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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Sin // Age: appears to be late 20s // Gender: male // Orientation: homosexual // Occupation: deadly sin - wrath
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182 lbs.
Face Claim
Russia (Ivan Braginsky) from Axis Powers: Hetalia
Appearance Extras
» He has a multitude of burn marks scattered across his body: mostly on his chest, arms, and his back.

» His preferred clothing consists of long-sleeved coats and formal dress shirts and slacks, regardless of the weather. A pair of sturdy boots completes the ensemble.

» Alexei always wears a scarf. While he changes it out from time to time, there will always be one hanging from around his neck. He's not picky about colors, either; he tends to prefer something that either matches his eyes, or goes with a pink one most of the time. Real men wear pink!
Normally, he relies on his Sillage powers over ice and snow.

After he made the pact with the demon of frost he’d met out in the forests beyond Carinen, he’d learned how to shape and distort the ice into various weapons, all made from the coldest ice one can generate. One of the favorite forms it likes to take is that of a scythe. Even if it’s (mostly) impractical due to its size and weight, he handles it like a feather.

While it will take superheated fire to even remotely melt the various weapons he can form out of the glacial frost he has under his command, he also carries around a specially-crafted blade that allows him to channel his Sillage powers through it; making his swordplay literally strike frozen fear into his enemies.
» Ice Mastery (Glacies Magisterium)
Normally when one thinks of wrath, the element tied to it is usually fire. In Alexei's case, however, it's ice. Before his transformation, he'd relentlessly trained himself with improving his Sillage abilities; which resulted in his becoming a master of this particular element.

Normally one would have to train both wind and water at the same time just to produce ice, but in his case it just comes naturally. Of course, this means he's immune to frigid aftereffects, like frostbite.

» Wrath's Aura (Ira Sphaeram)
Being the embodiment of the sin of Wrath, hanging around Alexei for too long can cause anyone in his immediate vicinity to become vengeful and seek vindication for any wrongs that have been committed. He can activate and deactivate this at will when he wants to have “a little fun” or cause some havoc on unsuspecting individuals who've just about reached their limits.

It is this exact desire for retaliation that makes him much stronger, the more people are driven to madness by giving in to their most primal urge of hatred and rage. By extension, this can also incite self-destructive behavior / misanthropy; at least for those who are influenced by the aura Alexei exudes.

» Combat Expertise
Alexei doesn't like to stay idle, so he chooses to spend his time training in many varied forms of combat. He can wield several melee weapons with practiced ease, and can shift from close-quarters to ranged in the blink of an eye.

» Shape-shifting
Outside of his human form, he also has a “true” demon form; although he avoids transforming into it as much as he can. He prefers to keep his transformation in a partial state, and it reflects in his eyes: instead of them being the unusual shade of purple he normally has, it becomes a color as bright as the blood he likes to see being spilled.

If push comes to shove, his eventual demon form will emerge; although he doesn't like transforming into it so much because “it makes me look ugly”.

» Pride holds his Life
Like his fellow Sins, he can only truly die by Pride's hand. The many, many various attempts made to kill him only result in his being thrown into the depths of Alptraum for seven days before reappearing once again to continue inciting madness and mayhem in the world of the living.
personality/fun facts
Before his transformation into a Sin:
» Headstrong
» Independent
» Caring
» Reckless

After becoming Wrath:
» Cynical
» Hedonistic
» Misanthropic (towards human nature)
» (mostly) Emotionless

Random, Useless Trivia:
» Since his Sillage takes the element of ice, his natural weakness is fire; at least until he became one of the Sins.

» The demon he made a pact with takes the guise of an old man with a beard. Why this particular demon likes to assume the form of an old man, even he doesn't know.

» Here's what his true demon form looks like (minus the chained collar, of course).

» After being reborn as a Sin, his emotions had mostly burned away. While this leads to him being a bit…unusual towards interactions with other people in general, one can never really tell if he's smiling because he likes to, or he's smiling because he's about to kill you.

» Funnily enough, after he became Wrath, his patience became much longer than usual. Of course, combine this with his oddly-creepy smile, one normally wouldn't know what the hell he's thinking, especially with that smile of his on his face. Unless it's a fellow Sin, of course.

» As they say, “it's the ones who smile the most who can be the most dangerous”. This is perfectly true with him.

» Strangely enough, he likes sunflowers. As to why? He doesn't disclose the reason.
» Born in Carinen to a miner father and a normal housewife, his life should've been like anything else native to the coldest place in Sium, had it not been for the fact that he was born with the talent to use Sillage.

While the people of Carinen are on principle a close-knit community, the word soon spread that there was one of their own that could use Sillage, the little town would finally be safe from all of the supernatural threats that were showing up everywhere in Sium. It would take some time before the little one was capable enough to fully tap into his potential, and with it, the town was finally safe from those creatures that went bump in the night and wreaked havoc and terror.

