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In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Leviathan Brute
Race: Whale Demon apparently // Age: 22 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Homosexual // Occupation: Homeless Person
Unsorted, No Information
4'10" - 205'6"
115 lbs - 520000 lbs
Face Claim
Prisma Illya - Leysritt

Re: Zero - Hakugei
Appearance Extras
She got a tattoo on the center of her back, which depicts an eye surrounded by vines. She also got a second one on the small of her back, stretching over onto her left buttock, which depicts a slice of toast
Just her natural weapons
Whaling Doom— In essence her ability is a form of transformation, however her human shape is actually the restrained, albeit still true, one. Typically it allows her merely to morph into one single, demonic (whaley) shape that represents the core of her being; a roughly 205 feet long, white, flying whale. The ability to fly can be considered its own power however, so it will be treated in a separate paragraph. The transformation itself can occur quite rapidly, taking her roughly ten seconds, wherein she spontaneously expands in mass to take on her massive shape. Due to its sheer size and weight, it comes with an amount of physical power appropriate for a being of its proportions. As she weighs about 260 tons in this form, it is at the very least sufficient to level even large buildings with ease. It’s durability is also quite immense, for much the same reason, as one would have to chew their way through layers of fat and muscle, before even getting anywhere close to bone, much less vital organs. Simply put, she’s got a few literal tons of fat-cushions. In this form she possesses a few innate abilities, as follow:

Steam Generation - This ability comes with the transformation into a whale, as it allows Levi to produce, collect and discharge vast amounts of hot steam through canals along the flanks and by the top of her transformed body, allowing it to propel itself whilst flying, or to veil itself or an area in a cloud of steam. Its development is likely tied to the transformation into this creature itself, as an evolutionary trait to cope with its otherwise immobile ‘floating’ ability. Naturally, if this release were to be blocked, Leviathan would be effectively a stationary target whose only option of movement is vertically downwards. Due to its immense size she’s also a huge target in general, although her gravity field can at least mitigate some physical damage.

Gravity Field - The last and likely most poignant ability of Leviathan’s is the generation of a stasis field, wherein she creates a sort of semi-vacuum, in the sense of a space without gravity, entailing only the proximity of her body and roughly three meters around it. In humanoid form this would be proportionally smaller, impacting only the body and anything 3 inches away from it. In essence, it will forcibly make any body in its proximity float, effectively robbing them of their weight as long as they are within the field… naturally; it also removes any sense of kinetic movement in the air, requiring the steam release to allow for acceleration. Yet, due to the vacuum created this way the acceleration through the steam actually allows Leviathan to propel herself at speeds of up to 100 km/h, which is comparable to a car on the freeway. Naturally, it’s impact on anything not within the field is near non-existent, rendering impacts… a little harsh. Lastly, should this gravity field fail, while she’s on land, it is very much possible that she could get crushed by her own weight over the following five hours, if nothing is done to alleviate this, or unless her ability is reinitiated.

Whale Noise – The last trait of Leviathan, if one really wants to call it such, simply derives from its immense lungs, as well as its ability to release steam… simply repurposing this to drastically amplify the soundwaves of its whale-song, to create extremely loud sound frequencies, capable of shattering glass, causing physical pain to listeners or even damaging the eardrums of those blessed with better hearing (sorry to every dog hurt in the production of this). Generally speaking it’s just a painfully loud noise that she can keep going for minutes at an end. Fun!

You are what you Eat – In essence, she can eat anything. Since most of the time Levi’s forced to eat debris, steel, glass and worse, this is also quite necessary. Her stomachis actually a core composed of pure entropy that can deal with most to anything she eats and will digest it indiscriminately, whilst her digestive tract can… stomach it too without rupturing. This even includes magical effects or entities, it'd be simply absorbed into her core and decomposed.

NOTES: While she has full control over ‘when’ she transforms, she cannot control the extent of it at all. It’s either all or nothing. Furthermore, continuous physical trauma would forcibly trigger a transformation into the Whale form. She also enjoys all natural abilities of whales, being able to hold her breath for a minimum of four hours, swim at high speeds and generally act like any whale would in water. Alas, she’s probably a fair bit bigger than anything else in the ocean.
personality/fun facts
Well, really her personality can be summed up in very simple terms: Lazy, hungry, playful and ignorant.

She can spend days doing nothing other than munching something, whilst lying on a couch, or any other seating utensil. That's it. She might read something on the sidelines or occasionally reach over to scratch her ass, but that's bout the extent of her willingness to engage in any activities at all. That is... until she gets really hungry.

