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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Inanna Waldstein
Race: artificial human // Age: 10 (physically 18) // Gender: female // Orientation: homosexual (closet) // Occupation: enforcer - xoanan
Weltschmerz, ENFORCER - Xipilkha
220 lbs
Face Claim
Altera - Type-Moon
Appearance Extras
-body is very dense, compact, and hard. She looks tiny in stature but is surprisingly heavy.

-tends to wear as little as possible in order to utilize certain abilities to the fullest.

-always seen wearing a couple of explosive collars that belonged to the friends she was forced to kill. They're disarmed, of course.

-her fingernails are long and coloured black.
Ea: a Weltschmerz-crafted "longsword". The "blade" is formed of tri-coloured (red, blue, green) bands of special quartz that can absorb sun and moonlight. With enough exposure to either, the bands begin to glow, signifying that the sword is ready. Inanna can keep the absorbed light on the sword to give it cutting/burning capabilities or she can flick a switch at the hilt to fire off bursts of it - which obviously depletes the energy faster.

If she runs out of light and has to recharge, Inanna can still use the Ea as a blunt-force weapon given the immense weight behind it.
Enforcer Physiology: as an Enforcer, Inanna has ETC flowing through her veins at all times. Because of this, she's far superior to humans physically. Her strength far outclasses her stature and she can move uncannily fast even while carrying a heavy weapon.

Inanna's body was built specifically for combat and doing as much damage in as little time as possible. The idea is that she won't sustain significant damage, and so she has little in the way of regenerative capability. Other than the fact that she can recover from any injury given enough time, her healing isn't much faster than a human's. However, she somewhat makes up for this with her unnaturally hard body. Bellicosa and enchanted weapons can get through it, but regular blades will likely break before she does. She can push her strength to the absolute limit without breaking bones or doing any notable damage to herself.

The pale lines on Inanna's body begin to glow a pulsing red in response to how hard she pushes her physical strength. While the rest of her body retains its usual constitution, the "lines" become impossibly hard, red-hot, and will burn right through those unlucky enough to touch them.

It's also notable that Inanna can't take a serious hit. Her makeup has made her unused to pain so if someone does manage to inflict notable injury, she's likely down for the count.

Anti-magic Shroud: Inanna is capable of disallowing the use of sillage over a large area. It presents as a translucent white barrier that resembles a curtain when it first falls. Those inside cannot activate sillage-based abilities. It doesn't drain sillage, but blocks its use entirely. It's a very taxing ability and she generally can't cover more than 100 feet without being rendered completely immobile.

Those who escape the barrier immediately regain the use of their magic, but will experience a burning pain when casting if they were blocked for more than a few minutes.

Specific Trait: Cosmic Energy: Inanna can manipulate space and the energies associated. She can create portals to anywhere in Sium along with traveling to Alptraum (though where she drops in this case is completely random). In addition, she can manipulate cosmic energy to achieve a variety of different effects including: forcefields, meteor showers, auras, lasers, flares, flight and radiation.

It's notable that her power takes on a different temperature at night, when the moon is visible. Whereas her sunlight-powered attacks burn, the moonlight energy is freezing cold.

While using this ability, Inanna generally has to use her sword as a "wand" to aim her attacks. It gives her a mage-like appearance and so she tries to avoid using it if possible.
personality/fun facts
- for the past five years of relative peace, Inanna's had a chance to shine. As a result, her outer confidence has increased although she still has insecure thoughts nigh-constantly. In other words, she's become good at posturing.

- she's also developed her vocabulary. In some cases, she's broadened it with more complicated words, but most noticeably is her potty mouth and penchant for trash talk. Frequently has her foot in her mouth.

- insecure and prone to jealousy. She often compares herself to others and blows things way out of proportion. Inanna's particularly competitive towards the other enforcers, often wondering why she was the only one made with "unlucky" red eyes and a small stature. Was she a mistake? Did father secretly hate her? Or was she overthinking it?

When it comes to her sisters, it's more admiration than anything else. Inanna wishes she could be like them. Even though she excels in some areas they don't, she's not satisfied. She wants to be the same as them.

- tends to keep things bottled up. Avoids talking about her feelings at all costs as she doesn't want to look weak.

- paranoid, always assumes people think the worst of her/are conspiring against her even with the smallest slight, leading to her getting angrier and angrier and eventually, snapping.

