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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.

Mithras Najm
Race: Hybrid // Age: 954 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Pansexual // Occupation: Vampire Daddy
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158 lbs
Face Claim
Aoidos - GBF
Appearance Extras
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Mithras has an unnaturally high amount of sillage compared to those around him.

He has the ability to make other vampires by biting them. Venom seeps into their blood and changes them within a few hours.

He can be unnaturally charming without meaning to. As long as he is looking into someone's eyes then he can charm them into thinking he can do no wrong. After ten seconds of staring into someone's eyes he has the ability to give them one command. He can only give one command at a time and the previous command must be finished before he gives a new one.

Being created as a vampire is different than being turned into one. Instead of having his aging stop, it is instead slowed. His body ages one year every 32 years. Currently, his body is 31.

As a vampire he does have a few limitations: He is unable to go out in the sunlight, he can't go into non-public places uninvited, and he can't be seen in mirrors.

His entire body can change into a few items. He can change into an unbeathable mist and everything he is holding that isn't alive will also change. He can only be in this form for up to two minutes. He can't be killed in this form, but it is very draining. He is also able to change his entire body into a swarm of bats that are all controlled by one specific bat in the swarm. One of the bats will have a purple heart on it's back, which is the bat that is his mind and heart. All the bats in this form regenerate and can't be killed except the one with the purple heart on it's back. If that one is stabbed with a silver weapon or a holy weapon then Mithras will die.

He has a few physical enhancements, such as running at approximately 140 mph, jumping up to 100 feet high and leaping up to 150 feet forward (both of these are doubled if he has a running start), he can physically carry up to 3 tons and any punches or kicks can reflect that.

Mithras has a few major healing capabilities, allowing him to heal at incredible speeds and regenerate almost as fast. He can heal others in the same way by having them ingest his own blood. This won't turn others into vampires.

His senses were enhanced as well. He can see in the night as if it were day, and he can see the heat signatures of the objects around him if he focuses; he can smell so well he can determine what race something is simply by smelling them, he can track others down by their scent, and he can smell the remnants of blood on someone up to ten days after cleaning themselves from it; he is able to hear so well he can track down the footsteps of anyone within a mile of him.

If he is starving then he can not use his vampire abilities.

When he is angered and hurt he can shift into a large, black, bipedal wolf. In this form he stands at 10 feet 9 inches and his strength and speed are quadrupled. He has no vision in this form, but his hearing and smell (which stay the same) more than make up for it.

He will change into a werewolf if he doesn't eat for three days straight.

Because of his vampire and werewolf heritages, silver does three times as much damage than any other weapon.

If he bites a human while in his werewolf form then he will change them into a wolf instead of a vampire. This is a gradual change that occurs until the next full moon.

The downside to being a hybrid is his large and picky appetite. He requires twice as much food to satiate his hunger and needs to feed every other day. He normally requires 10 liters of blood every other day, but can spread it throughout several people if he is feeling generous.
personality/fun facts
+Adventurous - He is always ready to go on a friendly bonding adventure with a friend; whether it is something to save a damsel in distress or go on an adventure in a whale, he is always willing to have fun with someone.

+Social - Mithras thrives on speaking to others. He loves making friends and going to social gatherings. He gets upset when he's alone for far too long, and his happiness depends on how social he's been.

+Calm - It takes a lot to get him upset. He has a great amount of control over his emotions, which is a good thing considering anger could get others killed.

+Proud - He is proud to be a vampire, even if he is only partially vampire at this point. He will boast and brag about it in secret to those he trusts, talking about all of the benefits of being who he is. He keeps his new hybrid status a secret to those around him. He's pretty ashamed that he blood was tainted.

+Excitable - He will congratulate himself and everyone else for the smallest f achievements. Simply getting out of bed is enough reason to celebrate someone.

-Lonely - He will only form friendships on the outside, never truly telling anyone how he feels. He wishes to have a family, but every attempt he made ended in him abandoning those he created in fears of them rejecting him.

-Manipulative - He has to lull others into a false sense of security in order to feast on them. He can mostly do this with his personality, but can rely on his powers to do this if he fails at charming them.

He is a pretty lonely guy who wants nothing more than to have a family. He is very sociable, but doesn't feel a personal connection to others unless they are also a vampire. He is kind, but manipulative. His thoughts mostly stem from figuring out who his next meal is. He tries to be polite, and tries to be logical, but has a pretty bad fear of rejection that causes him to not get close to anyone. He will distance himself from those who get too close, but not in a harsh way.
Mithras is one of the oldest, if not the oldest vampire in Sium. He doesn't remember his creator, but does know he was created as a vampire. He had no family, no home, and nothing to do aside from exist. Back when he was first created he didn't need to feast on blood. He could take in the sun and use that as a source of nutrients for awhile. He practiced using his powers to learn everything there was about himself and unmask all of his abilities. He never had a family, but he never felt alone. He got to know everyone around him while getting to know himself.

Sadly, within one hundred years of his creation, what he was changed. He felt mostly the same, could do most of the same things, had the same limitations, but had two major differences. He could no longer go into the light, and he had an odd craving for blood. He binge ate most of the time, unsure when to stop feasting on those around him. He winded up killing most of the people he feasted on, but he only had to do it every other month. One person every too months wasn't so bad, even though it wore down his sanity.

To stay sane and hope for a positive life, Mithras stayed social. He tried having a friendly relationship with everyone he met, but felt alone. He was the only one of his kind that he knew of.

Mithras found out that simply biting someone without feasting on them could change them into something like himself. He felt closer to those who were more like him, calling them his family; his children. He created many just to create them: wanting to feel as close to all of his friends and acquaintances as possible.

He spent most of his life simply existing, creating more vampires whenever he could. He never stuck around, afraid of being hated for changing them. Simply knowing someone was like him made him feel better, but it was still a pretty lonely existence.

The most recent thing to happen to Mithras was he recent shift from vampire to a hybrid between a vampire and werewolf. He ended up befriending a werewolf, but made the mistake of trying to turn them. At the time he thought they were a normal human. When he bit them they changed and ended up biting him as well. The vampire venom killed the werewolf, and the werewolf curse nearly killed him as well.
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