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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Vilis Bauer
Race: Raven Demon // Age: 896/73 // Gender: Male Body, Female Spirit // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Nomad
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5 feet 10 inches
143 lbs
Face Claim
Hibiki Wataru - Ensemble Stars
Shanoa - Castlevania (alt. form)
Appearance Extras
No Information
She doesn't carry any weapons because she can create them. No point.
- Raven - Rosario can change her body to a small raven. In this form she can fly and use a majority of her powers, but they are significantly weaker than her larger form.

-Feather weapons - She can summon her bird feathers and compact them in a way that allows her to form weapons from them. They are light, but break fairly easily. She can use one to do two actions before she has to make another one. Her weapons can't be more than 4 feet long.

- Wings - She is able to have large, black wings that are proportionate to her humanoid body that allow her to fly.

- Wing Tornado - Rosario can use her wings in both her forms to create a cyclone of feathers. It's powered by the air coming from her wings along with the feathers themselves.

- Intuition - She can tell who is part of her family, but not the exact role. She will feel closer to those who are closer to her in the family chain. She can also use this to track down whichever family member is the closest to her current location.

- Preservation - Because of her demonic nature, she can seemingly live forever. If she feels herself dying with no luck of getting healthy again she can latch her soul to someone else's recently deceased body and live on in their body. the body must be within 10 feet of her and must have died less than 5 minutes ago. The body she is occupying before the current one withers away after three minutes. Her own original powers stay with her when she is in the body of someone else, and she inherits the powers of the person, but the other persons powers do not travel with her from body to body.

- inhuman abilities - Rosario is significantly stronger than normal humans. Her strength translates into better muscle power and a higher durability as well as physical strength. She can run faster, jump higher, and tolerate more pain than regular humans can.

Rosario also inherited some abilities from her grandson's body when she began occupying it.

- Storage memory - Since she got this ability in his body she can only vaguely remember her past, but her more recent memories and all memories created in his body can be remembered down to every single detail

- Projections - She can project her storaged memories through her eyes for others to see.

Rosario can channel her original body for a brief period of time. Any time she is in this form her feather constructs last twice as long. She will also be unable to use her grandson’s abilities, but she will be able to use a few extra ones that are unobtainable in his body.

- She is able to turn her arms into wings with sharpened feathers, allowing her to fly and cut objects with them.

- She can change her feet into sharp talons that can carry anything that weighs less than 200 lbs

- She is able to swallow something as long and wide as her arm whole and spit it back up. If she changes back to her grandson’s body then she regurgitates it while changing.

- She is a bit more intimidating in this form. Her words may come off as aggressive and she may appear to be stronger than she actually is. This only happens because of her demonic raven nature. She passively gives off a commanding presence while in this form, which makes it feel slightly more natural for others to listen or pay attention to her.
personality/fun facts
Rosario is a generally happy demon. She has a pretty big sense of adventure and loves exploring, but normally sticks to exploring places she has general attachments to. She's eager to be a chaotic force of nature just to see what will happen and tries to bring chaos to everyone whenever she has the chance to. Rosario isn't afraid of doing or saying anything, particularly because she feels no personal attachments to the lives of others. Despite being uncaring towards others in general, she gets randomly attached to objects, general ideas, and buildings. She's a free spirit who is willing to play any part as long as she thinks it's fun. She still uses her female pronouns, but refers to herself as a male when speaking to others just to keep the illusion that nothing has changed with him.

While she was born with the name Rosario Armbrust, she chose to continue her grandson's life and chose to use his name, Vilis Bauer. She is still Rosario on the inside, but she feels she owes Vilis part of his life. She introduces herself under his name and vows to achieve his goals to become closer to his family, but she refuses to change any aspect of her personality to do so.
Rosario had a pretty long life filled with nothing. When she was young her mother told her to be good and do what was told of her, but she was never interested in being like that. Sadly, while under the discipline of her mother she was forced to. She was nothing more than a simple girl with a simple life. Her mother never wanted to piss off the humans, so their simple life was also a quiet, lonely one.

After her mother died Rosario was finally freed from her quiet life. She made sure to live enough for all the years she wasted doing nothing. She played pranks, slept around, and was generally a public nuisance for hundreds of years. In her time having fun she pissed off a wide variety of people, demons, sorcerers, and even entire groups, but she never did enough to be considered evil. She was an unpredictable mess with no method to her madness and everyone she met hated her for it.

Rosario sometimes even did good things, just to throw people off. She loved seeing the looks on people's faces when she, a chaotic force of nature, helped families with tough times, volunteered for charity events, and did other generally good things. It was her own brand of fucking with people, even if it did more bad than good.

Usually Rosario's lifestyle left her with children that she didn't feel like taking care of. She had no room for kids in her life, but they had fathers who could take care of them, so it was fine. Many of them lived short, mortal lives so it was easy for her to forget about their existences and continue on with her normal ways.

The only downside to her normal ways was the fact that many ended up hating her. Some even sought vengeance on her for things she didn't bother to remember. The whole vengeance thing gave Rosario a harsh perspective on life. It wasn't just messing with people. Sometimes it was also fighting. She went on a self searching journey to figure out the best ways to fight with her own powers, but often came up short when she really needed it. It was a shame that her enemies were normally stronger than her, so most her battles ended up unfair. The only way she found out how to win was to fight dirty.

Her dirty fighting antics only lead to more suffering. One of her fights had her enemy lose in an awfully pathetic and pretty embarrassing way. They swore to kill her and they seemed pretty serious. Something about them just told her to lay low for awhile. She went int hiding for several years, but she never felt safe. The demon left a trail of death and had minions to do its bidding. She only managed to hide for so long out of sheer luck. The demon beat her senseless and cursed her body to fall into a deep sleep. Sadly, it was only her body that slept. Her mind was awake, exhausted, and bored. She was constantly trying to think of new ways for her to break herself free from the curse.

Rosario was set free when the demon who cursed her had died. Sadly, her body was too frail and weak at that point to continue on. She couldn't continue to live in her humanoid body. It took too much energy to just move with it, so she used her smaller form to try to find someone who could help her get back into shape.

Her journey took a week. She wasn't sure why she went in the direction she did, but she felt something deep inside her telling her where to go. It turned out she was leading herself to her grandson, but he was sadly unable to heal her. Her body was weakened and deteriorating. She could barely hold her humanoid form without being in immense pain. He wanted to do his best withhelping her, but everything he tried didn't work. Rosario was running out of options. She knew what she had to do, but she didn't want to ruin his life. He took her in, tried to save her, and did everything he possibly could. The only thing he wanted in return was family. He wanted to know everything about her, who his father was, and simply wanted them to live and be happy together. It was just a shame that she didn't even know who his father was.

Rosario poisoned him not too long after. She felt bad, but she cherished her life more than his. She took his life, and decided to live it for him. She was going to find out everything he wanted to know and she was going to accomplish his goal of a happy family, but she was in no rush to do so. She could still be her normal self and have fun while looking for anyone related to them on the way. Now that her body was young and full of energy, she felt that she had all the time in the world to accomplish it.
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