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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Aucifer Camio
Race: Half Demon/Half Human // Age: 121 (looks 14) // Gender: He/Him/Her/She // Orientation: pan-sexual // Occupation: Member of Apocrypha
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4'10" in child form
6' in adult form
93 lbs in child form
190 lbs in adult form
Face Claim
Shino Inuzuka from Hakkenden
Appearance Extras
There is an interesting set of markings along his right arm and chest, which prompt him to always wear long sleeves and shirts, no matter what kind of weather or place he may be in.
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[Eidetic Memory]
Aucifer has the ability to remember anything he has seen or heard. Give him a book and he'll memorize it, right down to telling you what page, paragraph, and line you need. This can be a blessing and a curse, seeing as there is much good and evil in the world. Yet it also makes him a very powerful asset on the field of battle. Maps are not needed and nothing ever is required to be written down around him, making it hard for the enemy to steal to learn.

Since he can't die, (At least he hasn't learned of a way that will kill him yet), torture and such isn't a valid option to attempt to extract knowledge from him. It also makes him dangerous on the field of battle, since his skilled but unskilled actions tend to confuse those he's up against.

[Instant Recall]
Because of his Eidetic Memory, Aucifer can instantly recall any spell, tactic, or other such thing in the middle of battle. It takes no time and all and makes him a dangerous enemy. Of course, this is only when he has the motivation to be one.
personality/fun facts
While having the appearance of a rather sweet and innocent child, the truth is rather far from it. He's rather perverted and will use his childish looks to be pressed into many an unsuspecting woman's chest. Aucifer is actually much older than he appears and as such, has become rather proud of his ability to play off the kindness and false assumptions of others. This isn't to say he's all evil. While he can be manipulative and cunning, he is also caring and generous. True, he can be deceptive and cold when the situation calls for it, he can also be fair and honest. The best of both races as well as the worst, Aucifer seems to take the mix of his parents blood and uses both the best and worst traits of each.
Aucifer was born of the unwelcome union between a demon and human. His mother had tried to kill him on several occasions, while still inside of her, only to fail each time. When he was born, his mother's dying breath was to curse him, of which seemed to work out only far too well.

He was raised in an orphanage and chosen at a young age to study to become of better help to society. Aucifer proved that books and knowledge came easily to him and eventually, he'd memorized all they had. The small town of Carinen enjoyed having such a smart young man, until the day came that they realized he wasn't aging any more.

Now, immortal beings and other such things didn't bother the village. What did bother them was the fact he'd hidden this fact from them. Of course, now at the age of twenty one and still seeming to be fourteen, the village decided that asset to the town or not, Aucifer had to leave. So, striking out on his own, he left the only place he'd called home, leaving them with several unique spells and protections as he did.

The journey took him to many places. For eighty years he became a wandering scholar, learning everything he could from the new places he came to. Knowledge seemed easy to him and he had found that girls were treated better than boys, so he grew his hair out long and continued on as a young girl. He learned children were often overlooked and ignored, leaving him to find out much just sitting around places. His ability to act however it was needed, became more like a second nature to him. Deception became his best weapon and his knowledge his shield.

He also came to find that his mother's curse was that he never become a demon like his father. So his appearance was stunted to keep him from becoming the handsome man his father had been. Keeping him from being able to seduce or otherwise sexually go after another. Yet on certain nights, the curse weakens and Aucifer takes on his true form, that of a stunningly handsome young man. Its on these nights where he allows himself the joys of the flesh and other such adult pursuits. It was safe to say, he was a pervert in his child form, but he would never do anything with anyone, unless he was in his true form. Though pressing his face into a pair of boobs or sneaking a cuddle with a cute guy, those were all right in his mind, since he wasn't doing anything adult, not really.

After a little over a hundred years as a wanderer, he was noticed by the Crux Fidelis and came to be one of their order for a while. Here, he was given all manner of books to read, which he did almost greedily and was trained in combat, though his skills never seemed to be something impressive. No, it was his mind that became the best weapon of all. Tactics, combat knowledge, anything that could be learned from a book was stored in his mind and made him a danger on the field. If people went into battle with him beside them and followed his words, they always returned.

Yet this soon began to tire him out and the rules and strict following that came with being with Crux Fidelis eventually wore him down. So he decided to leave. Of course, that wasn't to say they were willing to allow such a thing. Especially knowing he had knowledge of a lot of things that they would rather he not have outside the order. So they attempted to keep him with them, though he slipped away one night before they could manage.

Leaving the order left him without an actual weapon but that didn't stop Aucifer. Instead, he decided to head out and find a new place to be of use without the vast restrictions and rules that the Crux Fidelis had placed upon him. After all, knowledge was power and being told some things weren't allowed or how he was to do his job wasn't what he wanted.

Having been dubbed the Sleeping Nightmare while he'd been fighting, Aucifer soon began calling himself Camio once he'd joined Apocrypha. Here, he could study as he wished and help who and how he wanted. Of course, his favorite motto soon became 'Can't someone else do this?'. Despite the words, he still works tirelessly to come up with plans and strategies for others and will, on occasion, actually go out and fight. Though the only bonus there is he can't be killed. He's been slashed, burned, skewered, beheaded, and dismembered, but always seems to come back. Apparently, whatever kind of demon his father had been, he had been a high ranking one.

With what seems like a long time of life ahead of him, Aucifer just wants to continue learning all he can... and perhaps one day break the curse his mother placed on him. Now if only the battles of real life would quit getting in the way.
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