All things considered she's a fairly peaceful individual. Levi does not try to rub people the wrong way, she feels little to no animosity towards anyone and she tries to avoid fights if possible. However, if she's hungry the world just turns into one giant beefcake to her. Doesn't matter whether you are a pillar, a barn or a person, in her eyes you'll just be food. She usually just falls into her feeding frenzies if she hasn't eaten anything proper in a while, which her homeless state makes a little more difficult. But she does her best! And ultimately she can eat literally anything, no matter what it is. So long as she gets it down her gullet. But she's never really had any trouble doing that.

Her playfulness is mostly just visible if she's happy, stuffed and lazy. She'll cuddle up to people, tease them, take actual note of their existence and will ultimately try to be as nice to them as possible, by sheer virtue of the fact that she's feeling good. She will force her happy feelings onto you. You don't get a choice in the matter of whether she wants to dance and go crazy, or not and there is a destinct chance that she'll try to pull you along for the ride. Alas, fret not! By the time she reaches the half-way point she'll probably grow tired, hungry and lazy again and in turn shall ask you to carry her home.

Considering her complete lack of distrust, as well as her sheer inexistence of personal space, she's found herself in the strangest situations up to this point. People have tried to kill her before, but being able to spontaniously inflate is quite... surprising to a lot of unlucky people who found themselves between a wall and tons of layers of fat in a split moment's time. She doesn't like dying, or being in pain. But she still prioritizes food. Leviathan won't say no to a good drink either though. Getting her drunk is a legitimately impossible endeavour, but considering her neutral disposition, she cannot possibly have any more inhibitions than a dead drunk person on drugs or something.

She doesn't like being reminded of the fact that she has basically no meaningful relationships with anyone, much less that she is a homeless bum who leeches off of the kindness of hard working people. But neither will she kill you for saying it. She'll just get upset, cause she knows it's true... but hey, it's not like she has a shred of motivation in her to would urge her to try and fix it.
She doesn't know exactly when she came to be alive. It almost seemed like somebody just popped her into existence as if to make a cruel joke that was clearly on the world. Leviathan just... appeared right above a town one day and started doing what she does best. She was simply a natural disaster as far as she herself could tell. She'd swallow entire buildings whole, disintegrating those she swallowed and digesting them in full proper. Houses, people, the very soil itself. She fed on the world, not caring for why, how and when. In fact, she wonders how it is she came to be in such a manner... were these people this hungry? Did they eat each other and in this manner gave birth to her? She really couldn't say... but the town was not exactly in good condition after she was done. Frankly, it was gone. As if some meteor had left nothing but a nicely scooped out crater. It had taken her a few weeks, but ultimately she'd eaten every little, tiny splinter of the town that had once been there.

After that... flew further, further until she reached a lake. There she dove into it, bathing, enjoying the soothing, cool waters. Relaxing, she felt her body lose its tension and its ravenous hunger as well. And so she shrunk... when she reached shore, she was barely as tall as some of the things she had eaten, she even sounded like them. It was good enough. She had no clue why she understood them, or could speak their tongue, but it was probably because she had been born from them in some manner or another. Didn't matter, did it?

These people took her in for a while, taught her how to read, how to knit, how to live, really! She attended schools, tried to go through university, but at some point she just... lost interest. Hunger had been plaguing her for a while now. But she'd been suppressing it. She didn't want to eat these nice people that fed her, however little it was. But alas, a monster without a name of its own could only restrain itself so long.

As such, one day... she simply disappeared from their house. Studies done, people nigh forgotten. It would be better like this, if she developed a taste for them, she'd just make them unhappy. Because, well... she'd noticed them. Once she was far enough away however, all these thoughts of the past turned to dust. The hunger consumed her and she did the outer ridges of the city she was in. Buildings gone, the perpetrator sighted, but too hard to pinpoint to quickly respond to. It turned into a cycle for her... a cycle of living among them, then going out of your way to feed.

That was just her purpose after all. Her reason for being born... nobody could deny hunger forever. Much less such vainglorious gluttony. But such was life... no attachments meant no issues, no issues meant... a feast ready for conumption, whenever the hunger became too much to bear! Thusly she lives now, always wandering, always moving, always being a leeching bum on the streets. Never even knowing how many souls she'd eaten, or that she'd eaten them at all. Because really now, what's the difference between a human and a chair anyway?

Might or might not have become a Sin's pet. Take a wild guess which one has pets!
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