When the young one had hit his ceiling in potential, him defending the small town wasn’t enough, and he decided to seek out the source of where the creatures were coming from in order to hopefully put a stop to the problem. Even if he was warned by the locals not to leave the village, he knew that he couldn’t leave the people he’d considered his extended family open to the threats that were taking townspeople on an almost nightly basis, so he’d made up his mind to leave Carinen, even if it meant being apart from his parents.

He then traveled into the wilderness surrounding the area, slaying more and more of the entities that were headed towards the town he called home, but had met his match with a powerful one that had brought him to inches of his life, burning him badly and then leaving him for dead afterwards to go wreak mayhem at the little town nearby where he’d come from.

He didn’t want to die. Not just yet.

His desperation to live had managed to summon a demon of ice and snow to come to his aid, and without even thinking, he agreed to form a pact with said demon, if but to save him from his imminent death. While the pact made the young one’s Sillage abilities even stronger due to the demon’s own frozen affinity, it came with a price, but he didn’t know what it was.

Now that he was back on his feet, he made his way back to the village, in a panic, hoping that whatever had tried to kill him wouldn’t go after his family. Unfortunately, though, that’s exactly what happened. Not a few moments after he’d arrived in the village, the townspeople came running up to him, yelling, screaming that his family’s home was on fire.

How was it possible?!

He then made haste to where he lived with his parents, and reached a house that was literally enveloped with the same fire that he’d been almost burned to death with. Even if the other few townspeople told him not to go inside, he still did—he had to save his family!

Leaving the village was a mistake, after all.

As he made his way through the flames, he could hear the screams of his parents as they cried out for mercy. He shouted back, of course, that he would be right there, he’d help them get to safety, anywhere as long as it wasn’t in here. Things weren’t going to work out, though. He’d reached the room where his parents were calling out to him—only to see them die before his very eyes, and by the exact same hand that had almost killed him back out in the wilderness.

“I wasn’t strong enough.”

He could feel his rage rising, why didn’t he trust his instincts in the first place?! Why did he have to go out and hunt down the source, while he could’ve stayed within the village’s borders and defended them from there?! Before he could so much as move to save the bodies of his parents, their house came crumbling down around him, trapping him within the smoldering flames. That was the last he remembered… at least, for a long while.

» The next moment he regained consciousness, he was in the local healer’s home, his many injuries being tended to. While he insisted that he was fine, deep inside, he knew he wasn’t going to be exactly “fine”, anymore. Once he’d recovered enough and was strong enough to travel, he then returned to the burnt wreck that used to be his home, and gave his parents a burial (at least, what could be considered as such due to how little of them had remained). He then swore his vengeance on their graves, and left the frozen north, aided on by what little clues he’d managed to gather from the witnesses who’d seen the entity enter his home and had ultimately killed his parents, before fleeing the scene.

Down south he traveled, and upon reaching Xipilkha, he began his search in earnest. Xoanan, Aryoch yielded nothing. Displeased with the results, he then traveled east to Pluviall, and continued searching through Ravanar and Oransol, before making quite a lengthy stopover in Riparias due to there being so many Sillage users in the area. While he was beset upon during his stopover there, he made tracks out as soon as he could, still finding nothing. It wouldn’t be until he’d reach Zhyphire would he find leads on a trail that had eventually grown cold.

He knew better to stay out of Caersewiella, because of the rumors he’d heard about Crux Fidelis, so he made headway to Gaothaire and began to systematically search through the city, hoping that someone, anyone could be able to help him. It was his last hope, the last clue he held onto so tightly, he hoped to be able to find his parents’ killer and bring them the vengeance he promised on their graves. His initial search of the city turned up nothing. After making a second and third pass throughout the area, he was getting desperate again—until at last, luck favored him and gave him a clue that would (hopefully) lead to the entity he was searching for.

He wasn’t expecting the entity to come after him instead though. Even with his demon’s help he couldn’t make a dent against the target he’d sought after for so long, and in what appeared to be another case of déjà vu, was left for dead yet again.

But this time, instead of despair, he was angry. Angry at himself that he hadn’t grown stronger, angry that he couldn’t even avenge his parents’ unnecessary death, angry because why couldn’t he defeat the enemy that he’d chased for so long—how would he be able to keep the promise he’d made his parents, if he was about to die himself?

He didn’t want to die. Not again.

Not when he was so close to figuring out who… or what had come after his parents.

He never wanted them to die. Why was he so angry at himself? Hadn’t he done enough? Wasn’t his power enough to bring peace to his parents’ suffering souls, wherever they were now? He only had the anger within himself left. Why couldn’t he do it? Why, why, why?

» The answer came in the form of Pride. Her words were very promising, yes. He was literally at the end of his rope, and all it took was him agreeing to help her out, and then maybe, just maybe, he’d be able to seek out the one that had nearly killed him twice (and his parents as well). He didn’t realize that the anger he harbored within himself was the key for him to keep going. His righteous—now corrupted, anger. Anger at the world, for not helping him when he needed it the most. Anger at himself, for not being stronger.

He’d become the personification of Wrath not too long after that.
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