- when in the presence of her sisters, she apologizes instinctively and short-circuits upon being complimented.

- will nearly always choose her sisters and duty over anything else. Getting in the way of that is physically dangerous. It's unclear which is more important, but Inanna hopes she never has to find out. Ishtar is the one she looks up to most. Inanna holds a special interest in Ishtar and is oddly protective of her. She's somewhat shy around Tiamat, who she hasn't known as long. Ereshkigal is the enforcer Inanna is most jealous of, but she loves her all the same.

- doesn't like being touched. Is liable to physically throw unfamiliar people that grab her without warning.

- loves being outside whether it's night or day.

- isn't particularly antagonistic towards mages, but recognizes that they are a wild card that needs cleansing. In the interest of avoiding senseless slaughter, she wants to learn how to completely take away magic with her veil. She's been known to experiment when able, keeping magic users trapped in the curtain for long periods of time. It has yet to produce lasting results.

- she'll kill sins and cultists with ruthless abandon. They are evil. They can't exist without taking life. To even the scales, they must die.

- she's wary of Crux Fidelis, wondering how long their alliance will last. She also believes Weltschmerz should be in their position of power.

- Inanna will commit terrible deeds if she can justify them in the name of Weltschmerz. She hasn't been well-trained in ethics, to be clear. It's difficult for her to be given advice because she refuses to listen to people outside her faction. She's been warned against those who will try to sway her. She expects trickery.

- tends to get overly attached to certain objects. If someone took Ea or either of her collars, for example, Inanna would lose her shit and do anything to get them back.

-likes uniformity; hates gross things - like bodily fluids, for example.
Much like the other enforcers, Inanna was created in a Weltschmerz lab. She doesn't remember anything about the event that marked the beginning of her existence, however. Her first memory is of waking up in a white room. Her legs were shaky, but she was able to walk. When she finally reached the door, she saw her reflection in the window. Even knowing nothing of the world, she abhorred the sight of the red eyes staring back. They weren't normal. They were wrong and evil. Why was she created to look this way?

As months went by and she learned the ideals she was created to stand for, she pondered this often. Eager to please and make up for any shortcomings she had, Inanna learned quickly. She was taught what she needed to know: language, facts about the world, her duties, and the dangers of magic. Inanna came to the conclusion herself that when Weltschmerz finally realized their collective goal, she'd be tossed aside. After all, it'd be hypocritical of them to keep an abomination like her. She wasn't human. Still, she adopted these ideals as her own. She didn't know why at the time. It's difficult to form one's own opinion while being spoonfed specific pieces of information.

Inanna's specific trait didn't manifest until she was two years old. This was the first time she was let outside and exposed to sunlight. She manipulated it out of instinct, and from then on, her teachings were geared more toward combat and learning more about her abilities. In that moment, Inanna was extraordinarily happy to learn she wasn't a failure.

At the age of four, Inanna was sent on a mission that would determine whether or not she was ready to take on the full duties of an enforcer. She was to hunt down and kill two escaped ephemera. Their handlers were unable to activate their collars due to their location in a crowded city. She was nervous, but determined to carry out her duty. But when she arrived...she faltered, for she knew those two. She'd trained with them for the past few years. They were friends. She'd been waiting for them to come home, but now...

The ephemera urged Inanna to accompany them. She walked toward her two friends, actually considering it. But she knew she'd have to leave someone else behind to go with them. Someone perhaps even more important than the two before her. Someone she couldn't bear to disappoint. Inanna changed her mind at the last second. She embraced her friends, and with a sad smile, she killed them. She was allowed to take their explosive collars in the aftermath - after they were disarmed.

She often wonders if she was sent after those two in particular for a reason. Did her father expect her to be disloyal? Was she being tested? Inanna's insecurities only grew, and with them, her desire to prove herself. A few months later, Inanna officially became an enforcer. Stationed in Xoanan, she's quickly adjusted to her role and tries her hardest to be efficient. More than anything, she secretly wishes she had more time to spend with her sisters.

Five years later, Inanna has proven her worth as an enforcer - a task made easier by the apparent absence of the sins and cult's fall. She gained some confidence in herself along the way. She still agonizes over what she did to her friends to gain her position, but aside from that seems to have become a ruthless living weapon.
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