even if it's at her own expense. As such, Sha is used to being the scapegoat, and always defers to the decisions of her other pack-mates.

The role of omega is her identity, and it seems as though nothing will alter this perception. Sha has a natural inclination towards being a bit of a clown, and will always try to make her pack-mates feel more relaxed and carefree with playful games meant to distract them. This sense of meekness keeps her at the edge of serious deliberations, and reinforces the notion in her own mind that she is simply not as worthy as the rest of the pack.

Loyal to a fault, Sha will run towards battle with her pack-mates taking charge, and is more than willing to throw it all away for them. She genuinely cares about them with all of her being, and considers them the only good thing to come out of crossing paths with her deceased creator.

Truthfully, speaking of Sha's distant past is apt to bring out a vulnerable aspect of herself, who maintains that she was far happier as an ignorant fox kit, burrowing into the sands or snoozing in the warm sun. The culmination of Sha's abilities has her self-entitled the walking selfishness of man - a creature imbued with abilities to ease the lives of others, but with none to ease her own pain.

Sha is extremely wary of outsiders, and her playful, fun demeanor ends there. To those not within her pack, Sha is aloof and stoic, and would rather not mingle with them at all. She would blindly trust any of the other warbeasts, but regards all others with intense suspicion. Adults, anyway. Sha is affectionately known amongst friends as the "child whisperer", and always seems to attract a hoard of children wherever there is one to be had.
Sha spent her earliest days as the companion animal of a good witch. Cassandra was a witch of the healing arts, and lived in a tiny wood at the outskirts of a nearby village. Sha's litter had been curiously exploring the place, and as the runt, Cassandra took Sha in so that she would be raised healthily. It was a peaceful life - the good witch healing the village's people while Sha curled up warmly in their laps.

Sha was taken in by Zechs - her new master - after the village had been obliterated and the good witch killed. She lived her life as all the other warbeasts did, as one of Zechs' companions. Throughout her time with him, she came into the form she currently inhabits and the powers she possesses.

Over the years Zechs' illness became harder to combat, and even with Sha's gifts of life he died young. And so she ran with the war dogs, until their imprisonment beneath their old home a few short years later - their punishment for challenging the forces that sought to destroy it. And so Sha laid in wait alongside her pack-mates for 200 years, her frozen form small and inconspicuous against the backdrop of her more formidable brothers and sisters.

Upon breaking free she stumbled after them, the large wounds that she had taken at her packs need 200 years prior once again bleeding out a trail in her wake. Over time she healed, and in the present you'll find in her confusion over how the world has ended up here. The past five years have done little to increase Sha's confidence with present-day politics, but she becomes more knowledgeable by the day.
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